How to deal with heartburn in the periodpregnancy?

If you are suffering from heartburn while waiting for your child, our
The article will help you find out the reasons for its appearance. Also we
tell you how to prevent it from occurring
pregnancy and what treatments for heartburn to choose if it is still
you have appeared.

The content of the article

  • 1 Causes of heartburn in pregnant women
    • 1.1 Лекарственные препараты от изжоги
    • 1.2 Folk remedies
    • 1.3 Prevention of heartburn
  • 2 Video consultation

Pregnancy – тяжелое испытание для многих женщин. Wellbeing
during the carrying of the long-awaited baby most often not the most
best: fatigue, nausea, headaches. During pregnancy
There are ailments that you had never even imagined before.
Heartburn is often one of these unpleasant surprises.

изжога у беременных

It arises unexpectedly and for no apparent reason, but with
it is not only possible and necessary to fight, but there is a real
the ability to prevent its occurrence.

Causes of heartburn in pregnant women

Unpleasant sensations in the stomach and esophagus are compounded with
increase in gestational age. Heartburn occurs most often during
second trimester. To many women who have experienced toxemia, she
seems like its logical continuation. But far from it, reasons
these unpleasant symptoms are completely different.

The main cause of heartburn in all people is hit
into the esophagus of gastric juice.
On his way is
an obstacle is a special valve called the sphincter. AT
the normal state, this organ rarely allows acid to penetrate beyond
its limits, but pregnancy is an unusual condition in all

Почему бывает изжога у беременных

Почему бывает изжога у беременных

Итак, рассмотрим причины появления изжоги у будущих

  1. The hormonal background of a pregnant woman undergoes significant
    changes. AT организме резко повышается уровень прогестерона,
    which helps to reduce the tone of all smooth muscles, although
    its main purpose is the uterus. Muscle Relaxation
    affects the performance of the sphincter, which allows acid
    penetrate the esophagus.
  2. Also elevated levels of progesterone inhibit normal
    the work of muscles responsible for the promotion of food from the stomach to the intestines.
    Because of this, the digestive process increases in time, which also
    contributes to the appearance of heartburn.
  3. The growth of the uterus reduces the space in the abdominal cavity, including
    It also reduces the volume of the stomach and pushes acid into the esophagus.
  4. Changes in hormonal levels increase acidity
    gastric juice, which exacerbates the discomfort when
  5. In the last trimester of pregnancy, heartburn often causes
    becomes the position of the fetus. The baby is already big and can
    movements not just cause heartburn, but do it abruptly and
    suddenly. At the same time not only unpleasant feelings are possible.
    esophagus, but even nausea and vomiting.

основные причины изжоги

причины изжоги

Unfortunately, from unpleasant surprises during pregnancy, no one
not insured. Some women endure this period perfectly.
ok but in most cases after overcoming the middle
gestation period, heartburn becomes permanent and unwanted

Лекарственные препараты от изжоги

Taking various medications during the gestation period is worth reducing.
to a minimum. But this does not mean that you need to endure heartburn and not
fight with her. Today there are a lot of drugs that
neutralize the acid and at the same time do no harm to your

Такие лекарства от изжоги для беременных имеют
common name – nonabsorbable antacids. Meaning of their actions
consists in enveloping the stomach walls, neutralizing and
partial absorption of acid.


Take heartburn medication during pregnancy
can only be prescribed by a doctor!
The doctor will help you choose
the desired drug and install a safe dosage. Usually pregnant
prescribe the following medications:

  • Rennie. In the interaction of calcium carbonate and magnesium, included
    In its composition, soluble salts are formed with hydrochloric acid. But
    taking it in the last trimester is not worth it, like any medicine
    containing calcium, it can cause ossification in the fetus.
  • Maalox. This is a remedy for heartburn and absorbent. Will help
    cope with discomfort for several hours.
  • Almagel. This remedy will permanently relieve heartburn by adjusting
    acidity of the stomach.

