How to deal with insomnia duringof pregnancy

Insomnia is a sleep disorder that occurs
poor sleep, poor duration or quality of sleep
During a long time. Many pregnant women face
sleep disturbance right from the first weeks of carrying a child that
associated with hormonal shake the body. Especially sensitive
to insomnia those women who have never before encountered
this problem. The situation is complicated by the fact that in this position
the future mom needs to get enough sleep and is undesirable
переутомляться, поэтому при of pregnancy с бессонницей бороться
must necessarily. Knowing how to get rid of sleep disorders
causes of insomnia and the study of processes occurring all 9 months in
the body.

The content of the article

  • 1 Types of insomnia
    • 1.1 What is dangerous for insomnia for pregnant women
  • 2 Основные причины нарушения сна в период of pregnancy
    • 2.1 Hormones and insomnia
    • 2.2 How to overcome insomnia
    • 2.3 How to help yourself
  • 3 Tips for Pregnant Women
  • 4 write pregnant on forums

бессонница у беременных

Types of insomnia

Sleep disorders with common symptoms, namely inability
fall asleep for a long time are called insomnia (or

Asomnia (a + lat. Somnus – sleep). Insomnia,
sleep disturbance. Manifested by difficulty falling asleep, intermittent
sleep with frequent awakenings at night, superficial sleep or
premature waking up with impossibility again
fall asleep.

Различаются три вида асомнии: преходящая,
кратковременная и хроническая

  1. Transient. Transient or situational
    бессонница в период of pregnancy по большей части связана с
    episodes caused by the burst of joyful experiences or
    sad character. Sleepless state continues until
    until the emotions settle down and life goes on as usual. In that
    If the saying is good: less you know, sleep tight. Future
    Mommy needs to protect herself from sources of unpleasant information, and
    her entourage take care of the social circle and a positive attitude,
    reigning in the family. Such insomnia lasts no more than a week and
    needs special treatment.
  2. Short term. Brief insomnia
    associated with more significant causes – physiological
    процессами, протекающими в организме во время of pregnancy,
    stress, medication, heart disease.
    This kind of insomnia can last for about a month, and during this
    period the body of a pregnant woman may be significantly affected. AT
    If sleep disturbances have been disturbing for more than a week, you need to
    immediately contact a specialist. Independently get rid of
    problems cannot be, since the true cause can only be recognized
  3. Chronic. Chronic asomnia is the most
    a complex form of insomnia that does not occur from scratch. By her
    suffer for months and a similar condition can cause both
    mental and physical illness. She meets much
    less often than the previous ones, however, in any case, this is a reason to appeal to
    to the doctor. If a chronic condition has bothered a pregnant woman and
    before, the methods of dealing with it will have to be adjusted because
    previous drugs can harm the baby.

What is dangerous for insomnia for pregnant women

According to statistics, approximately 80% of pregnant women
face the problem of lack of sleep. Many specialists
рассматривают это состояние как один из признаков of pregnancy на
its early stage, as well as the state of drowsiness.

Чем же так опасна бессонница в период of pregnancy? Of course,
a woman gets tired quickly during the day, because everyday affairs are no longer
made as easily as before. The position of the future mommy
obliges her to protect not only herself, but also the baby from sudden
movements, frequent tilting and weight lifting.

Any action requires concentration, and her insomnia
reduces and causes additional stress. AT своем положении
a pregnant woman can very easily get hurt even
performing the simplest movements, whether taking a shower or
leisurely walk. Against the background of unstable hormonal balance
irritability occurs which even occurs

Основные причины нарушения сна в период of pregnancy

По мере увеличения срока of pregnancy нарастают и
physiological causes of insomnia. Noticed that at later
the timing it appears at times more often and manifests itself much more powerful.
ATызывают бессонницу чаще всего:

  • problems in choosing a comfortable posture, because the belly has grown and weight
    increased (see comfortable posture for sleep);
  • nagging pain in the lumbar region and back;
  • active movement of the fetus;
  • heartburn;
  • leg cramps;
  • frequent urge to urinate;
  • pronounced itching in the abdomen due to skin
    stretch marks;
  • dyspnea.

Предпосылками к бессонным ночам в период of pregnancy становятся
and psychological reasons. Among them note:

  • chronic fatigue;
  • nervous tension;
  • stressful situations;
  • concern for the health of the child;
  • fear of childbirth;
  • nightmares.

The nature of insomnia is diverse, but you need to fight it.
without fail. Poor physical condition and psychological problems
should warn, and if insomnia has already appeared – learn
confront her.

Hormones and insomnia

First trimester With increasing term
of pregnancy причин для бессонницы становится все больше. More often
All this situation is associated with the restructuring of the hormonal system
organism. AT начале of pregnancy эстрогены (гормоны первой фазы
menstrual cycle) give way to progesterone – the second hormone
phases. Иначе его называют хранителем of pregnancy. Level up
progesterone leads the body to a state of complete readiness,
aiming it solely at the bearing of the fetus. Respectively,
even at night this hormone does not allow the future organism
mommies relax and rest, so a full sleep
is impossible.

