How to deal with children’s boredom?

How often can you hear familiar words from children:
�”I’m bored! What should I do? ”Similar complaints cause my mother with
dad’s conflicting emotions: some adults get upset,
others get annoyed and immediately find the child any activity, just to
did not interfere. Why do kids get bored? Do I need to invent children
or is it better to teach yourself to entertain yourself?

ребенок скучает

Modern kids are used to having fun with TV,
video games and computer. Many find it difficult to wait in line at
grocery store or sit for a moment quietly while adults
talking to each other. They get bored quickly and they don’t
hesitate to announce it publicly: “I’m tired of everything!”
The main reasons for the boredom of today’s child are widely known:
electronic gadgets with which they do not part since infancy, and
inability of children to interact with each other. And what else is there
reasons for children’s boredom?

Where does boredom come from?

Let’s try to understand what is really
hidden behind your baby’s complaints that he is absolutely nothing
I do not want to do and absolutely nothing to do.

  • Overload impressions. Kindergarten, circle
    on the photo … The kid gets too much information during the day and
    impressions The psyche will need a certain amount of time
    to recycle what they see, hear, memorize and
  • Inability to play. Although from the outside it looks like
    boredom, but in fact the child is simply not able to
    self occupy. And most often this happens due to the fact that
    TV and gadgets, he met before the cubes and
    pyramids Spending time at the computer, children can not
    use their own imagination, shows no initiative, does not
    agrees with peers on the rules of the games.
  • The need for attention. Sometimes telling mom
    about boredom, the baby means that he feels lonely,
    unhappy and needing her attention. After all, no, even
    the most expensive trinkets will not replace your hugs and affectionate
  • Waiting for an event. The cause of boredom can be
    the child’s usual expectation of an event: for example, a trip to
    grandmother or going to the park. The little baby can’t yet clearly
    track time, which is why his patience is often not
  • Features of the child. Hyperactive children
    bored faster if they are offered tasks that require
    concentration. And an anxious and modest child who
    refuses games and competitions, may get bored, looking at
    having fun peers.

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What should the parents of a bored child do?

что делать если детям скучно

  1. First, you need to leave your affairs and pay attention to the child.
    at least ten minutes. Sometimes it’s enough to hug him
    chat a bit, play romps, cuddle each other – and
    boredom as it happened. After an emotional discharge from a baby, usually
    There are new ideas, and you can approve and support them. If a
    boredom does not pass, explain that you need to be able to enjoy
    free time, you can just do nothing and a little
    relax. Then he will accumulate strength for new achievements.
  2. Resist the temptation to provide a variety of baby
    entertainment. It is very important that he gained invaluable experience.
    making his own decisions, he learned how to manage his
    free time. Therefore, when he once again declares:
    �“I’m bored” – invite him to come up with an activity for himself.
  3. If a ваш ребенок часто жалуется на скуку, помогите ему
    make a list of activities that he can perform when all
    around becomes uninteresting. Turn there such homework
    classes like drawing and playing with a designer, as well as active
    recreation: cycling, drawing in crayon on asphalt.
    When he says the word “boredom” again, remind him
    take a look at this list.
  4. Explain to the child that it is impolite to say at a party: “At your home
    very boring”. Remind him that by expressing your
    disinterest, he can hurt other people’s feelings.
  5. Do not fight boredom with the help of TV, computer games and
    gadgets. Experts say that children who are constantly
    play electronic applications and video games, do not know what they are
    to occupy. Also, permanent sitting at the computer limits
    the imagination and creativity of the child and prevents him from applying the inherent
    childhood age resourcefulness.
  6. If a ребенок умеет читать, у него никогда не будет проблем с
    doing nothing. In the books there is a whole world that will dip it
    in a whirlwind of incredible adventures. When is there to miss? Read
    together, focusing on what he needs to know for himself that
    happen with your favorite characters further. First choose simple and
    fascinating stories to interest.
  7. Combine distraction from boredom and creative activity,
    providing the child with not ready-made games, but only material for their
    manufacturing. For example, try to make a city layout on sheet
    cardboard, using old magazines, small boxes, glue,
    scissors, colored pencils, and also children’s imagination.
  8. Be sure to teach children to play with those toys that you
    they are. He may not even know what this whole bunch is for.
    machines, dolls, designers, puzzles and balls. note
    for matching toys age child. If a он прежде с
    played with interest in something, but now he is bored – he probably already
    grew out of these games. If a же не понимает, что делать, а также совсем
    not interested in a new toy – she is probably still for him
    is great.
  9. Some preschoolers are not interested in toys. They are more
    attract household chores with which adults are engaged. Let me
    child to participate in the laundry, cleaning or cooking dinner.
    Watching homework will not only give him a lot of stuff.
    for independent games, but also makes it easy to get rid of
  10. If a детям нравятся настольные игры, введите в доме интересную
    and a useful tradition: play chess. At the same time
    It is not necessary to spend a few hours in black and white fields.
    day. Start the party, place the board on the coffee table, and next
    put a pencil and a piece of paper. As soon as the baby gets bored,
    let him come and think over the chess game.

If a же вы перепробовали все способы, а ребенок так и продолжает
pestering you with a complaint of boredom, explain: “I am fine you
I understand, because I also sometimes miss. ” Listen to him, hug and
caress, but do not seek to dispel his blues. Be
sure that a little dreamer after a while
he will find a suitable occupation.

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