How to express breast milk by hand,how much and how to store the expressed breast milk

Update: October 2018

Breast Milk This is the most controversial and debatable.
question in the environment of nursing mothers. Many doctors still have it
propagandize without apparent motivation.

Однако, согласно рекомендации ATОЗ, нет никакой необходимости
expressing milk under the condition of properly delivered lactation 
(this is when milk in the breast is produced on demand, i.e. a hormone
oxytocin begins to actively stand out when the time is right
feed the baby).

So express or not breast milk? It is justified only in
cases of necessity, and what are the cases, we will talk in this
article, as well as focus on the intricacies of this procedure and
storage issues already expressed breast milk.

TOогда необходимо сцеживание грудного milk

There are not many such situations, but in these cases it is
becomes a necessity.

Premature baby Babies born prematurely do not know how to suckle,
because they have no sucking reflex. But assimilate
they are capable of mother’s milk, moreover – it is to them like no one
another, vital natural nutrition, saturated with all
essential substances that accelerate maturation and growth.
Poorly developed sucking reflex, various pathologies in
AT медицине существует такое понятие как «ленивый сосун». Weak
sucking reflex due to various reasons, including
pathologies of the central nervous system. However, this is not a reason to stop lactation, milk
you can express it and offer it to your baby in an easier way –
through the bottle.
Lack of lactation Is it possible to express milk when its quantity is so small?
A recommendation when milk production is enhanced by decanting
still not polls. Straining and natural feeding
baby грудью – разные вещи, причем кормление в разы сильнее
affects the process of staying milk. But in the struggle for lactation all
the means are good: you should express the chest next to the child and
thoughts about it, because it promotes milk production.
The formation of lactation (milk flow) The first milk that is produced after childbirth is not
is an. This colostrum is a thicker and more saturated substance.
very satisfying and helpful. Its a bit, but the child is saturated for a couple
sips. For 2-3 days milk comes, and to the extent that
cope still weak crumbs impossible. Nasty and heavy breasts
it is necessary to release, because not drunk milk is a signal to reduce it
development. So that the milk is produced at the same pace, and it was
enough already strong baby, you need to express, but not
to the last drop, and to ease and soften the breast.
Застой молока  — состояние, которое угрожает развитием
Such a misfortune happens with improper sucking breasts, with weak
сосательном рефлексе baby, а также при неправильном сцеживании!
AT данном случае оно является прицельным, из затвердевших
Withем медикаментов, которые выделяются с грудным молоком Very few synthetic and herbal preparations.
origin allowed when breastfeeding. AT ситуациях, когда по
health reasons a nursing mother has to take certain
drugs, it needs to be decanted and the expressed milk should be poured into
sewage – the only way to keep lactation. Of course it’s not
very good for lactation and for the baby, because he will have to
eat mixtures As an option, if mom knows about coming soon
drugs, she can prepare milk for future use, about which we will talk
Flat, nipple pulled in Withчина несколько условная, поскольку существуют специальные
lining, which are superimposed on the nipple and facilitate sucking breasts.
If a ничего не получается, необходимо сцеживать грудь и кормить
baby through the bottle.
Separation from the child If a маме нужно куда-то уйти, либо она работает, без сцеживания
not do if breastfeeding is a priority.
The same situation arises if the crumb is under treatment, but
without mom – milk can be decanted and given to staff for
Preparation of breast milk for the future The desire to keep breast milk as long as possible is
причиной того, что многие мамы параллельно кормят baby и
harvest milk for the future. But it makes sense when
mom soon plans to roll up breastfeeding but not
хочет лишать baby ценного продукта. With хранении молоко матери
still a few lose their beneficial properties, and storage too
has its strict deadlines.

Technique of expressing milk by hand

How to express breast milk by hand? Before proceeding to
this important business needs preparation. If a нужно, чтобы молока
it is allocated more, the pumping needs to be carried out near the child or
его фотографией, с мыслями о нем, а лучше всего  — прикасаясь
to the baby. 10-15 minutes before that, you can drink warm tea or
some water, massage your breasts a little or let your baby touch
chest. Well stimulates lactation warm shower. Hands should be
washed with soap.