ATторой триместр. When the second comes
триместра of pregnancy, общая картина частично меняется, и ночной
sleep is getting better. By this time, the woman’s body is already adapting.
to hormonal surge: relative stability comes
the nervous system, the pelvic organs, including the bladder,
intestine and liver, learned to adapt to the growing uterus.
The work of all organs is normalized, and the stomach is not yet so
increased to interfere with restful sleep.

Third trimester Third trimester in pregnant women
again accompanied by insomnia, it is increasingly difficult to find a comfortable posture
for relax. Women who have a habit of sleeping on their stomachs or backs
very difficult to adapt to another position. AT этот период
physiological discomfort is observed: the future mommy
developing heartburn, aggravating in the prone position, there are pains in
спине и пояснице, и даже в состоянии покоя появляется dyspnea. TO
this time, the belly reaches a size that is difficult
find a comfortable sleeping position.

The situation becomes more alarming closer to childbirth from regular
lack of sleep and emotional disturbances, often turning into night
nightmares. Because of this, the dream becomes more disturbing and short.
A woman listens restlessly to her state of health, waiting
contractions, feels every movement of the fetus, which makes it impossible
her relax and fall asleep. Третий триместр of pregnancy
accompanied by another hormonal jump: progesterone levels
falls sharply before giving birth. The cause of poor sleep and difficulty with
falling asleep may be training contractions of the uterus, which
arise a few days before delivery.

how побороть бессонницу

бессоница-при-of pregnancy

Fight insomnia can situational ways. Exist
factors that will help make a good night’s sleep

  1. Avoid stress – accumulated fatigue does not always lead
    long-awaited sleep, sometimes a woman just can’t
  2. We give up the habit of sleeping during the day – perhaps a night’s sleep
    can recover.
  3. Sharing nightmares with a close and understanding person –
    psychologists believe that dreaming loudly helps
    understand that danger does not exist nearby.
  4. Avoid emotional stress in the evening – refuse
    showdowns, unpleasant conversations and do not look at night
    action movies.
  5. We do not drink liquid in large quantities at night –
    there will be no need for frequent emptying of the bladder, and how
    consequence, the need to get out of bed at night.
  6. Use homeopathic remedies if recommended.
    a specialist.
  7. Having sex – if there are no contraindications, but there is a desire,
    then why not try this way?
  8. ATыбираем удобную одежду для сна – желательно, не стесняющую
    Pajamas movements made from natural materials.
  9. Do not be nervous and think only about the good.

And most importantly – if nothing helps and you want
resort to drug treatment, you must immediately report
этом to the doctor. No advice from friends and next of kin
will replace the experience of a specialist. Only he can find the right and
safe medicine for a pregnant woman without harming her
future child.

how себе помочь


Причины, вызывающие бессонницу при of pregnancy на разных сроках
different, therefore, different and ways to deal with it. For
first trimester suitable manipulations to maintain
a certain mode of the day and food:

  • Create a habit of going to sleep at the same time
    preferably up to 23 hours;
  • The last meal should be put off three hours before departure.
    sleep, so that the stomach has time to get rid of food;
  • From the usual coffee and tea will have to be abandoned, replacing them with
    a glass of warm milk that has a slight soothing and
    sedative effect;
  • Apply herbal infusions of chamomile and mint can be without fear
    but for the rest you need to be careful – about them
    compatibility with pregnancy need to consult a doctor;
  • The nature of the water procedures should be revised – abandon
    relaxing hot baths and contrasting showers that tone up
    vessels and enhance blood circulation, in favor of douche warm
  • A walk before bedtime for an hour will relax and help you sleep,
    airing the room works in a similar way.

Третий триместр of pregnancy характеризуется several species
insomnia: starting, with sleep disturbance when falling asleep;
inability to maintain a state of sleep, with constant awakenings
and lack of immersion in sleep; final insomnia
phases with early awakening and inability to fall asleep again until
rise time.

  • When starting insomnia is recommended to take a position lying on
    left side (on which side to sleep?), which improves
    the blood supply of the baby, the work of the kidneys and intestines of the future mother;
  • You can put pillows between your legs and under your belly, and your head
    lift with a special pillow for pregnant women;
  • To prevent seizures, you can massage the calf
    muscles, back and waist, feet and ankles;
  • Orthopedic help from frequent awakenings during sleep.
    mattress to promote the adoption of the correct position of the spine
    muscle relaxation, vascular spasms;
  • When itching in the abdomen, you can use moisturizers,
    and to warn him you should try not to type sharply
  • Wearing a bandage during the day partially reduces nighttime discomfort.

