How to get out of depression yourself asget rid of depression after a divorce

Update: December 2018

Depression is a condition that signals a person that
his usual way of life or some single event
(it is often also the result of inattention to your life)
caused the depletion of the body, so that it is time to come
change. This condition requires the adoption of mandatory measures for its
elimination, otherwise you will take away the joy of those few years
which are reserved for a person conscious, creative and pleasing
life (see more symptoms and treatment of depression).

In some cases, you can try to get out of depression yourself,
and these methods we describe below. But if you read this because of the condition
a loved one who locked himself in the house, stopped eating, lost
interest in life and nothing pleases him, there can not do without
psychotherapist help and drug treatment.

What do doctors advise

We give the basic advice of a psychologist on how to get out of
depressed. Immediately make a reservation that this applies only to situations where
man, despite his depressed mood, continues
perform habitual actions, loses only desire and ability
think ahead, achieve major goals.

Council number 1. Avoid contact with the factor causing

This applies to the situation when the condition occurred after
parting. In this case, you should not look for a meeting with the former “second
half ”- neither to pick up / give away things, nor to
to leave the child with him (if any). At first (for
someone is two months, someone takes six months) completely
exclude contact with this person. If urgent
need, for example, to take the baby, try to attract
this grandmother or girlfriend. And only if there are no other options,
you can after a divorce periodically, and as rarely as possible, to communicate
with a former close friend.

Do not constantly blame the former lover. Proceed from
expression: “Everything that is done – for the better.” So he brought in
your life is the experience that was missing. But better if temporarily,
depression is still alive, you will not analyze this situation
so that there is no desire to try to renew the relationship. On
clouded emotions head communication with the former (former) nothing,
except humiliation, will not bring.

Even if your goal is dictated by the desire to raise a child in
full family, attempts to return the person with whom you broke up
his desire or because of his treason, can not be undertaken. Baby is not
will bring happiness to grow by observing the desire to please, “serve” one
parent to another. At best, he will change the behavior pattern.
the parent with whom he is of the same sex and will transfer her to an adult
a life. At worst, he will grow guilty, because it is because of him
parents are forced to put up.

So, step number 1 concerns only depression after
separation / divorce. The remaining steps (advice of doctors) are taken.
under conditions caused by any situation.

Council number 2. Accept your condition

This means that you do not need to constantly remember your
negative experience, spin everything that someone said / did not say, and
did / did not, what criticism uttered in your address. Need to
think something like this: “Yes, I have now
situation in life. This is not hopelessness, but simply the next stage.
I forgive myself for everything that happened, and after a while
I will find a way out of this situation and of depression. “

Additional advice to women: do not be afraid to cry – so
the way the body is cleared of accumulated stress. Remember:
no introspection during depression! Samokanie only
make relive unpleasant moments again, worsening the already
bad condition.

I want to cry – cry, tormenting anger – break unnecessary
dishes, rip paper or clothes that you do not mind.

Tip number 3. Get plenty of physical activity in the fresh
the air

This is not necessarily going to the stadium, jumping with a rope or
cycling You can start with ordinary walks. They can be
initially short – a little more than 20 minutes, but active. Make
walk yourself, do exercises at home. Great if you sign up for
pool and begin to swim at least several times a week.

Tip number 4. Change the situation

If the “legs” of your depression have grown after treason, you need to
completely change the situation: if possible, go to
trip to a sanatorium. If this is unrealistic, take a few
weekend, go to the country or to another city. When such a step
impossible, go on nature, walk half a day, not remembering
about housework or deadlines.

Council number 5. Body care

For women, this is a trip to a beauty salon, a massage,
spa treatments. Take baths more often by adding skins to the water,
do self-massage with nice-smelling cosmetic oils or
lotions. When taking a bath or reading a book, turn on
pleasant, but not sad, music, light aroma candles.

When depressed men help trips to gyms, on
jogging, doing something new sport. Alcohol and Gambling
games are not what will save you during this period.

Sports that best deal with depression,

  • sprint;
  • yoga;
  • swimming;
  • tennis: ping pong or big;
  • active dancing (best of all – Brazilian);
  • aerobics;
  • cycling

Tip number 6. Meditative and respiratory techniques

Lie on a flat surface without a pillow, turn on the special music
for meditation or mantra, close your eyes and state the “question
The universe. Now, making breathing movements with one belly,
trying not to use the chest, do not think
Focus on your breathing and your inner feelings. This
practice, besides, through time when you master it, you
you will find deep inner peace and confidence. People,
constantly practicing meditation, in depression no longer fall.

Council number 7. Do not compare yourself with others

Depression helps a woman to think that she’s not
Be sure to match someone else’s model of the world. Live in your own
rhythm, don’t compare yourself with others, don’t look back
others and do not be dependent on their opinions.

Tip number 8. What you need to include in the diet

To help a person get rid of depression are able to serotonin and
endorphins, which are contained in food products, such as:

  • chocolate;
  • soybean;
  • almond;
  • coffee (you can drink it if your heart and blood allows
  • bananas;
  • cheese;
  • oranges;
  • spinach;
  • beans.

