How to dress or change clothes without tears and whimssmall child

Many young parents often face such
problem, like the process of dressing or dressing a baby. For the first
look nothing complicated about it, but when you have to go
To the point, there are many difficulties. Часто маленькие дети в
this time begin to be capricious and cry. Allow this bad luck
You can, if you approach the process of dressing the crumbs with fantasy and
something to occupy it at this time.

pereodet` malen`kogo rebenka

Everything must be ready!

Для того, чтобы максимально быстро переодеть ребенка, нужно
keep everything you need at your fingertips. Pacifier and bottle, napkins and
diapers, clothes and diapers, cream and powder – all this is necessary
put next to you. Then you do not have to leave a crumb
one while you run around the apartment looking for everything

Entertain your baby with songs and tales

Переодеваться будет интереснее и веселее, если при этом не
be silent. You can accompany this process with fun talk,
rhymes and songs. You can simply voice each action. So
you will not only take your crumbs, but also fill up his vocabulary

Toys will come to the rescue!

Using toys you can distract a child for at least a couple of minutes.
Put some toys next to him. He will choose one of them
which is more interesting for him. However, this method is unlikely to take
attention of the baby for a long time. So что, у вас есть лишь несколько минут
to put it on without crying and hysterics.

Be calmer!

Do not be nervous if your fidget does not want to calm
sit while you wear it. Try to take his story about
that is waiting for you on a walk. Tell us how you will walk
in the park, ride on the carousel, swing on a swing. All this
waiting for the baby after you dress for a walk.

Switch attention

Switching attention is one of the most effective techniques.
to distract the baby while dressing. Give it a pen
rattle or bright toy. You can arrange a small
The play, which will involve soft toys. how
option, you can distract the baby “musical instruments”, which
is at hand. During the presentation, you can quickly and without tears
to dress your child

Get dressed, playing!

Let the uninteresting dressing process turn into a fun game.
While wearing a blouse and the child can not see you, you can
play hide and seek. If you approach the process with the game, your baby
very soon love to dress.

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HELP!!! Nerves are no more …
how начинаем одеваться на улицу — катастрофа! We have
begins a tantrum on clothes (and any). To get us together
take a walk you have to spend a lot of time and nerves on all these procedures.
What we have not tried: they sang songs, and included music, and
dad distracted (he stood behind his back and dabbled with his son), and toys
offered, and talked loudly, etc. etc. (although myself
процесс гуляния нам нравиться)…
Нам сейчас 7,5
months, maybe then it passes? Do your children also behave?
how вы с этим справляетесь? HELP!!!

We dress like this: put one thing on, sat down
on the pens, put another one on again. Although the girl is not capricious
(ugh, ugh, ugh) sometimes we include advertising. But we are
small ones.

Absolutely similar situation. I yelled like a slice. There are two
option: if I hurry somewhere, I dress quickly, despite
roar, if you have time, on the contrary, slowly, with amusement,
песнями, танцами etc. folklore. Now, too, resists
dressing with the last of my strength, catching all over the apartment, dressing
one thing, then breaks out again and runs away. The process takes about
30 minutes. Us 1 year 2 m.

us year. dressing at home – like rodeo – kicking,
убегания, ловля)))
а на улицу когда собираемся, то издаю
such a characteristic sound – like a du du du interspersed with an imitation of a motor
cars. then there are no questions, we lie quietly, smile. but never
I am deceiving, the sound is made only before the festivities. чтобы на слово

we have the same thing … karapuzu 5 months and he puts on the street with
in a screech that turns blue, loses voice, and sometimes it rumbles like that
can not breathe. any entertainment, songs, jokes do not help.
Eyes roll, and yells in a voice (and there are no tears at all, purely PR),
as if his leg is being pulled out! Especially violent reaction when we wear
hat They asked the neuropathologist, she said that this is normal
situation in 70% of children it happens

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ЧИТАЕМ ТАКЖЕ: как одеть ребенка на прогулку

Dad dresses twins :)


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