How to determine your left-handed or right-handedchild

Many parents try to retrain their left-handed children,
forcing them to write and use mostly the right. But,
this approach to the child is wrong and can ruin
abilities of the child, after all left-handers are born with a more developed left
hemisphere of the brain, it means that retraining will ruin his whole
potential. Parents need to value the child and their own
contribute to the development of his abilities, but how to determine
правша или левша child заранее? There are several
simple techniques.

Left-handed or right-handed – how to know in infancy?

Learn the child’s predisposition to enjoy
left or right hand can be already 3-4 months. At this time, children
I begin to lose rudimentary reflexes and begin to make more sense
use hands. That hand that starts to lose such
reflexes used to be usually leading but in order for this
determine should sometimes show the child specialist.

Tests to determine left-handed

Как определить левша или правша child в более позднем
age? You do not need specialists, several
simple tests can be done at home. You just need to ask
Child in the form of a game to perform some simple tests:

определяем Левша или правша ваш child

  • Ask the child to twist the fingers “lock”. That hand
    is leading, whose thumb is on top.
  • Have the child cross his arms over his chest. Top hand
    potentially leading.
  • Ask to clap. The lead is the hand that
    performs an active role.
  • Give the child two pencils (in each hand), blindfold and
    ask to draw two circles. Leading hand will draw more
    neat circle.
  • Give a look in the camera’s viewfinder. Leading eye
    является тот, которым child будет смотреть в дырочку.
  • Ask to unscrew the cap from the water bottle. Probably,
    he will make it the leading hand.
  • Ask to cut a figurine from a sheet of paper with scissors. is he
    сделает это ведущей рукой, однако, левша или правша child,
    most scissors are more convenient to use the right hand, so
    Many left-handers cut out the right.
  • Ask to sit down and throw one leg over the other. Leading foot in
    most cases will be on top.

Such tests can come up with a lot!

результаты теста на левша или правша

Do you retrain?

With the help of such simple tests, you can find out right-handed or
левша child, но стоит помнить, что переучивание — это сложный
process for a child that may adversely affect his
development. It is necessary to develop what is inherent in the child by nature,
for example, to buy things for him in the store for left-handers, exercise books,
prescription and pens for left handed. Then the child will be the maximum

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