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What are the consequences of iodine deficiency in the body?
and what symptoms in women indicate its deficiency?

Йод является ключевым элементом в работе щитовидной
. She, in turn, is responsible for differentiating
tissue and metabolism. It is the thyroid gland that sets
heart rate. It determines how much
connective food is deposited as an energy reserve, and
how much will go to fat. With a lack of iodine in the body, the symptoms of
women can be quite diverse. Lack of such an important
element can not be ignored, it is fraught with more serious
the consequences.

Дефицит йода

Causes of iodine deficiency in the body

A woman can receive iodine with water and with air. However with
The current environmental situation in the world is not at all surprising that
failure of this important element is manifested in 1 billion people
on the planet. The second important source of iodine in the body is food.

An improperly formulated diet, most often, is
cause iodine deficiency.

High need for iodine in pregnant and lactating women. AT
This period is especially important to use products containing
large amount of this item.

Последствия дефицита йода

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Symptoms of iodine deficiency in women

Signs of lack of a necessary component may be
different. Often, when the general condition of the body deteriorates,
a woman may not even associate it with a lack of iodine. And in vain!
Let’s figure out how to determine iodine deficiency and what causes
lack of such an important element:

  • Страдает иммунная система. When the body is not
    Iodine is enough, the thyroid gland cannot fully perform its
    work The protective function of the body falls. Woman starts more often
    sick of infectious diseases, aggravated and become more frequent
    various chronic diseases. That is why it is especially acute
    elderly people suffer iodine deficiency.
  • Нарушается работа нервной системы. a lack of
    iodine adversely affects the state of the nervous system, a woman
    becomes irritable without cause or, conversely, lethargic.
    The general psychological state is deteriorating. Feel constant
    fatigue, weakness, apathy, drowsiness. Brain damage
    activity, there are problems with memory.
  • General symptoms of malaise manifest.
    �The “calls” of iodine deficiency are frequent headaches. May fall
    eyesight or hearing loss.
  • Pressure problems. As already known
    щитовидная железа отвечает за heart rate. With a shortage
    Iodine, iron can not cope with its main function. ATозникает
    atherosclerosis, a woman suffers from fluctuations in blood pressure,
    feels heartache. Hemoglobin decreases. AT дальнейшем, при
    lack of proper treatment, chances of heart attacks
    and heart attacks.
  • Appears overweight. Due to exchange violation
    substances that regulates, again, the thyroid gland,
    most of the food goes not into the energy reserve, but into
    fat deposits. Thus gaining extra weight without visible
    for good reason.
  • Hormonal malfunctions and gynecological
    At the initial stage of iodine deficiency crack
    nipples, monthly pass irregularly, reduced libido. After
    these symptoms can cause serious genital diseases and
    complete absence of menstruation. Mastitis may appear. AT
    The body produces more male hormones than female.
    As a result, a woman has male-type hair (a mustache,
    beard, chest). If you do not take action in the future it is possible
    infertility or the onset of early menopause.
  • The appearance of goiter. With a shortage йода,
    thyroid gland is enlarged. AT области шеи образовывается припухлость –
    goiter. Under the eyes appear “bags”, swollen arms and legs.
    An enlarged thyroid puts pressure on the lungs and esophagus. because of
    This causes choking, coughing, difficulty in swallowing food.
    ATозможны тошнота и рвота.
  • The condition of hair, nails and
  • Excessive sweating and frequent
    shortness of breath.

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Diagnosis of iodine deficiency in women

If any of the above symptoms occur, it is worth
immediately consult a doctor-endocrinologist. The doctor will hold
examination and palpation of the thyroid gland. Then appoint the necessary
laboratory tests: ultrasound and blood donation for thyroid hormones

To determine the number of trace elements, the endocrinologist also
appoint an iodine concentration test in the laboratory. For
60-90 mg of urine will suffice. Better if she will
collected before delivery. AT случае длительного хранения, важные
urine elements are destroyed and analysis may produce erroneous
results. It is better to repeat the test twice, especially in the case
if there was a deviation from the norm.

You can check if there is a lack of iodine at home. For
This will require medical iodine and a cotton swab. Need to
нарисовать йодную сетку на любом участке тела и
keep track of time:

йодная сетка

  • If the mesh lasted on the skin for six hours or more – all in
    okay, the level of the element in the body is normal.
  • If the grid began to disappear after three hours – a small
    iodine deficiency is still present.
  • If the iodine on the body has disappeared within three hours – most likely
    you have iodine deficiency.

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Treatment of iodine deficiency in oganizme

On the current market there are a large number of drugs
able to regulate and replenish the amount of iodine in the body.
Самые популярные: «Йодомарин»,
«Йод-актив», «Йодид»,
«Йодобаланс», «Калия йод».

ATажно! Do not self-medicate at home, ask for
consultation to the endocrinologist. ATсе препараты, которые предназначены
to replenish iodine, have a lot of contraindications. Uncontrollable
medication use can do even more harm
to the body.

There are methods of home treatment. It is worth noting that such
the option should not be the main one, it is better to consider it as
auxiliary. Folk methods will not cure a sick thyroid and
will relieve of serious consequences, they will only help to fill
iodine balance.

AT домашних методах по борьбе с йодной недостаточностью
Walnuts are often used:

  • Способ 1. Need to просто кушать орехи. Start by using in
    eating one nut, then every day increase the number by one
    unit That is, on day 10 you need to eat 10 nuts, on day 20 –
    20 and so on until the end of the month.
  • Method 2. Grind young walnut and add honey. Use
    mix a teaspoon once a day. Duration of use
  • Method 3. A three-liter bottle half filled with nuts and
    pour warm milk. Let it brew for half a day.
    Use пред едой по одной чайной ложке.

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