How to deal with children’s hysteria: tipspsychologist

Surely every parent has ever encountered
children’s tantrums. They appear, it seems, for no reason and
end just as suddenly, but deliver a lot of excitement
all adults. Is it possible to prevent the emotional
child explosion? What if the baby got hysterical? Tips
детского psychologist помогут уставшим родителям справиться с
similar problems and bring harmony to the family
a life.

истерика у ребенка

Causes of hysteria in children of different ages

In order to learn how to deal with bouts of hysteria
children of different ages, you must first find out their causes.

Tantrums in a child of 2 years

A two-year-old child often resorts to tantrums to attract
дополнительное внимание со сторheы adults. In his arsenal
several effective ways: loud cries, stubbornness, skating
on the floor in places where there is a public. Psychologists claim
that this behavior is natural for a small child because
imperfections of his emotional system.
He can’t yet
to express in words his indignation if parents refuse to do something
or forbid to do something.

At this age, the baby is already beginning to separate itself from adults, and
also actively exploring the world. but на его пути встают
all sorts of restrictions designed to provide him
safety on the street and at home.

The vagaries of a two-year-old child are often a reflection
own physical condition: fatigue, hunger or
lack of sleep. Perhaps an excess of new impressions overworked
baby To его успокоить, иногда достаточно просто взять на
pens, pat on the head, to distract from the situation, which
caused hysterical behavior.


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whim and cry baby

Admission to the preschool institution, the birth of the youngest family
brother or sister and parents divorce can also cause
bouts of hysterics. In order to get rid of stress, baby
he starts knocking with his feet, scatter toys and screaming loudly.

Another reason for “bad” behavior can be excessive
severity of parents. In this case, the hysteria appears as a desire
confront this style of education and defend their own

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when a child behaves unbearably?

Tantrums in a child of 3 years

Especially bright tantrums that appear to appear on a level
location, visible in three years. This period, which in
психологии называют кризисом трех лет
, у всех детей
expressed in different ways, but the main symptoms are considered
negativism, self-will and extreme stubbornness. Yesterday docile
the baby today is doing the opposite: stripping when it’s warmer
wrap, runs away when his name is.

Frequent tantrums at this age are not due to desire.
angry parents, and the usual inability to compromise and
express your desires. Having obtained with the help of whims the right thing,
the child will continue to manipulate adults to achieve
own goals.


By four years, hysterical seizures usually by themselves
disappear as the baby can already express their feelings
in words.

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the whims of a child

Tantrums in a child of 4-5 years

Moods and tantrums in children older than four years are often
the result of educational failures of parents. Baby all
allow, the existence of the word “no” he knows only by hearsay.
Even if Mom doesn’t allow, you can always contact your dad or

The constant hysterical behavior of a 4-year-old child may be
serious call indicating that there are problems with the nervous
by the system. In case the baby behaves during a tantrum
aggressive, hurts himself and others, holds his breath
or faints, after an attack, vomiting, lethargy or
tired, you should contact your neurologist.

If the baby is healthy, then the reasons
whims and tantrums are rooted in the family and the reactions of loved ones to his

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parental response

How to prevent tantrum

The best way to cope with a tantrum is to prevent it. And although
psychologists say that all the children pass through these attacks, you
can try to reduce the frequency and severity of emotional

  1. Maintain your daily routine. Children early
    age and preschoolers feel safe when
    adhere to a well-established regime. Hunger and drowsiness,
    probably the most common causes of tantrums. They can
    avoid if you follow your regular daily bedtime schedule and
    food intake.
  2. Prepare the child for change. Make sure
    that you warn him long before significant changes, for example,
    such as the first day in kindergarten. Giving the baby time for
    devices, you thereby reduce the likelihood of
    bouts of hysterics.
  3. Be firm. If the child feels that
    he can, with the help of tantrums, influence your decisions, there will be
    further manipulate you to get your way. Make sure что
    he knows: you make firm decisions and do not change your mind in response to
    bad behavior.
  4. Revise your bans. Before
    deny the baby a request, ask yourself whether your ban
    really necessary. Why don’t your son have a snack,
    if dinner is delayed? You can avoid tantrums by simply making
    him a sandwich. Do not apply rules just for the sake of rules
    revise bans.
  5. Provide a choice. Already from two years old baby
    achieves greater autonomy. Offer him a simple choice,
    so that he feels like an independent person. For example,
    offer a child a choice between oatmeal and
    corn flakes. Just don’t ask a question like, “What
    would you like to eat? “You risk getting completely unnecessary to you
    answer. Ask: “Will you eat porridge or cereal?”
  6. Pay more attention. For a child even
    poor attention is better than none. Make sure you spend
    enough time and respond to its basic needs
    love and caress.

We look how to stop children’s tantrums

If the tantrum has already begun …

If the kid is capricious, distract him, find out what he is
unhappy, try to eliminate the cause of his discontent. but
the distraction method only works when the hysterics is only
begins What if the child has already entered into an emotional

  1. Make it clear that screams and screams do not affect you, they do not
    will help change your decision. If the tantrum is not very strong,
    say: “Sunny, say calmly what you need. I do not
    I understand you when you scream. ” If a hysterical attack is already
    strong, you better leave the room. Talk to your baby when
    he will calm down.
  2. Try to isolate the child at the very peak of emotional
    the blast. If this happens at home, leave him alone in the nursery,
    and if on the street, take it to where there are no other children and
  3. During the moods always behave in the same way, so that the baby
    could understand that his behavior is ineffective.
  4. Explain how you can positively express your
    discontent. From the age of two, teach your child to use in his speech
    description of emotions. For example, «я расстроен», «я сержусь», «мне
  5. Watch your feelings. Small children are easily infected
    other people’s emotions. So your aggression can only aggravate
    the situation.
  6. Be patient. If the child has become hysterical
    traditional, do not expect that everything will pass immediately after the first time,
    when you leave the room and calmly explain everything to him. To
    The new model is fixed, it will take some time.

Do not be afraid of hysteria in children, you need to learn
respond to them correctly. If you have already tried all the tips,
listed in our article but still seeing flashes
anger for your child, ask for professional

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