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Update: October 2018

I want to finally calm family happiness to live the soul
In the soul? Afraid that in time the man will bore everything, and he will
look for love on the side?

Or you think you need to work on relationships all the time, and
only then will it bring results?

Психологи уверяют: влюбить в себя взрослого
man is quite real. Yes, it is a manipulation. But actually,
we daily unconsciously manipulate our chosen ones.

And when a woman does it wrong, she can only
turn away from yourself: immediately or slowly but surely. Seen men
who are constantly annoyed by any caring suggestions
wives? We will tell you how to avoid it.

Preliminary preparation

It is possible to start building harmonious relations in the case
if you are sure that this man is the one you need.

From a sense of revenge, the technique cannot be applied: it is not environmentally friendly, but
it may well return to you in the same way.
An unrequited man in love can become very annoying,
calling you on the phone, filing home at the wrong time,
not paying attention to the satellite coming next to you. Also he
can do and dirty tricks.

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Of course, now a man can be for you the “best” and
�”Almost without flaws”. Take off your rose-colored glasses for a minute and answer
ask yourself questions:

  1. Do you agree with his position in life?
  2. Are you satisfied with his attitude towards his own mother?
  3. Do you like his father’s attitude to his mother?
  4. Are you from one socio-cultural layer?
  5. Does your religious / spiritual rejection cause you?

If any of the items (or all of them) do not correspond, it is not
very good. In this case, you will need to change, or
to be on the same wavelength with him, or so good
to manipulate, so that he himself wants to reorganize on your “wave”.
You can also abandon the plan, and not always –
bad advice.

If all is well, then – for the work! We will open the secrets to
man fell in love for life.

Video: Let him fall in love with you – method of influencing grooms
and husbands with experience

Rule number 1. Learn to listen and fix positive

You need to bring out all his positive memories. Ask
relevant questions to resurrect pleasant
memories: about school love, about the first kiss, about their experiences in
during the life of feelings – strong and weaker. Of course, this is not very
nice to listen to stories about the former. But if the question is how to fall in love
in a man, is acute, then you can suffer. Also, so
you will know everything about him.

Now we fix positive

  • At the moment when a man will experience positive emotions,
    вам нужно нежно до него дотронуться.
  • It’s best to do it this way: get up, say what you need
    step back and touch his hand lightly
    or shoulder.
  • Then what can be called
    волшебством: у избранника возникает четкая связь
    «приятные мысли – ваше прикосновение».
  • Next time you touch him the same time
    in a way, he again has those feelings. But they will be
    reaction to your touch. So arises
    влюбленность у мужчины

Of course, love does not last forever (usually 3 years),
therefore, your task is very often to resurrect pleasant ones
memories and hugging him at this moment.

Already we can not talk about the first passions, and remember your
joint walks, some of his bright impulses when he just
picked up – and picked you up and circled the room.

  • Tell him again and again how grateful they were when he
    a hundred years ago he repaired your computer, prepared broth and heated it
    bed warmer when you have a cold.
  • Come up with ideas for hanging out, and then with
    joyfully remember those or other moments.

Слушать и закреплять нужно только позитивные
thoughts and feelings that a man expresses. If he recently
survived the gap / divorce and now complains about the injustice of life,
on the former or superior cruelty
nip off Distract a man as a small child, switch
him for some other thoughts.

Why? Men are very proud people. If he showed you his
weakness, he will then be ashamed of it. And its natural
rush will avoid you. Women, on the contrary, tend faster
to become attached if moral support is required of them. Therefore,
We do not shut up the man, but we translate the conversation in a positive direction. If a
half an hour later it becomes impossible to arrange a date
about a new meeting.

Fall in love, by correspondence

If a вы задумали влюбить в себя парня по переписке, нужно
apply a modified method. All you need is to ask
leading questions about pleasant feelings arising in childhood and
youth And then write that he so realistic described that you are right
imbued with the atmosphere, directly felt the events of that evening.

Rule number 2. Work with negative

Most men don’t want to complain to women about trouble
that happen to them. So if he came and sits

  • No need to ask about what happened. Wants –
    will tell.
  • Your task at this moment is to put something tasty on the table and
    move away
  • No need to iron and comfort him. Otherwise it can also
    формировать связь: негативное событие – опять она маячит
    перед глазами
    . As a result, all positive can be replaced.
    just that.

Men are strong. They will be able to survive and complete ruin, and
death of parents, and scolding from the boss. They just need to give
возможность переосмыслить это, побыв в
. May need the help of a friend or father
then do not interfere with this communication.

