How to fall asleep quickly: what prevents a person from falling fastsleep, methods of dealing with insomnia

Update: December 2018


  • The main reasons that prevent sleep
    want it
  • Quick sleep methods
  • Struggle with bad habits
  • Dependence on sleeping pills
  • Improve bedroom hygiene
  • Eliminating the effects of stress
  • Treatment and prevention of diseases that prevent falling asleep
  • Video: bedroom hygiene, somnologist advice

Every second urban dweller has trouble sleeping
Moreover, the longer he lives in the city, the stronger they are.
Daily stresses, psycho-emotional overload, violation of the regime
work and rest, work on shifts or flights lead to
insomnia To cope with this, you should find out the reason and
try to either eliminate it or adapt to it and learn
easy to sleep, no matter what.

The main reasons that prevent sleep
want it

Violation of sleep and wakefulness

This includes not only frequent flights, when a day can
change with the night and have to adapt to the new time, but
and the desire to sleep off at the weekend, ignoring the alarm clock. Each of
We have at least once experienced difficulty falling asleep due to bias
bedtime. And everyone knows that falling asleep on Sunday is in time with
given the fact that tomorrow to work, almost unreal. Eventually,
all monday, and sometimes the whole beginning of the week goes to
�”Working in”.

There is even a special term for this – “insomnia
of the day ”,“ Monday syndrome ”or“ social jet lag ”. To group
regime violations should be attributed and improper planning of their
Activities: sports, work, leisure, food. Oddly enough, the same
applies to children who copy their parents. Therefore,
if you are puzzled, what to do to make children fall asleep quickly –
start with yourself.

Bad habits

Smoking, alcohol, not to mention drugs. TO
In a word, addiction to sleeping pills also contributes to

Bedroom hygiene

Bedroom hygiene is a pillow, mattress, blanket, lighting and
climate in the bedroom. This factor is often ignored, even though
that in a dream we spend a third of life. To choose a car, in
which a person spends only a couple of hours before work, moves away from
a whole day to a month. And to buy a pillow? Better sleep on
orthopedic mattress and orthopedic pillow.

Impact of stress

A very common problem, especially for “white”
collars, and for any resident of a big city. According to statistics
stress causes trouble falling asleep in 50% of all insomnia.
TOак правило, это проявление тревоги или тревожно-депрессивного
states after severe shock or prolonged intractable
internal conflict when obsessive thoughts about problems in life
begin to overcome exactly when you go to bed. First time
falling asleep increases by 15 minutes, then by 30 minutes, and there already
not far in the morning. It does not happen suddenly, accumulates
gradually, eventually leading to sleepiness during the day, difficulties at work
и даже дорожно-транспортным происшествиям.

  • Most often, the pain that is felt more acutely prevents sleep
    in the evening when all other stimuli are absent.
  • Another problem may be restless leg syndrome, with
    which causes pain in the legs or arms from
    cramps, goose bumps that make you look for a comfortable position or
    move. Sometimes in the continuous movement passes the whole evening and
    Manages to sleep only after midnight. It also happens that the movement
    persist at night, depriving sleep completely. Man may not
    be aware of this report, but in the morning the sheets and the duvet cover
    randomly twisted, sometimes even torn. It’s connected with
    changes in the transmission of impulses along the nerves, which happens and

Quick sleep methods

The main principle of good sleep is regularity and healthy lifestyle.
of life. The task of a somnologist is not to prescribe a sleeping pill, but to teach
patient fall asleep without pills. Man can handle it
independently, and the help of a doctor is needed if the desired result is not
will be reached within 1 month. To understand how to deal with
insomnia, listen to yourself and think what can interfere
just for you. If a причина не очевидна, то выявить ее поможет

Planning sleep and wakefulness

Make it a rule to go to bed and get up at the same time,
even on weekends. Remember that our internal clocks are capable
adapt to change and after two nights spent before
computer, the body already lives on a different schedule, so
insomnia arises the next day and fall asleep as before
more difficult.

To quickly fall asleep at night, you need to do it on time. For each
one hour shift of sleep time requires one day of adaptation. therefore
lying down 4 hours later be prepared that on recovery mode
will take 4 days.

TOонечно, сказать проще, чем сделать. What you need to be
apply this advice?

  • First, know how much time you need for sleep.

TOритерий достаточного сна –  не хочется спать после того,
how you got up, that is, you slept well. Based on this, plan your time.
falling asleep on the basis of their individual norms. She may be
each has his own – 12 hours or 4 hours, and forcing himself to fall asleep at that
the time you impose does not make sense.

