How to deal with nausea during pregnancyearly and late dates?

Update: January 2019

Toxicosis, nausea during pregnancy – a phenomenon almost familiar
half of future moms. Typically, the main symptom of toxemia
there is nausea, which most often worries in the morning. Usually this
trouble arises in the early stages, but it may well
appear later.

The body adapts to the changed with great speed
circumstances, and toxicosis is one of the side effects of such
adaptation. True, some women from him almost no
suffer, and it is not at all pathology, but happy
by chance. It must be said that continued nausea after
pregnancy is a serious reason to appeal to

Causes of toxicosis

Some hormones, such as chorionic
human gonadotropin (hCG), estrogen and thyroxin, in elevated
concentrations may well provoke toxicosis. As a rule, on
12-14 weeks their number is normalized, the body finally
adapts to pregnancy, and toxicosis gradually disappears
(see calculator for calculating gestation by week). If you
expecting the birth of not one child, but twins or even triplets, then
hormone production is even more intense, which leads to more
severe symptoms of toxicosis. There are also scientific theories.
occurrence of toxicosis:

  • Immunological theory

As you know, the fetus is formed from the paternal and maternal cells.
Often it happens that the mother’s body rejects alien
tissue, which provokes poor health. Normal is
immunological rejection soon passes.

  • Psychological theory

It is well known that pregnancy is a serious test for
women, not only physiological, but also moral.
Some women are not ready for it, others have increased
anxiety and anxiety. As a result of inner experiences
dizziness, nausea, fatigue and headaches may occur
pain – true symptoms of toxemia. An interesting fact is that the desired
pregnancy is less conducive to the development of toxemia, in
while the unexpected and the unwanted provoke stress and
feeling unwell.

  •  Theory of General Health

At risk of developing toxicosis are women who have
certain problems with the gastrointestinal tract, liver, and
also suffering from asthenic syndrome. Nausea combined with
motion sickness indicates the presence of a disease of the inner ear and
vestibular apparatus.

  • Vegetative theory

This theory is related to the adaptation of the internal organs and the nervous
system for pregnancy.

  • Age theory

Sometimes the occurrence of toxicosis is associated with age (from 30 years) and
its manifestations in the second and all subsequent pregnancies, if
when the first symptoms were observed.

  • Hereditary theory

It is noted that if the mother of a pregnant woman suffered from toxicosis, then
The latter is more likely to “get sick”. Besides
In addition, flavoring and
olfactory factors. For example, the smell of soap, flowers, perfume is able
provoke discomfort, so at the slightest sign
toxicosis is recommended to protect themselves from peculiar odors and

How long does nausea last during pregnancy?

One of the first signs of pregnancy, many women consider
vomiting and nausea. However, the presence today of tests on
pregnancy can tell a woman about the accomplished conception much
before, literally on the first day of the delay, and nausea comes
some time later or some women are missing altogether. When
does nausea appear? Most often the first manifestations of toxemia, early
nausea during pregnancy begin to bother a woman already at 5-6
week of pregnancy.  By week 11-13 (with multiple fetuses
pregnancy – 14-16 weeks), it usually stops. In pregnant women
suffering gastroenterological diseases, discomfort lasts

Doctors are convinced that the earlier the toxicosis begins, the more
chances that it will continue to be difficult in the future,
may even require medical treatment and hospitalization.
Late toxicosis, which occurred in the second and third trimesters, can
continue until childbirth. Sometimes his symptoms subside after
lowering of the abdomen, which occurs at about 35 weeks.
Помните, что тошнота во время  беременности проявляется
mainly on an empty stomach, therefore it is recommended to fully
and eat right without going on hunger strikes.


Early nausea

Nausea is a sure sign of pregnancy, although
not always reliably indicates it. Usually when held
conception nausea occurs in combination with vomiting, exacerbation
sensitivity to odors and tastes, salivation.