Women have one feature: they all take close to
heart, worry about it, and then get sick. Consequently,
you need not only “not to shine” in front of a man who is in
bad mood, but do not listen to his negative. Because a man
He expressed – and will calmly be engaged in solving the problem, and you
you will scroll through a bad situation, worry about it.

Then you will begin to express your concerns to him, and this will be his
provoke. Hear the negative – say: “Oh, darling! When you me
This is telling, I’m starting to worry. I already have a head
got sick! “

Rule number 3. Praise him more often, rejoice in him

It is very important for a man to know that everything he does is not in vain.
Praise him for the beaten shelf, for the fact that he guessed to buy bread.
Even for the fact that you reminded him in 5 days, but he did not forget.

Главное правило: делайте это искренне. Find
in oneself the strength to rejoice in the field flowers and the call to work.
Remember how children can do it. Therefore, parents love
please your child.

This is especially important if you want to fall in love with a man on
the distance. Ask him to recommend his favorite movie or
music Supposedly you can understand him better, understand what he lives with,
to be closer to him. After that, do not be lazy to call and write your own
positive feelings from a movie or music. Describe the most
impressive moments or songs, praise his choice.

Помните, что вокруг него достаточно симпатичных
women who can get more of his attention. But they can
become mistresses only if they praise his choice or
восторгаться его успехами громче вас.

Rule number 4. Do not impose

No need to call every 2 hours. Even if he has an important meeting,
and you worry for him. Even if the meeting with you and you feel uneasy.
Please remember how you dealt with anxiety before
Its in your life and act accordingly.

The best thing you can do is write him a pleasant text message.
messenger before the start of the working day. And that’s all. The man must
be personal time and personal space. They are very sensitive to
your freedom.

This does not mean that in his presence you should be silent like a fish.
On the contrary, tell him about your problems (only not long
tedious), ask for help and protection. Meaning is to give it
возможность почувствовать себя Защитником.

Rule number 5. The rate is not on the bed, but on the ratio

Men say that the most important thing for them in sex is not the ability to do
some special things, and with what joy a woman gets
pleasure from this process. Desire to experiment too
important, but it must be sincere. Mindfulness can be seen

More important than sex, according to the testimony of the men themselves, namely
an attitude. That the woman was an interesting interlocutor, could
listen and tell something yourself. So that she did not do everything herself, but
gave the opportunity to help. Not to be ashamed of people, but, on the contrary,

Rule number 6. Work on yourself

To properly fall in love, be sure to get out of my head
all negative. Write on a piece of paper, what fears and bad
Your thoughts are related to relationships. Leave between points
enough empty space: you still need it.

So, we write all that life has sealed in your head.
For example:

  • a woman should always “dance” in front of a man;
  • men are not good people;
  • the wife needs a healthy husband, and her brother needs a rich one;
  • a man should (list that, in your experience,
  • they all need only one;
  • at any opportunity he will find himself younger and
  • I’m ugly, and therefore need to take something else.

Постарайтесь удалить из головы как можно больше
отрицательных установок
. They will disturb you in
performance of the following points of our program for “falling in love” with yourself
men and roll back. That they need to work out.

The next action – below the bottom of each line we write positive
rebuttal on each of the points. For example:

  • �“A woman should always“ dance ”in front of a man” – “in
    both are involved in building harmonious relationships ”;
  • �“A man should …” – “men are generous people, the main thing is to find a way
    get what you want from him “;
  • �“Wife needs a healthy husband” – “women’s health depends on
    harmonious relationship with her husband “;
  • �”He will find himself younger” – “men care about them, and
    not a young body. ” If a вы не согласны, посмотрите фильмы, read
    psychologists on this topic, go, finally, to a psychologist,
    which will convince you otherwise.

This exercise must be done. Enter into a relationship
in the role of the victim, which must always bend, or, conversely,
taking on the role of the Queen is a bad start. In the first case
a man will run away if he hears: “I am to him, and he! ..” In the second to him
get bored constantly indulge your whims. Because next to
The Queen must be the King, not the Page. Give him this role!

A leaf with a worked negative is far away. You need
to really clean out all these attitudes from your life,
to imprint them in your brain at the level of the reflex. To even with
quarrel or friend of some kind of negative action by a man
It worked exactly the new rules.

Now that you have started working on your settings, you can
start stimulating the love feelings of men.

Автор: Кривега Мария Салаватовна врач-реаниматолог

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