How to find out if your husband wants a child

It is often difficult for a woman to understand true desires.
husband, especially if it concerns the appearance of a child in the family. After all
for her it is a completely natural process to which she
I was preparing from the youngest years playing with mothers and daughters. Connecting fate
with a beloved man, a woman considers it obligatory to have a baby.
But is her chosen one ready for such a serious step? How to understand
What man does not mind the appearance in the house of the baby?

How to understand что муж готов к появлению ребенка

Maybe we should talk?

Of course, the simplest and most logical solution is to sit next to and
talk about this exciting topic. However, men are extremely rare
They are the initiators of this conversation, and not every woman
will decide directly to ask: “Darling, do you want me to give you two or
three children? “Probably, each of us wants to feel welcome
and native, and that the spouse himself raised this topic. So in many
families, the children’s question simply hangs in the air and is delayed
indefinitely. Purely female trait – the man himself should
to anticipate her desires is often harmful and does not allow you to get
what she wants. A conversation will let you know if you want to
soon a man become a happy father.

It is through conversation that adults can find out that
excites each of them. But it is not necessary to build this difficult
conversation on a hackneyed and not very productive scheme: “If you are me
love, let’s get the baby! ”It’s better to take the situation with
a child of friends or relatives and try to discuss it: they say
if it was our baby, then I behaved like this. And further
watch your spouse’s behavior.

However, if a heart-to-heart talk with your husband for some reason does not suit you,
Look at his next actions and words.

  • A man often uses the phrase: “When we have

Experts believe that if the representatives of the stronger sex often
start up a conversation about children, so they are ready to be happy
fathers. In addition, a man can discuss which children’s names
he likes most what a house will look like to you if in it
baby will appear. A young man who is not ready for fatherhood is not
will mention babies.

  • He talks about plans to buy a larger apartment.

If your husband is planning to purchase an apartment with additional
room or invest in a family car, this is another
an important signal that in the near future he will be interested
replenishment of the family. Commendable pursuit, however caution
hint that paternal love is most important for children and not
number of square meters.

  • He likes to mess with his nephews.

If he often plays with little nephews or nieces,
don’t mind working as a nanny maybe he wants
make sure he is ready for the role of the father. Also take a look at
how kids treat him. Great if they rejoice at it
the parish, they play with pleasure, do not want to let him go. So
Your husband easily finds approach to the tops. By the way, remember that
that some men do not have particularly hot feelings for other people’s children,
but for their ready to get even a star from the sky.

  • He talks about what grandparents will be.
    him and your parents

Well, if a man talks about his parents and their methods
education with special warmth. Very good when he starts
try on the roles of grandparents to your parents. Wonderful,
when this topic he raises in their presence. That means not
just around the corner and talk about replenishing the family.

  • A man watches your health

Of course, every loving spouse cares about the health of his wife.
But if he started to follow, so that you do not abuse alcohol,
quit smoking, he probably thinks of a common future: healthy
during pregnancy and the birth of a strong baby. Man also
may suggest you change your diet or play sports,
start taking vitamin complexes. This is another sign saying
that his thoughts are absorbed by future fatherhood.

Word to men

By the way, many men frankly say that few
of them can accurately answer whether they want to be born
baby until their spouse or girlfriend turns out to be
directly in an interesting position.
Of course, we do not
urge to check his desire to become a father. However if
the young man loves his woman, builds with her big and far
going plans do not show themselves to be a detonator and do not claim
that he does not want children, then he is potentially ready for fatherhood or
at least not against it. So again, back to
Start the article – sit down and calmly discuss with your spouse this

The issue of family planning and the birth of children is very individual,
so there is no one answer for everyone. Someone bothers a man
questions, someone puts him before a fait accompli –
pregnancy. Talk to your spouse, refer to your own
intuitions and then you will see if your man will be glad to replenish in

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