How to determine that the child is ready to lure -10 signs

Parents of young children always want to feed them
something tasty and healthy. It is for this reason that the question
introduction of complementary foods occurs in them already at 3-4 months of the child’s life.
But is it worth it to hurry? Maybe it is better to wait and let
yourself to enjoy the time when you do not need to constantly sterilize
Bottles, boil mixes and pockets for fear of possible
poor quality products? There will be a day when you can
see for yourself that your little crumb needs
extra food and ready for it. 10 will help you determine this.


Признаки готовности малыша к прикорму

The development of children of the same age is not always the same. Have
someone learned to keep the baby head in 3 months, and from someone
the child was able to do it as early as 2 months. Have каждого ребенка есть
the characteristics of the organism that are unique to him, his character and his
pace of development. It depends not only on hereditary factors –
here have the effect of pregnancy, childbirth, and care
baby Therefore, to determine the age of the child, ready to lure, in
specific numbers can not be.

Experts attach importance to only two factors
testifying to the readiness of the child to take a new one for him
food is:

  1. The maturation of the nervous system and brain of the child.
  2. Readiness of the gastrointestinal tract (GIT) of the baby.

When both factors coincide in time, we can talk about
that the baby is ready for feeding. Haveбедиться же в наличии этих
factors will help the following signs:

  1. Возраст малыша. After baby
    turns 4 months. The same applies to premature babies, with
    only one amendment – their readiness is calculated on the basis of
    gestational age. This means that if born in
    положенный срок  ребенок начинает получать прикорм после 17
    weeks, the premature baby born 4 weeks earlier may
    receive lure only at 21 weeks after birth;
  2. Вес. From the moment the baby is born, its weight
    increased by 2 times. If the baby is premature – his weight should
    exceed birth weight by 2.5 times;
  3. Рефлекс выталкивания языка. So that the child could
    take food from a spoon, he should not make reflex
    tongue pushing movements that are innate and
    Protect the baby from accidental objects in the mouth. If a
    reflex movements while checking still present, then
    lure still early. To check the availability of this
    factor, give your baby a spoonful. If a вода не окажется на
    подбородке — ребенок готов к прикорму. This is an important point.
    так как при введении прикорма еду следует давать из ложки,
    so that the food is processed by the child’s saliva and easier
    digested in his stomach;
  4. Способность сидеть. Baby should be good
    sit and hold the head. If a малыш плохо сидит и не может
    confidently control the movements of the head so that at the right moment
    move away or turn away, refusing to eat, lure more
    a bit early. Малыш может продемонстрировать отказ от пищи и
    unwillingness to eat;
  5. Нехватка основного питания. If a ребенок за
    one feeding completely sucks all the milk from two breasts and
    still hungry, and the baby “artificial” is not fed up
    one liter of the mixture during the day – lure is simply necessary (also
    если интервал между приемами пищи начинает сокращаться);
  6. The baby pulls everything into his mouth, even inedible
  7. The child should be able to pull the bottom forward
    , чтобы брать еду с ложечки и уметь двигать языком
    up and down and back and forth. Кроха открывает рот, когда
    bring a spoon with food;
  8. The child is able to capture the language of food lumps and
    push them deep into the mouth. 
    The child has mastered the skills
  9. The appearance of the first teeth;
  10. Showing interest in eating parents and trying
    попробовать ее на свой вкус
    . Baby watching
    by the way you eat and trying to pull off a piece of yours, usually
    already ready to start feeding.

However, one should not expect the indispensable manifestation of all
of the above symptoms in order to start typing
lure the baby.
It will be sufficient to have the majority
приведенных признаков. Preliminary
consultation with a pediatrician should be mandatory – only a doctor
will be able to confirm that your baby is ready for new food and competently
paint his future menu.


Memo to parents:

  1. It is possible to introduce lure only when the child is absolutely
  2. Prikorm is recommended to enter during the second feeding.
  3. Any food for the child should be warm and should be given
    before the main breastfeeding or infant formula.
  4. It is necessary to feed the baby only with a spoon. If a вы впервые даете
    baby puree of vegetables, it can be mixed with milk and feed
    baby bottle. This will make it easier for the child to get used to new ones.
    него продуктам и вкусовым ощущениям (читаем также:
    How to teach a child to eat with a spoon – 10 simple tips).
  5. Any new gruel or mashed potatoes should first be given to the baby by
    quarter spoon, increasing the amount of complementary foods to the appropriate
    servings for two weeks.
  6. It is advisable to make the first supplements from those typical for yours. the region
    vegetables and fruits in the form of mashed potatoes. For an African kid first
    banana puree will be the most preferred, while
    while for babies from Russia absolutely identical mashed potatoes can
    cause you to feel unwell and upset
  7. You should not give a crumbs new product, as long as he does not
    get used to the old. After the baby tried some
    новое блюдо, следующее рекомендуется вводить через 2
    of the week.
  8. The first lure – only in the form of mashed potatoes and only one type
    fruit or vegetables. So you can find out, if necessary,
    which product your child has allergies.
  9. Mashed potatoes at the beginning of the introduction of complementary foods should be watery and
    remind thick milk by its consistency. Every time
    the amount of liquid must be reduced, bringing the appearance of the puree to its
    natural density.
  10. If a вы решили давать малышу уже готовое детское питание,
    Pay attention to two points. The first is the date of manufacture. Everything
    must be as fresh as possible, otherwise the child may be poisoned.
    The second point is the composition. To eliminate the possibility of allergic
    reactions and indigestion in the selected tool should not
    salt, sucrose, sugar, dextrose.

When the first lure should be postponed for one or two
of the week?

  • Ребенок болен;
  • Actively teething, baby capricious, crying,
  • A family with a baby travels, often moves from place to place.
    place recently changed place of residence;
  • Scarce gets used to changes in family life: mom went on
    work, a nanny appeared in the house;
  • The first samples of complementary foods gave a negative reaction.
    (diarrhea, skin rash, etc.);
  • The vaccine was given.

On the subject of feeding:

  • When and where to start the first feed, how to properly enter
    new products: basics, tips and rules
  • Baby lure на искусственном вскармливании
  • Start feeding baby on HB
  • What to do if the child refuses to lure (does not eat porridge),
    and does not want to eat with a spoon

So summarize:

When two factors coincide in time:

  1. No problems with the gastrointestinal tract, allergic reactions when a child
    starts to try new foods.
  2. The kid does everything himself: he takes the food with his hand, brings it to the mouth,
    swallows or spits out if food is not pleasant.


10 reasons to introduce lure

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