  • Secondly, you need to understand that if you follow the regime there is no
    opportunities, it is better to sacrifice the time of falling asleep than the morning

And there is nothing terrible, if one night you are a little short of sleep.
One day you can hold out, but in the evening drowsiness will accumulate,
which will make you fall asleep without any extra effort.
The most difficult thing to observe this principle is for owls who need
in a dream more and they experience a constant lack of sleep during
working week. �“Sleeping” at the weekend is the way out for them
somehow sleep, but the next day they are ready to sit down
till morning, not thinking that on Monday to get up for work. TO
Unfortunately, owls are forced to constantly observe strict regime.

Daytime sleep

Daytime sleep 10-15 минут пойдут только в плюс, улучшает память,
will switch. But a longer time may interfere
easy to sleep in the evening. Therefore, если бывают проблемы с засыпанием,
in the daytime, it is better not to sleep, but to save sleepiness until the evening.

Shift work

A separate case is shift workers, their sleep patterns and
wakefulness interrupted by evening or night shifts. And to
to live a normal life of their family they need to sleep in the afternoon after
work. It is important to provide conditions for sleep and help the body.
выработать мелатонин, гормон sleep.

  • to this end, at the end of the work shift can be reduced
  • not to get enough, and come home from work, get comfortable, so that
    light, no noise, no pets, did not distract from sleep
  • earplugs and eye mask will not be superfluous

To produce your own melatonin, it is recommended to take
melatonin tablets (Melaxen, Cirkadin 21 tablets. 550-600 rub.)
which quickly collapses and is eliminated from the body, giving impetus
процессам sleep. 1-2 hours is enough to recuperate
daytime sleep, in the evening you can also take melatonin and fall asleep already in
normal graphics.

New product developed at Stanford University –
melatonin spray. 0.03 mg is enough for a person to sleep.
melatonin, and in most modern tablets it hundreds of times
more. Spray works much softer than tablets because spraying
occurs on the skin, the body absorbs it gradually over
nights and doses much lower than tablets.

Change of belts, flights

What to do to easily fall asleep after the flight? It all depends on
in which direction you flew.

  • To the west – if the arrival was in the morning, then the first days become
    longer, so you only need to hold out until the evening, sleepiness will take
  • To the east – this is more difficult, so it can come in handy.
    melatonin. Take it 30-40 minutes before your desired sleep time.
    3-5 days after arrival, and your internal clock will adjust to
    the right time.
  • Sunlight also helps to fall asleep very well.
    stay on the street in the morning, and in the evening wear sunglasses to
    speed up the adaptation. The same goes for physical training – their
    better to move in the morning.
Physical exercise

In normal life, exercise is one of the most
effective means for quickly falling asleep. And does not have
values, when classes occur in the morning or in the evening, the main thing
so that the training ends 2-3 hours before bedtime and does not repeat
less than 3 times a week for at least 30-40 minutes.

Moderate aerobic exercise should be preferred.
intensity when the pulse is kept at a submaximal level
at least half an hour. It is calculated: 75-85% of the maximum
pulse rate (220 age).

Sports recommended for better sleep:

  • Bicycle, ellipsoid
  • Walking walk
  • Running, nordic walking
  • Skiing
  • Swimming
  • Aerobics

The rule is the same – for 2-3 hours not to overeat. If necessary
You can eat salads, protein foods (meat, fish, cottage cheese, yogurt),
bananas or berries. They contain vitamins and minerals needed
for good sleep: potassium, magnesium, iron and protein. Worth limiting
caffeine in the afternoon because it activates the nervous system
and more suitable for early morning.

Caffeinated products:

  • TOофе
  • Black tea, green tea
  • Chocolate
  • Energy drinks
Bedtime activities

It is very important what a person does before bedtime, especially for
2-3 часа до sleep. Write down what you usually do at this time.
After that, exclude the following classes:

  • Watching TV
  • Computer work
  • Use of gadgets
  • Phone use
  • Watching movies with emotional content
  • Work, complex logical actions (calculation, strategic

Все эти действия будоражат нервы и приводят к insomnia it
partly due to the involvement of the brain in the process, especially
emotional content, partly with exposure to white or
blue light and flickering screen. As a result, the level decreases.
melatonin and drowsiness as hand removes, leave these classes on

  • It is better to choose creativity, reading or not hard work on
  • Relaxing treatments are very good – massage, baths with
    aroma oils, douche
Psychological comfort in the family

Communication with family, children, friends is beneficial
affects falling asleep. Scientists have long talked about what is best
only those who love each other fall asleep, especially after intimacy.
it говорит о доверии и принятии. If a ситуация в семье
tense, try to avoid conflicts before bedtime. It is better
make a temporary truce and leave a quarrel for the next

See also: quick-sleep technique using the 4-7-8 method.

