How to cook and when to give semolina porridge for baby


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Disputes on the dangers and benefits of babies cause a lot of questions in moms. Especially ambiguous view complementary foods is semolina.

Is it possible semolina porridge baby? Some parents are confident in her indispensability, but there are plenty of opponents in semolina. And what Do modern doctors speak on this subject? It’s worth figuring out when introduce this product into the baby’s diet, how to cook it and to give.

Medical opinion

Liquid semolina for infants by most pediatricians recognized as an unacceptable dish in the children’s menu. Main the reason is the content of gliodin. This substance causes necrosis. intestinal villi, which leads to gastritis and colitis.

In addition, semolina porridge in milk for infants changes the environment in intestines. As a result, the child does not receive calcium and vitamin D, since they stop being absorbed.

But do not give up your favorite product since childhood.

When you can give semolina porridge babyDiversify the diet Baby decoy can be from a certain age. When can I give decoy baby?

  1. If a child gains weight well, he eats vegetable vegetables with pleasure mashed potatoes, corn, buckwheat, then introduce semolina into the diet follows after one year. It was at this time that work was normalizing intestines.
  2. In extreme cases, the product is introduced into the menu a little earlier. The reason is baby refuses mashed vegetables. But the value of decoy for children low. There are not many mineral salts and vitamins in it.

At what age does baby decoy become safe? Doctors are unambiguous in their opinion – the age of one of the year.


How to cook semolina porridge for babies without errors? Main rule: to fitin disintegrated in the cereal, it must be boiled from two minutes and up. After all, it is fetin that prevents the main vitamins. We offer you to try different cooking options. dishes, so you can choose your favorite semolina recipe babies.


Option one – in milk

Many mothers know how to cook baby porridge with milk. 250 ml of milk are poured into the container and brought to a boil. AT boiling milk sifted four teaspoons of cereal.

To do this, it is best to use a small strainer. All this milk mixture should be mixed intensively to avoid the appearance of lumps.

Boiling time is 2-3 minutes, then the finished dish infused for 10 minutes. You can dilute the recipe with berries, decorate unusual fruit jelly pattern. Many moms will be curious read how many times and time a child should eat in 2 month.

We also recommend that you study the norms of the daily diet of a child at 2 month.

Do you know when you can give bread to babies – the answer here.

Option two – on the water

If the recipe for milk is recommended for children from the age of three age, then semolina porridge on the water for the baby is the best option. Preparation Scheme:

  • It is necessary to boil one glass of water and pour into it 2 teaspoons of cereals;
  • Boil water with semolina for 12 minutes, stirring constantly;
  • The final point is the addition of hot milk, approximately half a glass;
  • The dish is brought to a boil and removed from the fire.

If porridge is liquid, you can diluted with berries or fruits suitable for age. Now you Know how to cook semolina porridge for babies.

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