Tip number 9. General cleaning, rearrangement in the house

This is one of the great ways to get out of depression.
self – this is a general cleaning. Revise cabinets,
get rid of unnecessary things, wash something, something
repair it. You can do minor repairs yourself or
permutation. Do it with nice music, push yourself
listen to the words, not listen to your inner voice. Ideally
the latter generally needs to be turned off: while you sing along
you dance, you create a smiling expression on your face, an organism
работает на химическом уровне против вашей depressed.

Council number 10. Surround yourself with people

Not all depressions come from loneliness, but whatever
it is your condition that is caused, try to be smaller
on one with his misfortune. Go visit the clubs (without alcohol) on
meetings with friends, hiking, exhibitions, concerts, performances and in
the shops. Do not retire after work with a pizza and TV series – from
This situation can only worsen.

Tip number 11. Please yourself, make your old dream come true

Tips to get out of depression necessarily include finding
for your little daily joys: buying a new one
beauty tools, exhibition hike, pizzeria or sushi bar,
nature or in the park.

It will be great if you take up a hobby. It may be
drawing, cutting, embroidering, creating kanzashi or any other.
Then daily achievements will be small achievements, as well as
buying trivia for their hobbies.

Instead of a hobby, you can have a pet, but in this case
you need to take into account all the pros and cons of his presence, as well as
ограничения, которые это наложит на привычную a life.

Tip number 12. Sleep – necessarily

7-8 hours of night sleep – a prerequisite to get rid of
from depression after parting, stress or another
traumatic event. This will restore your energy, since
in a dream will not be those oppressive thoughts that prevent you from rejoicing
a life.

The following rules help:

  1. Go to bed at the same time, no later than 10:00 p.m. Even
    before that, you considered yourself an “owl”, with depression you shouldn’t sit
    nights on the internet or with a book.
  2. If you cannot fall asleep, try not to resort to reception.
    hypnotics. Better drink a glass of warm milk with honey,
    ask for a relaxing massage with lavender oil, take
    cool shower, then go to a warm, warmed bed. AT
    As a last resort, you can take such a remedy as “Melatonin.” it
    a sleep hormone based on a synthetic hormone. He is especially shown
    в случае сезонной depressed.
  3. Do not look at night horror movies or mystic, do not read these
    books. So the brain can not rest at night.
  4. Прием алкоголя на ночь также недопустимо при depressed.
  5. You need to sleep in complete silence and darkness. The main thing is darkness.
    This is how hormonal background normalizes, and your own
    hormones will start working to restore the body from

Board number 13. Aromatherapy

Soothe these essential oils introduced into the aroma lamp:

  • basil;
  • bergamot;
  • anise;
  • carnation;
  • gardenia;
  • the Rose;
  • peppermint;
  • coriander;
  • laurel;
  • spruce;
  • oregano;
  • jasmine;
  • Levzey;
  • mandarin;
  • lavender;
  • rosemary;
  • marjoram;
  • cedar;
  • lemongrass;
  • orange;
  • sandalwood;
  • cinnamon.

Council number 14. Stop collecting “information trash”

Eliminate or minimize what will be taken away from you

  • watching news on tv (basically show one
  • communication with those who are not interested in you or annoying
    (“Energy vampires”);
  • viewing over 2 hours of TV shows, movies or computer
  • communication and viewing of social networks.

Of course, movies and TV shows to watch it may even be necessary, but they
should be positive, inspiring. And it should be done less than 2

If you keep a diary in which you record everything that you
spend your time most likely it turns out that you are not using
it for getting positive emotions, but in vain you spend it.

Tip number 15. Apply affirmations

Write positive statements on a piece of paper: “I will cope with
depressed ”,“ I deserve to live well ”,“ The difficulties are temporary, I
be sure to overcome “and the like. They need to repeat 10
minutes 3-4 times a day. The brain will perceive them as a call for
action, and will work to solve the problem.

Tip number 16. Do good

Caring for your neighbor, whether man or animal, is able to create
miracles. You can work as a volunteer to help the shelter for
animals, bring bread to the old woman-neighbor. itт метод работает:
Good will come back to you.

What not to do

Trying to get rid of melancholy, don’t give it a chance
�”Accomplices”. it:

  • alcohol and drugs;
  • the desire to do nothing, to let everything go to chance;
  • eating;
  • receiving unlicensed or advised by a neighbor or colleague
    herbs, drugs.

AT заключении

Think and count a little. AT среднем, человек живет около
70 years. Up to about 20 years old – life is not really conscious,
when many actions are performed by force.

  • 20 years old man sleeps
  • about 11 years (and this figure will only grow) all spend on
  • 2.5 years – for cooking
  • 3.6 years eating her
  • 4 years – in the toilet.

There remains a little less than 9 years, and is depression really “worthy” at least
one minute?

Therefore, if you cannot cope with it yourself –
Immediately contact a psychologist or psychotherapist. Don’t waste
time for the disease, and combine your efforts against it with your doctor!
The meaning of life is life itself!

Автор: Кривега Мария Салаватовна врач-реаниматолог

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