How to determine rectal temperature early pregnancy?


  1. The lowest body temperature
  2. Pregnancy and temperature in the rectum
    1. How to notice conception with a thermometer?
    2. When are rectal temperature measurements needed?
  3. Temperature Measurement Rules

The temperature of the human body fluctuates throughout the day. She depends on physical activity, health status, time of day and masses of other factors. The lowest rate, the so-called basal temperature, can only be measured after prolonged rest, for example, after a night’s sleep. Such measurements help women to judge the approach of ovulation, the onset of conception or state of the reproductive system. Constant monitoring rectal temperature will help notice pregnancy long before the appearance of other signs, in the very early stages, literally through a few days after conception. The graph of readings will give a signal of joyful event even earlier than the test. But it will have to to work hard. To obtain reliable data, several months of regular measurements.

The lowest body temperature

rectalBasal is called the lowest temperature that the body reaches at rest. Measurements must be carried out immediately after waking up, before the woman will start to move. The thermometer can be inserted into the rectum, mouth, or vagina.

Doctors recommend a rectal measurement method for pregnant women temperature. It is believed that the thermometer readings obtained as method, the most accurate. About a day before ovulation the temperature drops slightly and then begins to rise. Having reached the maximum level, the indicator retains its value. until the end of the second phase of the cycle.

Ovulation is indicated by an increase in values ​​of 0.25–0.5 degrees. If, after ovulation, another jump appears on the chart or values ​​remain stably high for longer than previous cycles, a woman even before the delay of menstruation learns about the onset conception.

Important! Rectal temperature control will help a pregnant woman avoid mistakes in the first days after conception: get rid of them in time from bad habits, pay attention to proper nutrition, morally prepare for bearing.

Pregnancy and temperature in the rectum

Normally, basal indicators do not rise before ovulation begins. above 37 degrees. As a rule, they remain in the range from 36.2 to 36.9 ° C. But these numbers are individual. For an accurate assessment of a woman you need to focus only on your measurements. On stage pregnancy planning regular monitoring of rectal temperature will help to plot measurements to determine exact time of the beginning of ovulation.

It is recommended to compare the individual temperature in the first and second half of the cycle. The beginning of the first phase is considered the day the appearance of menstruation. It lasts from 7 to 22 days. Turning point The moment is ovulation. After it begins the second half cycle.

schedule maintenance

In the first phase, a follicle appears, from which subsequently the egg develops. When she is fully ripe and goes into the fallopian tube, rectal temperature jumps to 0.4 degrees, during pregnancy this indicator becomes stable high (37 degrees or more) or continues to grow. If conception did not come, the temperature drops a couple of days before or per day beginning of the next cycle.

Important! Pregnant to make a reliable rectal schedule temperature, it is necessary to carry out the procedure daily, avoiding passes. Records should also show any deviations in general health condition.

How to notice conception with a thermometer?

In the first days after fertilization, the numbers on the thermometer are usually fluctuate in the range of 37.0–37.5 ° С. But this is not a tight framework, individual deviations in the data are permissible. Woman should rely on a graph of your own measurements. Sometimes at the end of the first weeks (7-10 days) there is a temporary decline, which may accompanied by small discharge. Not pregnant worry, this is normal. After a couple of days, the indicators again will rise.

pregnancy and rectal temperature

Signs of fertilization:

  • a sharp drop in temperature in the second half of the cycle, approximately one week after ovulation;
  • continuous improvement continues for several days (over three) longer than in previous months;
  • consistently high values ​​last at least 18 days.

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A pregnant woman may observe any one sign or several at once. For example, sometimes a drop a week after the start the second phase of the cycle may not be, and sometimes another one is possible, third, if we consider ovulation, a jump in temperature.

Important! According to doctors, the optimal values ​​of rectal temperatures during pregnancy should be in the range of 37.1–37.4 degrees.

When are rectal temperature measurements needed?

Obstetricians advise pregnant women to keep a schedule throughout first trimester. This tip is especially relevant for those who already have there were problems with bearing. Studying the graph of temperature fluctuations, the doctor will be able to notice the threat of interruption or a dead time pregnancy.

rectal temperature in pregnant women

Monitoring the condition of the body will help the pregnant woman:

  • monitor the development and condition of the fetus;
  • identify the threat of miscarriage in time;
  • notice the onset of inflammatory processes in the reproductive system.

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Rectal temperature numbers are significant at the earliest possible dates. gestation, but lose relevance already in the third week pregnancy. By this time, changes in hormonal background of a woman who may affect the results. But if the gynecologist considers it necessary, the observation should be continued.

Important! During the day, rectal temperature is pointless to measure, since a pregnant woman needs complete rest for at least six hours (or how at least three hours deep sleep) to obtain reliable data.

Temperature Measurement Rules

A pregnant woman will need a reliable thermometer (you can not change the device) and patience. The procedure must begin at the same time, in ideally – until eight in the morning, the maximum spread – half an hour. Some Doctors say that measurements should begin strictly at 7:30 in the morning. That is, on weekends and holidays a woman will have to get up like this as early as on weekdays. The beginning of measurements should coincide with the beginning menstrual cycle.

Important! A temperature graph will be most beneficial if data is collected for at least four consecutive months.

How to measure rectal temperature:

  • in the evening put a thermometer at a distance closer to your outstretched arm, so that in the morning you don’t have to reach for it;
  • after waking up, you can’t get up, move actively, It is advisable not to even talk and stretch;
  • only the narrow part of the device (section with mercury filled) pre-lubricated petroleum jelly;
  • the thermometer is carefully inserted into the rectum, after which complete immobility is needed for 5-7 minutes;
  • you need to record readings immediately in a specially instituted copybook (drafts tend to get lost, and lack of data able to lubricate the big picture);
  • in a special column indicate all deviations in well-being (illness, fever, digestive problems taken the day before drugs or alcohol, nightly rising, etc.).

temperature measurement rectally

The thermometer readings are affected by all events that occurred. on the eve: excitement, a feast with the use of alcohol, illness, digestive disorders, sexual intercourse. Even going to the toilet among nights can change the morning readings of the thermometer. Obstetricians not in vain they recommend monitoring the temperature for at least four cycles in a row, this eliminates random fluctuations in the curve. Yes, determination of rectal temperature is a rather troublesome process, but this is one of the most reliable ways to track health status of a woman and notice pregnancy literally in the first days after fertilization.

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