How to cope with unpleasant foot odorfolk remedies

To cope with the problem of unpleasant foot odor can be difficult
however, effective means exist. In the arsenal of the people
There are several ways to eliminate odor medicine.

In the summer, the problem of bad foot odor for many
comes to the fore. Even those people who in the winter
no sweating bothers you, against the background of the summer heat
skin stop increases many times. Is it possible to cope with the situation
on their own? Completely! And we will tell you how.

Неприятный запах от ног

How to eliminate the unpleasant smell of the feet

First of all, the feet must be washed. You will not believe, but it
works. Only the option of rinsing the feet under the shower is not
will do. Wash your feet with a brush or washcloth,
thoroughly washing the space between the fingers. Pay special
attention to whether the skin areas of inflammation, cracks, fungus. Everything
these changes can also be a source of unpleasant smell. After
washing your feet must dry out before putting on your socks or
footwear. Optimum conditions are created in moist areas of the skin when warm.
for reproduction of fungi and other microorganisms.

Antiperspirant for stop. As
antiperspirant can be applied Teymurov paste. This means
used to reduce perspiration for many decades. Pasta
Can be purchased at a pharmacy at an affordable price. True like any
another drug, it can cause allergic
reaction and has a number of contraindications to use with which you need

Oak bark baths. To prepare them 3
tablespoons of oak bark brewed in boiling water, insist 15 minutes,
then immersed in the water of the foot for 15-20 minutes. Such procedures are tanned
skin, blocking the outflow from the sweat glands. They are not used for a long
should, because sweat, not finding a way out, can cause
inflammatory response. Therefore, the seven-day course 1 time per month
will be quite enough.


A mixture of alcohol and vinegar. They connect in
1: 1 ratio, applied to a cotton pad, which then
process foot. Only there is a risk that the smell of sweat will change to
acetic aroma. To avoid this, you can additionally
drip on cotton wool a little essential oil with a pleasant smell (mint,
thyme, tea tree).

Change shoes or socks. Or both.
Substandard synthetic materials can be a major cause.
excessive sweating and the appearance of unpleasant “flavor”. Special
this sinning synthetic and rubber. Summer sandals are better to choose
as open as possible, made of leather or fabric (linen,
nettle, canvas). Socks are better to take cotton and change them

Talc. Dries the skin and reduces sweating.
Used only with heavy perspiration, when the feet
constantly wet and creates comfortable conditions for growth and
microbial development. With talc, the main thing is not to overdo it – if
dry out the skin, then you can earn a number of unpleasant complications.

Spice. Allspice, chopped stick
cinnamon, a few cloves will not get rid of excess sweat, but at least
will eliminate the unpleasant “flavor”. They need to put at night in a closed
shoes so that the smell is fresh in the morning.

No secrets: unpleasant smell feet

Many people, regardless of lifestyle, gender and age
categories suffer from an unpleasant smell problem in the foot area.
From this minor, at first glance, the problem decreases
self-esteem, a number of complexes. Man feels permanent
stress and discomfort. Can be purchased at the pharmacy special
drug, and you can solve the problem of unpleasant odor with
uncomplicated hygiene measures and proper care. And all at home

Жить здорово: Неприятный запах от ног. Like from him
get rid of

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