Nausea in the first trimester of pregnancy – the physiological norm,
not requiring medical attention if it does not deliver serious
inconvenience and does not significantly change the quality of life. It is believed that
women who have had an abortion in the past (consequences) inflammatory
diseases of the reproductive organs, some chronic
endocrine ills more often suffer from early toxicosis and more severe
it is tolerated.

Early nausea тесно связана с наличием плода и
corresponding changes in the body. If pregnancy
stops, then the symptoms of toxicosis pass instantly. There is
the view that women expecting a boy are more susceptible
toxicosis than those who have a girl. In fact, this data
not true to reality that was repeatedly

Most often, nausea is manifested in the morning, but painful
sensations during the day or evening are not excluded. Sometimes she
increases with a sharp rise from the bed, and is also accompanied
weakness and dizziness. Besides того, тошноту и рвоту могут
cause different odors when looking at a particular
product or when catching its smell (fish, meat, chicken during
cooking and pr) can vomit future mommy. Every woman has her own
features and different pregnancies of the same woman
accompanied by various sensations and strange tastes in the mouth
and predilections for certain products.

In any case, early toxicosis suggests that pregnancy is
generally proceeds well. If nausea suddenly disappeared, should
immediately contact a gynecologist and make sure that with the child
nothing happened. Pregnancy freezing is one of the cases when
nausea in the early stages suddenly passes. Then hormone levels
in the blood decreases, and there is an improvement in health. With
ectopic pregnancy symptoms of toxemia are less pronounced.

However, many women are not affected by such a nuisance, and o
what toxicosis is, they learn from others. In this case
it only remains to enjoy pregnancy and good

Late nausea

Late nausea — во втором и третьем триместрах не
has nothing to do with early pregnancy toxicosis.
It is known that over time, the uterus is increasing in size
and therefore squeezes the stomach, intestines and biliary
of the way. Thus, the gastrointestinal tract is reduced slightly,
peristalsis and emptying difficult. With смене позы или наклоне
it is possible to transfer food from the stomach back into the esophagus: food,
treated with gastric juice of high acidity, burns
esophagus, causing heartburn and vomiting (see heartburn pills).

Most often late nausea appears at 27-28 weeks, when
the stomach is already relatively large and rises high. On the period 39-40
weeks can develop preeclampsia, which is characterized by
severe vomiting, nausea, headache, increased arterial
pressure and painful perception of light and hearing

Sometimes nausea in the last months of pregnancy is associated with food and
weakened by feeling of hunger. It is advisable to eat
fractional and in small portions, as a heavy meal can
increase pressure on internal organs and cause severe nausea.
It is also recommended to limit the consumption of fried and fat,
to relieve your condition. As a rule, after lowering the bottom
uterus before childbirth unpleasant symptoms and nausea completely

Ways to combat nausea

Many expectant mothers are interested in how to deal with nausea while
of pregnancy. Of course, there is no definitive answer to this question,
Similarly, it is difficult to choose a tool that completely removes

However, there are some medical recommendations and folk
recipes that will help improve the health of toxemia.
Of course, the first and most important tip is
commitment to a healthy lifestyle. It includes:

  • regular walks in the fresh air
  • fractional and frequent meals
  • good rest
  • a balanced and nutritious breakfast containing protein
    food and fruit is especially helpful and helps to cope with nausea
    dried apricots, banana, honey on an empty stomach.
  • rejection of hot food, spicy and fatty
  • because nausea happens most often in the morning, cook in the evening
    cracker and eat it as soon as you wake up

Doctors also recommend more often taking the knee-elbow position. AT
this position, the uterus moves forward a little, and the stomach returns to
normal position, therefore, food easily leaves it.
At night, it is better to sleep on the left side, preferring a high pillow. If a
nausea does not pass, you should ask the gynecologist to appoint
ATам специальные препараты.

