How to get out of the Internet and stopget annoyed at children?

Modern mothers, tired of life and routine, often
try to relax with the help of the internet. Women sure that
the best rest is a change of activity, therefore it is even useful for them
chat a bit in social networks after a long walk with your child.
After all, kids are often naughty and indulge, than the nerves experience
parents for strength. However, psychologists explain: if you are looking
the way to relax and switch to another occupation, the Internet –
not the best choice.


�“Rest is a change of activity!” The young mother sighs,
Going to “unwind” to the network for “a couple of minutes” after two hours
walks with children. But for some reason, an attempt to use the Internet as
the tool “take a break” and “switch” works very badly. By
least not as expected.

Network “walks” as a way to relax

Mothers of a small child often have days like each other.
friend Collecting toys scattered throughout the apartment, cleaning,
washing, cooking, ironing, care for the baby – you need to feed him,
change clothes, bathe, reduce for a walk. Household chores
take a lot of time. However, many moms say
that they cope with them, because the main work for them is done
vacuum cleaner, washing machine, multicooker and other useful

By-настоящему женщин часто утомляет обычное общение. Special
this applies to families with several children who are fighting for
Mom’s attention and turn to her at the same time. Many will want
exclaim: “I never get tired of my child, so should not
be!”. In fact, they are cunning. Communicating with children, woman
shares with them his emotions, makes efforts to
stay calm with whims and screams. Byэтому нет ничего
surprising is that one day there is a temporary decline

Desire to be quiet and guilty

Children are very curious. They literally flooded my mother endless
вопросами: «Byчему трава зеленая? Where did I come from? What
tornado, tsunami, stars? “. In addition, kids complain about each other,
begging for sweets and toys, refuse to eat soup, brush
teeth go to bed.

Mom constantly has to listen to the child, come up with answers to
all his “why” to persuade, to explain that this is not worth doing.
And you need to read the same favorite baby fairy tales many times.
As a result, a woman has only one desire – at least a couple of minutes.
enjoy peace and quiet to restore energy.

When a free minute is issued, the mother sits at the computer and
goes online. It would be possible to take an interesting book, but
the woman decides to postpone it for the evening because there is no strength to delve into
intricacies of the plot. Now you just want to chat with others.
people forget about household chores.

However, after some time you have to leave the virtual
reality and return to your children. Mom first comes in
their room, where unpleasant surprises await her. It turns out that without
control adult kids managed to paint the wallpaper, cut yourself
bangs, tear the book of fairy tales and break a toy car. Of course,
woman begins to feel guilty in the pogrom – she herself
left the kids alone. At the same time, kids fly into it with
a lot of new questions and requests. Mom understands that she does not feel
yourself rested. However, she has to quickly be included in her
normal rhythm.

The problem is that the Internet is a powerful simulator
communication These are the sites that people use to
just get away from the problems and everyday worries. In the forums, in
social networks and online messengers are the same conversations with
people, only in the form of printed messages. Vocal cords,
Of course, they rest, but the brain works, moreover, in an enhanced mode:

  • online simultaneous conversations with several
    interlocutors (sometimes their number is in the tens), and
    you have to distribute your attention to everyone;
  • moms actively share their problems with each other in
    Internet that does not allow switching from child care to
    something else;
  • �”Kilometer” moms posts in various forums cause participation
    and empathy, and this is not conducive to relaxation.

There is a certain paradox: a woman comes to the Internet to
relax and switch, but in the end just get more tired. BUT
kids, left to themselves, at this time pranks.


Emotional burnout


Byсле диалогов с несколькими десятками виртуальных собеседников
even the most open and sociable person will feel in the evening
devastated. Special это касается разговоров, которые
accompanied by emotional involvement. They demand
maximum return.

In general, in online communication, emotions are used almost
всегда, хотя собеседники даже не видят и не слышат друг friend
Otherwise it would not make sense to read long posts and print deployed
replies to comments. Spending time on strangers man
will be only if other people’s thoughts touch him, cause
response and empathy, desire to help with advice either criticize
in the dust and in the dust read.

Simple familiarization with posts and comments of strangers.
on the Internet, communication and listening are already very intensive.
Even among the styles of quality journalism today the most
hearty talk and a variety of

Byсле прочтения чужих мыслей у человека остается впечатление,
that he seemed to have spoken to the author. If there are several open
dialogue, there is the effect of polyphony – the same as in the nursery
a room where several kids frolic. It turns out that reading
a dozen texts in a row is equivalent to talking with the same amount
real interlocutors. However, many in the network are even more
frank than in real life. Also on the forums
completely different topics are raised between which
switch quickly. All this requires concentration,
emotional recoil. As a result, the person feels “squeezed
lemon. “

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Byчему книги расслабляют, а интернет-записи — утомляют?

Through works of art, writers also talk to
by your readers. However, in communicating with the author of the book and
Internet friends have fundamental differences. Rare man
reads at the same time more than two books, and more often he
focuses on just one. It means that:

  • if mom prefers a piece of art, she will have
    one interviewee for several days;
  • even the abundance of heroes will not cause the effect of polyphony, because
    all characters are perceived by the reader as an experience
    the writer – the main interlocutor;
  • communication in the online space is more intimate and frank.

Of all the online authors, people are most attracted
intellectuals with good logic and excellent sense of humor. Reading them
notes delays, causes an emotional response, the desire to ask
questions, comment. However, excessive communication is very tiring.
When a woman gets away from the computer and returns to her children,
she will understand that she has not rested at all.

Tired of talking on forums and social networks
negatively affects not only the child, but also the husband and others
relatives. Chronic fatigue and emotional exhaustion
cause irritability, and under the hot hand always fall
the closest.

Byлностью отказываться от интернета, конечно, нет необходимости.
It makes our life easier, more interesting, and also brings benefits. AT
network, for example, you can find the answer to a question that is constantly
sets the child. However, when tired of communicating with children and wanting
stay in silence should not go into the online space. It is better
read a book or sleep for half an hour to recuperate.

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Mom is on the Internet and does not pay attention to the child
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