How to complete breastfeeding with maximumcomfort?

Breast milk is necessary for every baby. In the early years
life is the most useful food that helps grow quickly, gives
good immunity. However, breastfeeding once falls
stop. For a child, it’s always a lot of stress, but you can
minimize. If you want to know how to wean a baby
with maximum comfort, read this article.


About the benefits of breast milk

Грудное молоко ценный источник витаминов и
trace elements, proteins, fats and carbohydrates. It also contains
antibodies that form children’s immunity (the benefits and composition
breast milk).

Some have suggested that over time maternal
milk loses its beneficial properties. It’s a delusion. Scientists have conducted
a lot of research and found that even after 2 years of feeding
Breast milk retains its valuable qualities.

When should I stop breastfeeding?

Many pediatricians now claim to feed the baby.
breast until he himself begins to refuse it.
This usually happens in the third year of a baby’s life.

ВОЗ советуют завершать грудное вскармливание до
two years old baby.
 This is the most optimal
вариант в реалиях российских семей, ведь к 3 годам ребенок
usually starts going to kindergarten. New furnishings and
The absence of the mother next to create a stressful situation for the crumbs. Not
the best time to deny the baby in his usual
breast milk, because it only adds to his discomfort and
experiences. So it is worth preparing for kindergarten and
complete breastfeeding in advance.

How to understand that the child is ready?

When weaning, it is important to think not only about age
baby, but also about his psychological comfort. Children are all different.
Some sleep well all night, while others wake up several times,
to demand breasts. If the child cannot calm down without
материнского молока, если малыш засыпает и просыпается с
breast – stop lactation early.


The baby will be psychologically ready for weaning only
when will eat milk only at bedtime (before daytime and
night’s sleep). Only this happens rarely. Most children
get used to frequent feedings and literally hang on the chest. If your
baby such a better wait for dairy
teeth, and he will begin to sleep at night without awakening.

Baby weaning process

Stop breastfeeding should be gradually. It is better
break this process into several steps:

First stage

Begin to put the baby less often throughout the day.
In return, offer him fruit puree, which he loves, delicious
compote. You can just tell the baby that you breastfeed him,
when you finish some business. Try replacing one every day.
feeding by taking “adult” food or invent a child
interesting occupation.

So that the baby can get rid of the breast as soon as possible, the mother can start for a while
leave home. The end of the first stage comes when
ребенок обходится двумя кормлениями в день
in the morning when waking up and before bedtime.
Be affectionate with
baby and do not show excessive perseverance. Little baby
can sometimes give way.

Second phase

If the baby is already getting two feeds a day, it’s time
teach him to wake up without mother’s milk. For this you need
try to get up earlier crumbs. If the baby wakes up, but mom does not
next, he will think about where she is now, what he is doing. A wish
eat will fade into the background.

Third stage

It remains the most difficult – to accustom the crumb to sleep, without asking
chest, day and especially at night. Some ritual that you will help
will repeat every evening (importance of rituals). Lactation
should be a small part of it. For example, bathe
child, read him a fairy tale or sing a lullaby. Let baby
switch your attention to other actions before bedtime. It will help
he should get rid of the habit of sucking when he falls asleep.

What can not be done?

To wean babies, some moms put on nipples
something bitter and tasteless that will push the baby away. Do so
It is impossible, because this is a mockery of the baby. For him so long
Mother’s breast was dear, tasty, but suddenly she becomes
unpleasant to the taste.


Nursing mothers have a risk of developing mastitis,
lactostasis, other breast problems – to avoid them, it is important
smoothly stop lactation.

Sometimes there is a need to wean the crumbs quickly and
even dramatically. Even in this case, you should not drag your chest. This
метод из арсенала наших бабушек чреват застоем молока и может
provoke mastitis and also injure mammary glands.

Not следует принимать и гормональные препараты для прекращения
lactation: they have too many side effects. Recommended
express milk until soft, and also use herbal
infusions that reduce lactation.

When can not stop breastfeeding?

If the child is sick, you do not need to add to him the pain
habitual breast milk. This is especially true of children which
intestinal disorders and infections occur as well as

A bad idea is to complete lactation in the summer. The optimal time for
этого – прохладные осенние дни. Breastfeed need
continue when the baby begins a new stage in life
(for example, babysitting or potty training).

The end of breastfeeding takes a lot of time and
causes discontent on the part of the baby. However, if you follow
the advice of experts, the young mother will be able to reduce the discomfort for
child and for herself to a minimum. The main thing is to act smoothly
without pressure and coercion. The baby will gradually go to normal
food, you just need to be patient.

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