The thumb is placed on the areola above, about 3 cm.
from the nipple, index and ring finger are located below,
opposite the large, with the same indent from the nipple. Neat but
with a confident movement, the chest is squeezed in the direction of the ribs,
those. back, after which the fingers roll forward, towards
pacifier – at this point milk is squeezed out. Further, all

  • do not feel sorry for yourself, press on the chest with confidence. ATозможно, в
    the first time it will hurt. With правильном сцеживании молоко
    pouring out in streams, not drops;
  • перемещайте пальцы по кругу ореалы, чтобы доbe молоко из всех
  • make sure that the fingers do not slide on the nipple, because
    it could hurt him. If a из-за молока кожа сильно
    moistened, rub your breasts and arms, and then continue
  • do not strain the milk until the very last drop, but rather to relieve
    and emptiness of the chest.

How to express breast milk manually is usually explained back in
maternity hospital, but if difficulties arise with decanting
consult with your gynecologist.

Rules of expressing milk with a breast pump

Breastpumps came to the aid of modern mothers – comfortable
устройства, позволяющие быстро и удобно доbe грудное молоко.
There are many types of breast pumps that vary.
by price, mechanism of action and manufacturer (see how to choose
breast pump, review of the best, advantages and disadvantages of manual and

Preparation for decanting breast pump is the same as with
squeezing hands. Молокоотсос должен be чистым и стерильным.

How to express breast pump? To these devices
always attached detailed instructions on how to use
this or that breast pump. Consider the general rules of mechanical
squeezing because when using different models the process
happens differently.

  • ATоронка молокоотсоса приставляется к груди так, чтобы сосок
    was in the center.
  • ATажно обеспечить плотное прилегание воронки к сухой коже груди
    to create a vacuum.
  • Further actions depend on the type of breast pump: you need to start
    compress the pump or the pear, press the piston handle (manual
    breast pumps) or turn on the start button on the electric
    breast pump.
  • Manual breast pumps require constant hand work –
    you need to rhythmically press the pear, pump or piston handle.
  • With использовании электрических молокоотсосов нужно лишь
    control the process by adjusting the force of decanting under him. TO
    the end of the process, the breast becomes empty and soft, and the flow of milk
    goes into a trickle.

ATо всех случаях поток молока должен be равномерным, достаточно
active. Squeezing should not cause pain (this is only possible in
the first minutes when using simple breast pumps by type
pears). After процедуры молокоотсос необходимо вымыть и
to sterilize.

Storage of expressed breast milk

TOак хранить сцеженное грудное молоко, следует знать буквально
by heart, because with improper storage of milk it may not be
only useless, but also harmful.

Breast milk is the same food product as a mixture or
milk from a bag that can deteriorate, turn sour and easy
populated by pathogenic microbial flora with improper

TOуда сцеживать молоко – емкости для хранения молока:

  • If a это разовый случай, сцеживать можно сразу в стерильную
    baby bottle. AT этой же бутылочке молоко оставляют на хранение
    and then fed from it.
  • If a вы пользуетесь молокоотсосом с электрическим приводом, то
    in most models, bottle containers are attached to them,
    which are at the same time the place of reception of milk, the subsequent
    storage and feeding – a nipple is put on top of the container or
  • If a предполагается хранение молока с временным запасом от
    several days or more, it is convenient to use special
    plastic containers that are sold in the pharmacy chain and children’s
    stores. They are sterile and can easily fit in the fridge.
    and freezer (Philips AVENT, Chicco and others).
  • You can also use glass for long-term storage.
    baby food jars that need to be sterilized in
    boiling water with lids for 2-3 minutes. But the glass is not worth it
    put in the freezer, because there banks can burst.
  • Special industrial packages are very convenient in
    use because they have a graduation and a place where it is marked
     the date and time of pumping. They close easily with
    Special lace or rivet. For freezing milk it
    ideal (disposable bags from Medela, Ardo Easy Freze,
    PIGEON, Lansinoh, Dr. Brown’s and others).

Не желательно несколько раз переливать молоко, those. from one
емкости в другую, а сцеживать сразу в ту,  которая далее
used for storage.

How much to store expressed breast milk?

  • AT условиях комнатной температуры молоко может храниться без
    cooling for about 4 hours. Naturally, it should not be under
    the action of the sun.
  • AT холодильнике при температурном диапазоне от 0 до 4 С молоко
    you can store up to 4 days, but providing him same temperature
    why should milk be placed closer to the back wall
    the fridge.
  • In the freezer at a temperature of about -18 ° C, milk can be stored until
    half a year.
  • From here it is also clear where to store the expressed breast milk. With
    storage longer than 4 hours only in the refrigerator, and frozen
    milk – only in the freezer.

Where to store the expressed breast milk during a long move to
car, train, when there is no refrigerator?