ATидео: как правильно спать во время
of pregnancy

Advice pregnant

Pregnant women who pay attention to fitness for future moms
much less often complain of insomnia and painful
sensations in the limbs. Of course, марафонские дистанции в таком
The position is not suitable, but yoga, pilates, swimming and
Stretching is quite capable of any healthy woman. Good ones
the results show the mastery of relaxation techniques, learning
which are held on courses for pregnant women in preparation for childbirth.
Of course, не каждая женщина имеет возможность посещать такие курсы,
but if you want relaxation techniques can be found in
the internet.

It happens that all methods are tried, and sleep does not come.
ATпадать при этом в отчаяние не следует, равно, как и выходить из
yourself ATыждав полчаса, нужно встать и заняться какими-то монотонными
things that do not cause a surge of emotion. On a calm and
Calm music, knitting,
guessing crosswords, reading a book, talking to yourself,
unfolding solitaire. Some are finally helped by cleaning
potatoes Creative activities that enthrall and excite better
postpone until the morning.

AT пограничных случаях, когда ритм сна и бодрствования сбился до
to such an extent that the time of night rest is no more than 4−6
hours, and this condition is observed for more than a week, you need to immediately
contact the experts. The gynecologist will determine whether
physiological reasons for insomnia, the therapist will study the general
health, and the psychologist will advise how to get rid of
psychological disorder. Preparing for the birth of a child –
work that requires considerable strength, which should be regularly

Can’t sleep? Is baby pushing? Can not found
a good position for sleeping? The cause of insomnia is not always growing
tummy How to deal with hormonal changes and what can you imagine
allow pregnant woman in the fight against lack of sleep, except milk with honey?
Ekaterina Ishchenko, in an attempt to sleep, was looking for the correct posture for sleeping under
supervision of the head of the Women’s consultation No. 25 Elena

Write pregnant on the forums

I feel that I will soon please in the psychiatric hospital! Dear girls,
help with advice! Already despaired! Pregnancy 7 месяцев, но вот уже
a few months I fall asleep at 3 in the morning, despite the fact that I go to bed at 23,
I lie, I think, all sorts of nonsense climb in my head, while I can imagine
to scratch a face (pick acne that has now appeared)
gryst nails (already stumps alone remained) I understand that this is all
disgusting, but I can not cope with this, then I fall asleep in 3-4 hours, but
I get up in the morning and hate myself for what I have done (((to the doctor
She appealed, Valerian advised, does not help (I drink peppermint, milk with
honey for the night does not help either (What to do ??? I already just
turned into such a stump with anami on the face and nibbled
nails ((the husband also does not sleep because of me, but he is at work in 6
get up and massage does so that kkk relaxes, but all is not
helps (Did anyone have something similar?

>>глицын, на ночь, я пила 1-2 таблетки, у него нет
contraindications, you can drink a week, then take a break … well
or every other day, if you are afraid, 1 tablet. And occupy yourself, I
I read in the kitchen, since one FIG can not sleep, watch telly, not
насилуйте yourself Sleep during the day if you don’t fall asleep at night. This is Y
so many then pass.

Probyvala and soothing tea and Persenchik, but strictly at 3.00
eyes opened up and up to 5 i’m awake ala. Yes, and small in the tummy
also blasted at such a time. Saved by reading, listened to calm
music – dolphin songs, sea noise, etc. It was at the first
Bertie…. And now … The older one is so exhausted that I fall asleep before him and
I barely get up in the morning. Maybe I will go on maternity leave, I will rest more
insomnia then overtake me. In general, this is normal – you
worried about the future, the baby pushes and does not sleep,
the body is prepared to be awakened at any time of the night

Я в душ перед сном и пару таблеток валерьянки….тоже не сплю
at night … and after valerian after a while, sleep begins
to pull)))

I had such a period, I did not sleep at all at night, then during the day as
zombies went … the doctor said that it happens, it is connected with

Есть очень хороший способ побороть бессоницу)) ATыберите дело
which you most dislike doing at home (really not
like, straight for no reason at all) and when you can not sleep, do
It is his name, after some time the dream will come)))

do not suffer))) read books, do something around the house, just
rest))) I also sat insomnia at night

and suffered, and roared (even when it was necessary to work), then
I realized that this time should be used with benefit: read,
clean up, wash: gy: Tried (sometimes it worked) like this: in the dark
sit on the bed, stare at one point, covered with a blanket and
sip hot tea with milk, with honey a bit of sugar (there was
+25)))). And sometimes the opposite went to another room and lay on the couch
not hiding to freeze))), they are supposedly falling asleep from the cold (although
again in the summer, in this heat, it was difficult to freeze wildly)))).
ATот пару раз так прокатывало.

walk more. At night, warm milk with honey can be. how
I remember, so shudder, as they say. In the summer of such a roasting, belly
huge, and … insomnia all night. Beauty!

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