How to fix bad behavior in a child for 7days: step-by-step instruction

Moms who are engaged in raising several
young children know firsthand what daily stress is.
Day by day, their children are in conflict with each other, competing in that
who is better, and trying to attract attention to cry. Permanent
quarrels, teasing, screaming and fighting for the title of master of the house can
to drive even completely balanced, calm moms. Im starting
It seems that ideal children are everything, but not their own.
If you understand well what is at stake and want to correct
child behavior, we propose an effective action plan on
next week.

The content of the article

  • 1 The right reaction is the key to success!
    • 1.1 Day One: try to ignore
    • 1.2 Day Two: we think positive
    • 1.3 Day Three: we organize a joint walk
    • 1.4 Day four: we act according to justice
    • 1.5 Day five: follow the sequence
    • 1.6 Day Six: changing the rules
    • 1.7 Day Seven: Family Rest
  • 2 Mom’s School: What if a child misbehaves

ребенок плохо себя ведет

The right reaction is the key to success!

To aggravate the situation with the bad behavior of children can your
wrong reaction. Even if you feel that the nerves are stretched
to the limit and the degree of irritability lightning increases,
start education with the transition to cry should not be. For children
tend to be stunned by too loud voices and
hysterical parents. They perceive elevated tone as direct
the threat altogether ceases to respond to what they are told.

A special result will not follow with a polite appeal to
to babies. Do not expect to be asked to change behavior.
the child will respond with humble consent and will be almost perfect.
Achieve a full correction is possible, thanks to well thought out
action in just one week. And you can start with

Day one: try to ignore

Applying a strategy for improving behavior can begin with
analysis of their mistakes. First you need to determine what your
actions during children’s skirmishes are not quite correct. Surely you
like other mothers, too emotionally react to bad
behavior of your children. Negative reaction in conflict situations
many parents consider it a better act than her
the absence of. This opinion is shared by the American doctor.
Philosophy, Children’s Clinical Psychologist – Ed Christophersen.

This strategy needs to be changed and try not to interfere in
child quarrel. If the situation is just ignored, nothing
supernatural and terrible will not happen, you will not deafen by
children’s cries, and your children will not send each arc to traumatology.
And about your new approach to conflict, you can notify children for
breakfast Tell them that you start the game “I see nothing, nothing
I can not hear”.

Day two: we think positive

Your morning may begin with the fear that the scamps conflict
will continue. This development becomes a reality when
you yourself subconsciously set a negative program for the day.
Try to think positively! Think of those cloudless days
when the children got along well with each other – and this behavior can
miraculously repeated.

When the youngest child complains that he can not independently
add a new mosaic, invite him to do what he already
good at doing. If the baby continues to act up and insist
on playing with a mosaic, the eldest child will probably hurry to the rescue and
share your experiences. Thank him for the initiative and good
attitude to brother or sister and remind children that you are proud
both of them.

Day three: we organize a joint walk

The next stage of the interaction is to pacify
children’s whims. Tell the kids in the morning that they will be fascinated
a day at the amusement park, and allow 10 minutes for the fees. Kids obviously not
will want to be late for the bus and stay home and will try
get together faster than they do it in everyday life. Positive experience
second day can be applied here. Praise older brother for
what helped to dress the youngest, and the last – for the composure and
obedience. Your compliments will be a pleasant encouragement, and
joint walk will bring together the whole family and give joyful


Day Four: Act Justice

Parents are mistaken when they think that kids are purposeful.
want to get them off balance. They catch the kids in those
they are tested for strength, rolling tantrums more often and with great
scope. In contrast to this opinion, the author of children’s books on
psychology G.Unru believes that all the whims of children have a rationale.
And attention needs to be focused on the feelings that arise from
ugly behavior of babies. The situation must be given
fair estimate. Children will feel understood and calm
will suffer punishment for offense.

In a situation where the older sister pushes a brother for being
tore her beads, mom will want to take the side of the baby and report off
older. Instead of this approach, it is worth taking a neutral position and
say, “That you got mad at the little brother for the torn thing, –
fine. BUT, you should go to your room, calm down and
think about your behavior. You must understand that to beat him in
the answer did not follow. ” With these words, you will make it clear to your daughter that
understand her, but you want her to answer for her

Day five: follow the sequence

The way you handle your heightened emotionality
children, depends on your mood at a particular moment.
Own mood will have to be controlled. Bertie
Bregman, head of family medicine in New York,
recommends parents follow the sequence. Should
clarify your expectations and avoid your own
emotional outbursts. Prepare and use in response to protests
baby’s catch phrase.

Pre-attempt hysteria with calm answers. For the vagaries of
about the lack of toothpaste with your favorite smell, say: “You
you will brush your teeth with the paste you eat and you won’t
get upset because this is misbehavior for
boy. Or: “You will eat for dinner what I have prepared for
all, and you will not be upset … “. When a child gets used to such
phrase, his childhood protests will be noticeably reduced.

Day Six: changing the rules

On Saturday, you can do bad habits of children. Time,
which they usually spend watching cartoons, playing games
phone or tablet and fights for owning a remote control or gadgets,
will have to take more useful things. Although, care about mental
the health of the younger generation will be perceived in hostility.

Violation of the rules that have already developed in the family, will cause screams and
protests (even if all previous Saturdays you organized family
views of children’s comedies, today will be an exception to
rules). You can easily put them down, how to handle it in
Monday. Children will understand that trying to pull the blanket over their
side – unsuccessful, will be engaged in reading books or creativity, and you
You can safely cook lunch or dinner.

Day Seven: Family Rest

Moms should also have holidays and weekends, like all people.
Sunday is just that day off, which is usually full
household chores. For the performance of the household duties of mom
forget that you can spend this time with children. Love and tenderness,
which they give, can not be compared with anything! And the task of the seventh
Sunday, the day – to postpone washing and cleaning and go to
nature of the whole family. You can take the ball with you, play badminton
or football, organize a picnic, watch birds and
by plants. During such a wonderful pastime hardly
someone will be capricious, fight or roll up tantrums.
Family vacations bring pleasure and give good emotions.

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Mom’s School: What if a child misbehaves

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