How to eat to give birth to a healthybaby

Quality food should be your constant concern.
throughout pregnancy. What substances are especially needed
to the child growing inside you, and in what products are they contained?
Обязательно ешьте эти продукты, чтобы родить здорового baby!

The second trimester of pregnancy is the calmest. You have not yet
a stomach so large that you feel uncomfortable with him: he
does not pull and does not prevent you from sleeping. And most importantly – at this time you
symptoms of early toxicosis cease to bother. Morning sickness
left behind, and appetite returns to you. During
pregnancy you should eat well for two: there are good for
вас и baby продукты, богатые витаминами и
микроэлементами, чтобы малыш хорошо развивался и родился


Mechanisms that protect a person in adulthood from various
diseases are largely the result of proper
intrauterine nutrition. Without any trace elements of the pregnant menu
women will be inferior?

In the second trimester of pregnancy, be sure to include
your diet foods containing magnesium and vitamin D that are important
для вашего здоровья и правильного развития baby.


продукты богатые магнием

By the second trimester, when the baby’s bones start to grow more
Intensively, magnesium is of particular relevance. This
микроэлемент важен для роста и развития костной ткани baby. is he
provides a balance between calcium, sodium and potassium – the elements
playing a leading role in fetal development. Normal height
the weight and volume of the head of the newborn will largely depend
from lack of magnesium deficiency.

Magnesium будет полезен не только вашему ребенку, но и вам самой,
as it has a beneficial effect on the state of the muscles of the uterus. In third
Magnesium is no longer relevant for trimester, but in the second –

One of the best sources of magnesium is watermelon. It’s a pity
that it is impossible to eat all year round. Watermelon, bought out of season,
may be dangerous due to its nitrate content. Other
magnesium sources – cereals, whole grain bread, figs, greens
vegetables, bananas, almonds, nuts.

Table of magnesium content in foods
power supply

таблица содержания магния в продуктах power supply

таблица содержания магния в продуктах power supply


Table of magnesium content in vegetables and

Table of magnesium content in vegetables and fruits

Table of magnesium content in vegetables and fruits

Vitamin D

продукты богатые витамином D

Vitamin D нужен для профилактики рахита у baby. Use
vitamin D in the second trimester of pregnancy is all the more relevant
that the baby in your body is already formed.

The main source of vitamin D – the sun’s rays (just under their
exposure it is produced in the skin), so often walk on
fresh air.

Vitamin D содержится в ряде продуктов: яичном желтке, молоке и
dairy products. Most of it is in fish: sardines, herring,
salmon Fish is also rich in iodine and contains fatty acids.
Omega-3. Эти элементы важны для baby, так как положительно
affect brain development and vision quality. Iodine deficiency can
привести к отставанию физического и умственного развития baby.
The lack of omega-3 acids leads to a decrease in blood circulation tone
сосудов как у вас, так и у baby.

продукты богатые витамином d таблица


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Видео от Nestlé. How to eat during
of pregnancy

То, как питается мама во время of pregnancy, повлияет не только
on the development of the baby before birth, but also for the rest of his life.
This is why the diet of a pregnant woman should be different from normal.

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