How to correctly and tactfully make a commentto another’s child

Let’s analyze whether we have the right to do
comments to strangers? If so, how to do it correctly, that
можно и нельзя говорить to another’s child. In what situations
the intervention of a stranger adult is necessary and necessary
behave with parents who are not willing to respond to your
remarks? Highlight the basic rules of behavior and communication with

The content of the article

  • 1 Do we have the right to comment on other people’s children?
    • 1.1 How to make a remark to the child
    • 1.2 How to behave with the parents of another child,
      who does not respond to comments
  • 2 How to make notes to the child

замечание to another's child

It’s sad that modern kids know a lot about politeness.
less than the children of previous generations. Often people are outraged and
even get lost from uncultured and ignorant acts or
sayings of other people’s children in public places. But what can be done in
situations where you want to express a remark? And is it possible
do in relation to other people’s children, and most importantly – how to do it
tactfully and politely?

Do we have the right to make comments to other children

Last year (in 2017) quite a long time on the Internet
went video: in line to the box office the child pushed the grocery cart
one man, while the mother of the child did not show any reaction.
After the man’s patience was over, he took a bag of milk
and poured its contents on the little hooligan. Such behavior
men divided netizens into two oppositions. One
Opposition to the mountain stood for the child, whom in any case should
to protect the mother, the other – supported the man, they say, these children and their
Mummies need to be put in place.

But who is right in this situation and how to behave

Here is a video: if you don’t teach your children, this
others will do

In fact, to intervene or not interfere – everyone will decide
independently by virtue of upbringing. Here you need to be aware that
teaching others’ children is not your concern, this should be done by them
parents. Therefore, any complaints can be made
exclusively to parents. But still, there are times when
intervention should occur:

  • Если родителей ребенка поблизости нет, а
    the situation requires an immediate response from adults
  • Если родители просто не хотят ввязываться, к
    example, considering that the child is impossible and does not need to be brought up
    five years old. And at this time the situation requires
  • When a child’s behavior can cause material damage
    для других людей
    . For example, you are a store employee, mom
    child left for another department for groceries, and at this time her
    kids running with expensive goods;
  • When a child’s behavior can cause physical harm
    вашему чаду, вам либо другим людям
    . Yes, that happens.
    For example, there are often cases in which an outsider’s mother
    child is enthusiastically talking on the phone or with girlfriends and
    does not notice at all how her child begins to beat, push yours.
    As a result, your child may be injured, and here
    you do not need to expect anything, because the price of waiting is your health
  • When an alien child breaks a comfortable state and
    удобство других людей
    . For example, in the bus with your shoes
    kicks your bag, purposely crunches crisps loudly next to
    you in the cinema, knocking on your seat with your feet.

But you need to distinguish between cases in which children can behave
deliberately indecent or age appropriate. TO
for example, if a child runs through the hospital hall (the bank
store and so on.), then it is quite natural his behavior, because
All children are active and funny, and it is natural for them to run and
have fun…

A completely different situation when a child behaves badly, while
parents don’t pay any attention to it. It is the last
may lead to a feeling of permissiveness and other things
the consequences.


TOакой можно сделать вывод? Boundaries of behavior
must have every child! These boundaries that imply
following social rules can make us human
polite, kind and humane.

In addition, do not forget that the moral laws
exist, therefore, if children violate them, then there must be
punishment, or at least censure. Although, here it is up to

TOак нужно делать замечание ребенку

Consider the 7 main rules of interaction with children, which
comments can be made, how they should be made, what can be expressed
и делать по отношению к to another’s child, а что категорически
is forbidden.

If the situation has reached the extreme point of your patience and you want
To express dissatisfaction, follow these rules:

  1. Всегда анализируйте. If the situation does not require
    immediate permission, probably not need to intervene?
    Try to put yourself in the shoes of his parents and find out: a
    is it true that the child’s actions are so boorish, and maybe it’s him
    age behavior?
  2. Direct your discontent with parents.
    . Note to the child when the parents
    don’t respond to your complaints and other ways to stop the situation
    you do not see.
  3. Разговор с ребенком ведите в вежливом тоне. Not
    allow aggression, assault, shouting and insults. There are
    again, when an alien child with obvious aggression attacks
    your child, but these are exceptional situations. Often the usual
    enough conversation.
  4. Your censure and conversation did not lead to proper
    to the result, while parents do not respond – immediately move away to
    сторону и не создавайте конфликтную ситуацию
    . Your mission
    on this over, let it remain on the conscience of his parents, to
    besides, they will reap the benefits of such behavior.
  5. Not давайте оценку поведения чужих детей. Not
    need to explain to them that they are behaving badly. Important – nip yourself
    fact disgusting behavior, express your rejection.
  6. Старайтесь разъяснять to another’s child его неправильное
    поведение так, как собственному
    . You need to imagine that you
    teach your child, because he hears and understands you precisely because
    what do you do as accurately and clearly as possible, with notes
  7. Старайтесь держаться в рамках дозволенного.
    Of course, the position of parents who do not respond to
    disgusting behavior of their children (sometimes, and statements like
    “Do not meddle in someone else’s business”, “he is still small – he will grow up – he will understand”),
    often annoying, causes a sense of injustice. But your task
    – remain a tactful person, show an example to your

Запомните: самый результативный метод борьбы с
ruffians – be a great example of polite behavior, despite
no matter what!

TOак необходимо вести себя с родителями чужого ребенка, который
does not respond to comments

TOак обычно случается, родители “в штыки” воспринимают порицание
their children are strangers. And sometimes – comments come
unfair, just such a character in a person whom
раздражает нахождение рядом чужого baby

But often comments from outsiders are fair and
нуждаются в немедленной реакции родителям baby The main thing –
to make these notes correctly so that parents do not appear
the desire to cheat you back is simply out of principle. TOак именно делать

Examples of how to make a remark

  • Our children are not able to share the slide (swing), let’s
    We will help them organize the sequence.
  • There will be a quarrel between the children now, see if there are any
    are they your baby
  • In this situation, we cannot cope without you!
  • Your intervention is very necessary!
  • Not могли бы вы, на время поездки, придержать ножки своего


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TOак видно, ваше действенное оружие в борьбе с
by ill-mannered children and their parents – tact and
Therefore, in cases where parents have heard and
understood your comments, stopped bad behavior in time
child, then your further teachings and comments are not needed.
TOстати, даже если они вас не услышали и не приняли на свой счет
your complaints, you should not continue to make comments, it does not have
meaning, obviously can mature conflict.

If the parents of the tomboy rudely sent you to “catch butterflies”,
�”Kick bamboo” and so forth., Again – in further comments and
comments are not necessary because there is no point – just
go away, the nerves will be more whole.

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TOак правильно делать ребёнку замечания

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