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With необходимости поездки следует приобрести:

  • cooler bag
  • thermal bag – they are equipped with special coolant elements, which
    provide a certain temperature
  • The usual thermos, which in addition to preserving heat, is excellent
    saves and cold – in a thermos pre-cooled from the inside
    Chilled breast milk is poured. You can cool the thermos when
    relief of ice frozen from boiled water.

Can breast milk be frozen? This question started
worry nursing mothers since the advent of household freezers
cameras. Low-temperature storage gives excellent time margins.
– up to six months, therefore, is actively used by moms.

How to freeze breast milk? Milk before freezing
cools naturally in a refrigerator in the same container as
which it will be frozen. The fewer transfusions from the tank to
the container will be in the preparation of milk, the more sterile it will be

After cooling, the container with milk is placed in the freezer and
include freezing mode. For storage of frozen milk
you need to allocate a separate shelf, eliminating contact with other food
products. Do not forget to sign each container by putting a date.

Feeding with expressed breast milk

How to warm up expressed breast milk? After storage in
refrigerated milk should be heated in a water bath, in hot
water or a special device for heating bottles. After
storage in the freezer the milk is thawed in the refrigerator until
liquid state and then heated according to the above

In no case do not use for heating and defrosting.
Milk microwave and convection ovens, as well as boiling water!
Microwaves kill all nutrients, the structure of milk
changes and it brings harm to the child instead of benefit.

Milk that is heated, both after the refrigerator and after
freezer should be used at a time, leftovers should be poured.
Before feeding, the bottle should be shaken, since the milk at
storage is divided into fractions.

How can expressed breast milk be used? You can give
it as the main power, to make porridge on it,
soak cookies in it. Some moms practice using
breast milk in the preparation of children’s dishes – omelets, kasha and
other things, however, the benefits of milk, which went through boiling,
few, antibodies and vitamins will be mercilessly destroyed, and protein
curtailed and become poorly digestible.

Current questions about pumping

Do I need to express breast milk from both breasts?

Depending on the goals and the time at which the mother separates from
baby, the estimated need for decanting from both breasts. If a
Mom leaves for 2-3 hours and before that she fed the baby, milk from
one breast is enough. If a же временной промежуток больше
– both breasts are pumped.

How often to express?

It is not recommended to do this more than 1 time per hour. Optimal
in 1.5-3 hours, for example, one breast is feeding to the child, and the second –
decanting for the future.

How many times to decant?

Again, depending on the situations – it can be as
sporadic and permanent. If a это регулярное сцеживание,
Mom should be guided by those time intervals in which
the baby usually sucks. Of course, harvested milk
should be enough for the child for the time that mom plans to spend
away from him.

Do you strain your chest at night?

With разлуке с ребеночком с рождения ночное сцеживание является
prerequisite to keep lactation, and
This should be done at least 1 time in 3 hours. Perhaps this
the amount of milk a baby does not have to drink, especially if it is premature,
but you can always prepare it for future use or, as a last resort, pour it out,
if mom does not recognize the value of frozen breast milk. AT
In this case, the process of starting further generation is important.
portions of milk, which is started by decanting. If a мама ночью
no longer breastfeeding then do it at night time is not needed.

How long does it take?

The manual process takes more time and lasts around
20-30 minutes, with a breast pump takes about 15 minutes.

Is it possible to mix portions of milk produced at several

Do not mix milk, even if one portion has turned 20
ml, and the second 100.

Is it possible to give milk to a child who was kept cold
more than 4 hours?

Theoretically, the milk does not spoil until 6 hours even at a temperature
around 25 C. But if it’s summer, and the bottle was exposed to sun
radiation, it is better not to risk it.

Is it possible to simultaneously feed and decant the second breast?

Technically, it’s hard to imagine, but some mothers manage
simultaneously feed the baby and decant, arguing that in this
case of milk stands out more. If a при этом ребенок не страдает,
this is possible, but only if you express yourself with your hand. But better this way
do not do, because you have to constantly be distracted from the child.

Which is better – manual pumping or breast pump?

In terms of safety, a sterile breast pump is
more reliable device than mom’s hands. But in each case
all individually. If a правильно сцеживать грудь руками, никаких
no problem.

Is breast milk that has been frozen helpful?

Yes, it is useful, much more useful than any milk formula! But at
subject to storage time, constant temperature
freezing with the exception of drops and re-freezing,
rules of defrosting milk. And, of course, it can not be boiled.

And, finally, why express breast milk?

If a вы не видите в этом целесообразности, наслаждайтесь грудным
feeding and let you have minutes when such

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