How to dress a newborn for a walk (summer,autumn winter)

If you are a young mother and are worried about your health
Chad, then, most likely, already wondered how to wear
your newborn baby for a walk. Additional required
taking care to help your baby adapt to this world.
It is on clothes that particular attention should be paid in the first days.
life of the newborn, because at this time the body thermoregulation
little man still does not work well, and walks
in the fresh air are very useful and even necessary.

Как одеть новорожденного на прогулку

Wardrobe for the newborn

By the time the child is born, the main wardrobe is usually
purchased. Usually this wardrobe includes the following
clothing items:

  • Vest;
  • Sliders;
  • Bodysuit or cotton slip or flannel coverall
  • Шапочку из тонкой fabrics;
  • Шапочку из тёплой fabrics;
  • Cotton cap;
  • Overalls from warm fabric, for example, fleece;
  • Warm overalls;
  • Envelope or jumpsuit with insulation.

Подгузники и одеяла одеждой не являются, но и о них не
need to forget.

What should be remembered in any weather

Walking with babies should be long enough and often, because
in this way their health is strengthened, the small growing organism
enriched with oxygen, sleep and appetite improved. Usually walk with
Newborn takes 1 to 2 hours, and make it
recommended twice daily. This walk should be good
get ready.

Перед тем, как одеть на ребёнка одежду, не забудьте о
the diaper. It never hurts to take a warm fleece or
flannelette blanket and rain coat, because the weather at any time of the year can
present an unpleasant surprise in the form of an unexpected wind, rain or
of snow. Add to this the bed sheet, handkerchief, pacifier and water – and
walking set for baby ready.

Pay attention to the weather. Before going outside we are used to
look at the thermometer. But temperature is just one of
indicators. No less important are other factors: sunny or
cloudy, windy or not, fog and precipitation, humidity level.

Winter walks

In winter, care should be taken to warm the limbs.
the newborn, as well as the head, especially the ears. Provide
necessary heat to these parts of the body. A child can be dressed in a cap,
warm hat, cotton bodysuit, fleece jumpsuit and envelope with
insulation. On top of the child should be covered with a warm blanket. Such
equipment will ensure your child comfort and warmth when walking from -10 to
-20 degrees. If the frost is very strong, walking is better.

At temperatures from 0 to -10 warm blanket is not necessary to use.
But sometimes at zero temperature there is such high humidity and
such a piercing wind that we freeze faster than in the cold.
The child is also a person, and in such cases it is again worth remembering
warm plaid.

одеваем новорожденного на прогулку зимой

temperature from -10 to -20 (clickable) – C / B cap +
Warm hat – cotton blend + fleece slip + envelope or overalls
+ blanket

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See how to dress a newborn for a walk.
in winter:

Прогулки весной и осенью

In spring and autumn, the weather is changeable and treacherous. Therefore not
prevent insure, wearing a crumb in several layers of clothing. So
It is recommended by pediatricians, because in case the baby suddenly becomes
hot, it’s easier to undress or uncover and cover again if
will begin to freeze. But do not overdo it with the wrapping of the baby.
It is better to let it cool a little, than to languish from the heat.
You can always notice that the child began to freeze, and cover it
a blanket.

как одеть осенью и весной новорожденного ребенка

temperature from +2 to +8 (clickable) – C / B cap +
Thin cap + H / B slip + Fleece slip + Envelope or thin

Допустим, погода хорошая, ясная и безветренная. The best option
at a temperature of +2 to +8 there will be all the same cotton jumpsuit,
warm fleece romper and one more warm
overalls, and for the head – a cap and a thin cap.

как одеть новорожденного на прогулку весной/осенью

from +8 to +13 (clickable) – Thin cap + H / B slip
+ Конверт или тонкий комбинезон

На улице от 8 до 13 heat Limit to cotton slip, warm
cap and envelope with a small amount of insulation.

The thermometer is somewhere between 13 and 17 degrees
heat Enough of the same thin jumpsuit made of cotton, warm
шапочки и велюрового комбинезона с insulation.

одеваем новорожденного на прогулку осенью/весной

from +13 to + 17 (clickable) – Thin cap + X / B
слип + велюровый комбинезон с утеплителем

А как же понять, комфортно ли Вашему чаду? Feel the neck.
If it is wet, hot, it means clothes a bit too much, and the child should
unravel. On the other hand, slightly cool hands and legs – not yet
indicator that the child is really cold. But the cold
and a red nose – a clear sign that the baby

Walks in the summer

как одеть новорожденного на прогулку летом

At a temperature of +20 degrees, characteristic of summer, has
meaning to abandon overalls and leave only a vest and
romper, and from headgear – a cap. Do not forget that
child’s head do not overheat. If the sun starts
припекать, а на малыше, кроме чепчика, одета ещё и шапочка, то
the latter is better off.

In the heat it is recommended to wear a baby in spacious clothes from
natural fabric.

In the summer there is a lot of sun and sunlight is good for babies, but
do not allow the child to get direct sunlight
especially during hours of increased solar activity, from noon to three
hours In order to avoid sunstroke, raise the visor to

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safety regulations

When it rains, use a rain cover, but always leave
free space so fresh air can get in
carriages, otherwise there will be no benefit from such a walk.

Watch a video on how to dress a child in summer:

All children are different, and there are no universal tips,
suitable for all babies. No one better than mother can
understand your child, and only you can feel what
your baby likes clothes and weather.


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