How to ease the child’s pain during the period of eruptionteeth: 5 effective advice

Waiting for the appearance of the first Zubikov? Does a child have teeth hurt?
How to relieve pain and alleviate the condition of the child – 5 effective
advice and video advice from experts, plus personal experience

As parents are waiting for the first tooth! This is a definite
stage in the development of the crumbs. However, you should be prepared for the fact that
a few weeks before the appearance of the first tooth from the gums
The behavior of the baby is very changing. Peanut is capricious, crying,
he becomes restless, his day and night sleep is disturbed,
appetite decreases, and all that can and cannot be, the child pulls in his mouth,
this causes drooling and the gums swell. How to help
does the child relieve this condition? There are several ways
which really “work” and remove the painful condition.

The content of the article

  • 1 Method number 1. Massage gums
  • 2 Method number 2. Teethers for teeth
  • 3 Method number 3. Folk remedies
  • 4 Method number 4. Medical equipment
  • 5 Method number 5. Distracting activities
  • 6 Video consultations of experts and personal experience of mummies
    • 6.1 Tips moms from the forums


Method number 1. Massage gums

Massage not only reduces the itching of the gums, improves
кровоснабжение, помогает более быстрому прорезыванию зубов, но
and distracts the baby from the painful sensations. No wonder the child pulls
all in his mouth and at the same time presses his fist on the gum area,
where is expected the appearance of a tooth. That is why mom should
master the simple techniques of gum massage.

Mass crumbs gums need a finger. First needed
thoroughly wash your hands and treat them with an antiseptic so that no
the infection did not get the child into the oral cavity. Massage the gums
circular movements in front, behind and on the sides for 30 – 40
seconds During the day, you can repeat the massage from 5 to 7 times.

You can also use special silicone
nozzles- “fingers”. They gently affect the gums and they are good
stimulate. With the help of nozzles, you can even massage
areas of the gums where the appearance of molars is expected.

Silicone massage nozzles

WITHпособ № 2. Прорезыватели для зубов

Teethers, like massage, promote faster
teething and improve blood supply to the gums. On sale there
many types of teethers that differ in shape and material
manufacturing. Manufacturers offer latex products,
silicone, thermoplastic rubber, plastic, and even wood.

How not to get lost in the range and choose the right product
to facilitate teething, so that it brought the baby
maximum benefit? The most convenient are the teethers from
latex. However, they have their own “minus” – they quickly wear out and their
have to change every month. Silicone products much
more practical, but they are more stringent. There are teethers with
a filler – water or special gel. Before applying them
preferably cooled.

Прорезыватели для зубов

Немаловажное значение имеет и форма прорезывателя. Choose
anatomical, so as not to harm the formation of the correct bite.
Also, the size of the product must match the age of the toddler;
should be neither big nor small.

There are even teethers that work on
battery powered. When this model turns on, the product starts
vibrate, massaging the painful gum area.

Also in the shops you can find special “mittens” for

Перчатка варежка прорезыватель для зубов

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Method number 3. Folk remedies

  • If the child is not allergic to honey, you can lubricate the gums
    product. Then rub a small amount into the painful
    region. For calm, additionally give before bedtime 1 tsp.
  • A solution of soda (tsp per 200 ml of water) can also help
    teething: they are smeared with gums, or used to
    wetting wipes for massage.
  • Massaging gums of infants with a piece of soft cloth moistened
    cool water, the main thing – do not leave it in one place.
  • Chamomile has a broad spectrum of action – it calms,
    relieves inflammation, relieves pain. Chamomile is rubbed into the skin of the cheeks
    oil, in the gums – infusion. Also used tea for mom and
  • Amber beads, worn on the child’s neck during the day, relieve pain and
    reduce swelling. It is important not to forget to shoot them at night.
    The valerian tincture rubbed in a sore spot temporarily
    anesthetizes, reduces irritability, maximum 5-7 drops
    on 1 application.
  • Soothing tea from chamomile, lavender, lemon balm.

No less effective and popular tincture of sage, starfish or
burdock to strengthen the gums and relieve pain, chicory root or
strawberries, terry cloth and other folk remedies. WITH
Caution used cold vegetables, roots. Safer
replace them with teethers.

Proper nutrition of the child is another therapeutic component when
teething: the diet should contain vitamins, calcium.

WITHпособ № 4. Медицинские средства

Medicines that facilitate teething, are divided into
two kinds. The first are designed to relieve pain when
anesthetic aid that is included with the product. Second
have anti-inflammatory effects.

If anesthetic gels are used, it is important not to exceed
dosage (2-3 mm of the drug per application),
they can only be used after consultation with
, который наблюдает кроху.

WITHредства с противовоспалительным действием также выпускаются в
form of gels, they act for a long time, so do not apply
more often 2 times throughout the day.

Used with teething and homeopathic remedies.
Many mothers celebrate their effective impact. Except all
of the funds listed, syrups are also used, which
influence in a complex, improving the general condition of the karapuz.

WITHписок медикаментозных средств:

  • Calgel (and its analogues Kamistad, Dentinox-gel, Dentol)
  • Holisal
  • Dantinorm
  • Dentokind
  • Nurofen
  • Panadol
  • Vibrocola
  • Baby Doctor “First teeth”
  • Pansoral “First teeth”

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We remind you again: all medicines can be used
only with the permission of the doctor.

WITHпособ № 5. Отвлекающие мероприятия

What else can help the kid? If necessary, a little bit
rearrange and change your principles. Do not often take karapuz on
arms? Imagine wearing your arms helps, the baby feels
themselves protected, therefore calms down. Walk longer in the fresh
air, feed not by the hour, but at the request of the child (this
period, children are much more often applied to the chest, at the same time
refusing to lure), prepare for him a bath with the addition
chamomile (if not allergic!). If you use a dummy, more often

And the last thing – do not interfere with your baby during this period. is he
�”Knows” what he is doing. Pulls in his mouth cams? Let be! Do not touch!
�”Scratches” teeth with a toy – for health!

Помните: в период teething следует уделять
hygiene and cleanliness more attention, since the child’s immunity in
этот период снижается и легко подхватить

WITHовет мамам: наберитесь терпения, ведь прорезывание зубов не
will last forever, very soon the first tiny one will appear

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Video consultations of experts and personal experience of mummies

№ 1. Tatyana Prokofieva (Candidate of Medical Sciences, mother
three children)

№ 2. Doctor Komarovsky

№ 3. WITHветлана Рост

№ 4. WITHветлана Вотинова

WITHоветы мамочек с форумов

“They cost the wooden sides of the bed … all five times … they themselves
will find that in the mouth to tighten, what would scratch .. nadaren pharmacy
teethers, including “on the water” (for cooling) remained

– We worry about teeth, therefore I smear with calgel. And in the mouth
constantly he has his hands, then a teether, then a rattle, then
diaper, the side of the stroller … … and, I confess, my mother’s finger, too.

– Doctor Viburkol advised us on candles, it helped us a lot. AND
gel kalgel, like he is the most harmless. Also gnawed everything
they were saved by large dryers, but not to dissolve and not to eat,
changed every five minutes.

– Calgel helped us. ANDли прорезыватель, внутри водичка, я его
cool in the fridge (not in the freezer) and cold then give out
her hands, it helps a lot, she sucks and bites him and she is well
capricious ceases.

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