The modern choice of heartburn remedies is huge, but not all of them
harmless to the development of an unborn baby. Even those
medicines that can be taken during pregnancy can
lead to unpleasant consequences:

  1. In addition to eliminating hydrochloric acid, antacids can excrete and
    useful material. If you are taking vitamins or others
    medications should avoid taking heartburn remedies.
  2. Often drugs of this group cause constipation, and in
    during pregnancy they often occur without exposure to drugs,
    for natural reasons. It makes taking antacids extremely
  3. Magnesium, which is often part of heartburn remedies, can
    solve the problem with delayed stool but has undesirable
    influence on the development of the fetus.

The reasons for refusing drugs are many.
therefore better to resort to folk remedies or endure.
Of course, in a pinch, take the help of antacids.
you can, but remember the most important thing is to preserve the health of the future
to kid.

ЧИТАЕМ: Лекарства от изжоги для беременных — 10
approved drugs for pregnant women

Folk remedies


After reading this headline, many will immediately remember the baking soda.
Indeed, soda neutralizes the acid, but
produces a large amount of carbon dioxide, which in its
queue contributes to abundant secretion of gastric juice. AT связи
с этим сода принесет лишь кратковременное
, устойчивого эффекта от нее не ждите. Besides
In addition, this dietary supplement can lead to increased puffiness.

ЧИТАЕМ ПОДРОБНО: Сода от изжоги беременным

AT случаях, когда изжога мучает не сильно, облегчение может
bring a glass of water or not fried pumpkin seeds. But, как
In general, during pregnancy, a burning sensation in the esophagus
for several hours, especially before bedtime.

Also, with weak heartburn, milk will help if you drink
its often in small portions. The effect of this remedy can be enhanced
adding to the drink a few drops of fennel essential oil.

It is best to use unpleasant symptoms.
medicinal plants. A decoction of heather or centaury pretty
quickly and permanently relieve burning sensation in the esophagus. Buy these herbs in
Dried can be in any pharmacy.

Разумеется, перед использованием отваров лекарственных
herbs is also better to consult a doctor.
most cases, doctors allow their use, as herbs
practically no contraindications.

ПОДРОБНО: Folk remedies от изжоги в
gestation period

Heartburn prevention

As you know, the best medicine is prevention. Of course,
pregnancy does not give in to any rules, but even during
childbearing can minimize the possibility
the occurrence of heartburn.

There are several universal tips that
помогут избежать появления неприятного симптома

  1. Try to avoid taking antispasmodics, they can
    further reduce the performance of the sphincter.
  2. Do not overeat, you need to eat in small portions 5 – 6 times a
  3. Dinner should be no less than three hours before bedtime.
  4. Avoid fatty and fried foods. AT рационе должны
    dominate dairy products, boiled vegetables, baked
    fruit, boiled meat and fish. Also excluded from use
    should be fresh bread, it must be pre-dried.
  5. Do not take a recumbent position for 15–20 minutes after
  6. ATключите в рацион послабляющие продукты, такие как свекла,
    plums. They will help prevent constipation that leads to
  7. Completely exclude from your menu junk food that requires
    long digestion (mushrooms, nuts, chocolate).
  8. Avoid movements that can lead to heartburn, i.e.
    наклонов и приседаний, особенно после food.
  9. Butсите свободную удобную одежду, не стягивайте живот.
  10. Drink more water between meals. ATо время еды запивать
    food should not be.
  11. Dinner should be as light as possible, do not include meat
  12. Sleep better on high pillows, because horizontal
    position increases heartburn.

ATо время беременности изжога – явление обычное,
so do not panic, if neither medicine is saved from it,
nor folk remedies. Most often get rid of the unpleasant symptom
during pregnancy can only give birth :)

Heartburn alone cannot harm mom and the future.
baby But если ее проявления слишком сильные и длительные,
you should go to a gastroenterologist.
ATрач сможет выяснить
the cause of the disease in case it occurs due to aggravation
gastritis or liver disease.

ATидео консультации

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