Pills for nausea

In order to get rid of nausea with toxemia in no way
If you cannot take any medicinal
drugs without a doctor’s prescription. This period follows simply
survive trying to enjoy life and expectation of a little miracle.
AT случаях же, когда женщина страдает сильным токсикозом, постоянной
nausea, the doctor prescribes a blood test, biochemical tests
blood, urinalysis for the presence of acetone or bile pigments and
etc. Based on the analyzes and clinical manifestations of toxicosis,
A gynecologist may prescribe a complex treatment:

  • Withменение антигистаминных средств (see Tablets from
  • Antiemetic drugs only in extremely
    severe cases
  • ATозможно сочетание лечения с психотерапией
  • Withменение гепатопротекторов (Эссенциале форте)
  • Enterosorbents – Polyphepan, Polysorb – a short course, separately
    from food intake, vitamins and other medicines
  • With необходимости проводят коррекцию обменных и эндокринных
    disorders – vitamin therapy, correction of water and electrolyte
    of balance
  • ATозможно проведение физиотерапевтических процедур – злектросон
    or electroanalgesia.
  • Detoxifying agents, for example,
    Спленин – это препарат из селезенки КРС, который
    used for nausea, toxemia in the early stages
    of pregnancy.

Most antiemetic pills during pregnancy
contraindicated, or their use must be very careful
especially in violation of the blood-forming organs, kidneys, liver.
Reglan (contraindicated in 1 trimester, in 2-3 with caution)
Torekan (contraindicated), Droperidol (contraindicated), Eperatezin –
These are domestic pills, deprived of hypotensive action,
however, its use is also considered justifiable during
беременности только в severe cases, при неукротимой рвоте.

Folk remedies, alternative medicine

Popular as well as folk remedies for nausea during
of pregnancy.

  • AT частности, применяется перечная мята. Nauseous is beautiful
    special herbal teas help, which is also very
    beneficial effect on the stomach. Preparing a decoction as follows:
    2 teaspoons of mint leaves, yarrow herb and
    marigold flowers, this mixture is filled with boiling water and infused about
    half an hour. Before drinking tea must be filtered.
  • Infusions of diuretic herbs can
    which need to be carried out no more than 2-3 weeks. Horsetail –
    brewed for half an hour in a thermos 2 tbsp. spoons for 1 tbsp. boiling water
    use a quarter cup 4 p / day.
  • Cranberry juice – 150 grams of cranberries are required for cooking,
    it should be washed, grind, squeeze the juice through a cloth or gauze.
    ATыжатую мезгу залейте кипятком и 10 минут прокипятите, размешайте
    juice with broth and add sugar to taste, in a drink you can
    also add lemon juice. As soon as nausea occurs,
    drink slowly in small sips. (see also
    use of cranberries for cystitis)

You should be very careful when using such
remedies for nausea during pregnancy, like ginger. Many
women, on receiving it, may on the contrary experience heartburn or may
An allergic reaction to ginger. The fact is that if
use shredded root for brewing tea, you can not brew
it immediately, without first soaking in water.

Ginger, which is sold in our supermarkets imported
origin, most often Chinese, and when used any
vegetable product imported before use should
clean and soak it for 30-60 minutes in clean water to
reduce the concentration of harmful substances that were treated
product during growth and for storage. After best
use it in the form of tea, pour grated ginger root with boiling water
and use this tea throughout the day.

However, prolonged use of ginger can negatively
affect blood clotting. Therefore, before taking
ginger during pregnancy from toxemia, nausea, consult
with your doctor. Also, you can not abuse this
продуктом, сырого корня нельзя принимать свыше 3 гр  в

To get rid of unwanted sensations are used and
some methods of alternative medicine in particular
aromatherapy, hypnotherapy, homeopathy and reflexology. For
holding aromatherapy is better to use essential oils,
relieving nausea — lemon, lime, orange, or grapefruit.
Hypnotherapy and reflexology sessions, acupressure relieve from
anxiety and stress, but here it is very important to find a grammar
specialist. Homeopathic medicines should also be treated with
caution as there is a risk of new symptoms in
addition to existing ones.

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