Struggle with bad habits

Forget about smoking and alcohol 2-3 hours before bedtime, smoking narrows down
vessels and prevents relaxation. In this case, nervously smoked
a cigarette will not be sleeping pills, but will only lead to another, and tar,
contained in cigarette smoke, damage the mucous membrane, leading to
snoring that causes insomnia to your loved ones.

Alcohol has long been considered a household antidepressant and
sleeping pills as the person relaxes and falls asleep better.

  • First, it concerns small doses of alcohol, allowing
    reach the first stage of intoxication.
  • Secondly, alcohol is not combined with many drugs and
    may lead to tragedy.
  • Third, muscle relaxation occurs in the throat, which
    leads to snoring or breathing in a dream, especially this is dangerous
    for obese people with daytime sleepiness.
  • The alcoholic’s sleep is strong, but brief, alcohol relaxes only
    the first half hour, then begins to have a toxic effect on
    the body, disturbing sleep.

Dependence on sleeping pills

Everyone knows that sleeping pills cannot be taken for a long time, that is
this means at one time, since the risk of dependence is high. It is by
For this reason, most of the sleep pills are sold by
специальным рецептам по  7-14 таблеток. Yes sleeping pills
improve sleep, but at the same time:

  • disturbed natural sleep pattern
  • nightmares may appear
  • heaviness in the head
  • sleepiness since morning
  • nausea
  • and finally, snoring and stopping breathing in your sleep.

Thus, sleeping pills as a means of first aid for
insomnia is not considered, too many risks disturb sleep
finally. They are applicable only in severe cases of chronic
sleepiness lasting more than 1 month, when the effects of insomnia
outweigh the side effects of hypnotics.

Improve bedroom hygiene

The key to a quick sleep is a comfortable and safe bedroom.
The principles of selection of all components of the bedroom are similar:

  • Should not distract anything (including noise, light or
  • Colors should be calm, muted or dark.
  • All the materials of what made sleeping accessories, pillow
    and the mattress should be hypoallergenic, should not be wool, fluff,
    feathers, latex
  • Everything should be comfortable and not cause discomfort.
  • Try what you choose (to the touch, to the sensations, to

Based on these rules, it is easy to choose a pillow, a mattress,
blanket, bed linen. Do not forget to air the bedroom,
maintain a humidity of at least 50%. TOупите воздухоочиститель и

Eliminating the effects of stress

TOогда стресс вызывает бессонницу, важно отнестись к этому

  • Try to solve the problem until the evening.
  • Transfer all alarms to the “hour of experience” and set aside for him
    the most inconvenient time is during the drive to work, after lunch or
    in the morning when nothing useful can be done
  • Do not be afraid not to fall asleep
  • Excellent help energy techniques that tune to
    positive is pronouncing affirmations, moods (for example, “all
    is going as it should be “,” I will succeed, I am successful and
    happy man “,” I can not change circumstances, but it
    will give me something more, exactly what I need “). Find
    positive in everything that surrounds you, do not be discouraged on trifles,
    nothing in life is worth your waste
    energy strength and health.

Sometimes the cause of insomnia can be a strong desire rather
fall asleep (before an important event in life or in store, expecting lack of sleep
ahead). I need to calm down, “if I can not sleep
Immediately, it will happen sooner or later and there is nothing in it
страшного”. If a не спится – не нужно лежать в кровати, лучше
do something useful.

In difficult situations, when coping alone is not
it turns out, sleep improves with psychotherapy,
xenon therapy or medication. In this case, the choice falls not on
hypnotics, and on anti-anxiety drugs, herbal
sedatives or antidepressants because they cause

Treatment and prevention of diseases that prevent falling asleep

Movement disorders such as restless legs syndrome,
easy to warn at an early stage:

  • Before bed, do a foot and hand massage, or take a walk
    exercise to give a slight strain on the muscles before
    unpleasant sensations that prevent sleep
  • Make a contrast bath that will reduce or warn
    the discomfort
  • Limit caffeine and alcohol in any form

If a этого недостаточно, check with your doctor to choose
drug for the treatment of restless legs. If it is picked up
correctly, additional drugs for sleep are not
will need.

So, to easily fall asleep you need to know the reason, which
interferes with doing it right away and trying to deal with it. If a
a month later, the result will not suit you, consult a somnologist
for support.

Sleep tight and happy!

Tsareva Elena Vyacheslavovna


Center for sleep medicine “Unison”

8 (495) 212-09-03

Bedroom hygiene, somnologist advice, Tsarevoi EV

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