How to entertain a nursing baby

From the first days of life the child should feel
care and attention of parents. If in the first months is set
emotional and personal contact with the baby, starting from the third
months you need to enter into communication the simplest educational games that
help him to know the world around him, to work out the right reaction
on various phenomena and behavior of others.

igry s malyshom

We offer several game activities for children from 3 months to
years which will bring pleasure not only to kids, but also
for adults.


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This is one of the most popular games in the world. Its meaning is
that you are hiding behind a barrier or just covering your face
palms, newspaper, pillow or other object. In a few
Moments appear with the words “cuckoo”.

At first, the baby will not be aware of your presence, but to
8-10 months он начнет предпринимать попытки поиска (отодвигать
hands or object behind which you hid). The game teaches the kid
respond adequately to the absence of adults, develops a sense


Depending on age, your baby pronounces a variety of
sounds. Starting from 2-3 months, this is a walk, i.e. broaching
pronunciation of vowels. After 6 months of life a child
begins to pronounce the first syllables. To demonstrate your
interest in the little world of the baby, repeat after him

The same applies to facial expressions and movements of the child. If he smiles,
surprised or waving his hands, copy all his emotions and gestures. By
as you grow up, the child himself will begin to repeat your words and

�”Dance warm-up”

Byд веселую, но негромкую музыку совершайте  танцевальные
movement in the field of view of the baby. You can engage in dance and himself
tossing over your head, circling in the air or making smooth sweeps
handles and legs of the child, if he lies. The baby will get huge
the pleasure of such communication. Before bedtime you can make
quiet dance to slow music to quickly lull

�“Where is our nose?”

This game-question is very fond of kids. In affectionate form ask
questions: “Where is our nose?”, “Where is our mouth?”, etc., and then
touch this part of the body. Similarly, you can explore
various items: a book, a ball, a cup. When baby is a little
grows up, he himself will drag in the right direction.

а где наш носик

This game replenishes the child’s vocabulary, develops memory.
and coordination of movements, introduces him to the surrounding objects.

�”In the hole boo!”

Byдобные игры на коленях можно начинать с 8-9 months. They
are the fruit of folk art, so jokes are
the most diverse. Например, «By кочкам, по кочкам, по
маленьким пенечкам и в ямку бух, провалился
cock!”. At the same time, put the baby on your lap and
lightly throw it in, depicting a ride. At the words “In the hole buh”
Spread your knees slightly to make the baby a little

Such a fun workout develops a sense of rhythm, coordination
movements, auditory memory and serves as a check on the attention of your

�”Properties of items”

In the form of a game you can introduce your child to the daily
surrounding objects. It is important that the child not only
remembered their names, but also understood the physical properties, learned
perceive objects of different structure to the touch.

To do this, let the child touch a variety of objects
while characterizing their physical attributes. For example, a mirror
smooth, and the carpet is rough, the sofa is soft, and the wardrobe is solid, water is
wet and so on Such an activity will broaden the horizons of the baby, improve

�”Prefabricated Toys”

Each child in the arsenal of toys there is a pyramid. She is
may differ in appearance, have a different number and size of parts,
but the functions remain unchanged. Parts can be folded by picking up
in size, or alternately removed from the base rod. Byдобными
Matryoshka-type toys have functions, parts of which
fit each other.


Here you can download a mega selection of games with baby on

Such toys can be bought for a child from 10-11
months. They развивают логическое мышление, тренируют зрительную
memory and fine motor skills of hands. At first you will have to help.
before he learns how to do the baby

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