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What to do with naughty children? Punish?
Discuss their behavior with them? To deprive of sweets? Вот простые
rules on how to behave with a naughty child.


How to communicate with a naughty child: raising
independent person

Articles about what to do if a child does not obey are published
in many books, newspapers, on thematic Internet portals. Also
Many moms share their experiences with each other, because it is very
it is interesting to observe how the child grows, develops and
formed as a person. Moms who are familiar with each other
personally, first of all they are discussing their children,
together for a cup of tea. And strangers – communicate on the Internet
forums and social networks.

The disobedience of the baby causes in the head in young moms
many questions. And the most important of them is what to do about it and
whether you need to do something at all.

Some handouts describe the basic rules for moms as
behave with a child of a certain age. For example, at the age of
1.5 years old the child is already beginning to show independence. He can
be stubborn, do not listen to what you say to him, and sometimes even
become aggressive. In similar reminders for young mummies
advised to give your child more independence. Let him
explore everything around, learn from your mistakes, and most importantly –
keep reminding him how much you love him. For
older children are given other recommendations.

Many parents have disputes over parenting.
Men can blame women for being too soft, and women for men
– in excessive severity. The main thing in these cases is to find a compromise.
and in no case do not quarrel, find out your relationship in a pair
and do not raise the voice at each other when the child.

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The story of one disobedient child: possible strategies
behavior when the crumb does not listen to you

Maxim is a very naughty child. At 1.5 years old
shows independence: does what he pleases, goes where
wants and tries to make everyone indulge his whims. And he would
more disobedient, but he just doesn’t always succeed :)

Maxim’s parents give him enough freedom, but if they see,
that the child stops obeying – they become hard enough in
their methods of education. Они его через чур не балуют, бывают
firm and persistent, consistent (if not, then
can not be a point), while giving him more
independence and provide an opportunity to learn from their mistake. Have
Maxim has not yet come “the crisis of three years”, when children become
just unmanageable. But his parents have already made it easier for themselves –
when this period comes, they will be easier to manage with Maxim,
because their method of education allows the boy to exercise
independence, but at the same time Maxim’s parents do not allow him
go beyond the acceptable limits of behavior. Consider a few
specific stories.

  1. Maxim likes to draw with markers, and once he
    painted the walls, wallpaper and sofa.
    Therefore markers Maxim
    no longer give. He asks them, but he is still not given – he has not yet
    learned how to handle them. Instead, he was given special
    finger paints, which he now paints in albums along with
    parents. And he will get the markers when he learns to draw on
    paper or in albums for drawing and will understand that you can not spoil
  2. Maxim loves cars. And not only
    toy – these are much more interesting to him. To get them closer
    consider, Maxim wants to run out on the road, which is very dangerous. But
    Maxim’s parents strictly forbid him to do this, they keep him
    hand and not allowed close to the road, even if he screams, cries and
    breaks out.
  3. Any restrictions and permissions should be logical and
    are consistent.
    For example, Maxim likes to run through puddles.
    He can do it, because Maxim has rubber boots. BUT
    here you can’t put your hands in a puddle – it’s dirty there.
  4. Maxim is very independent. He can collect
    designer, eat with a spoon and brush your teeth. BUT ещё он сам засыпает в
    crib – Maxim does not need to rock. Also Максим помогает по
    дому: вытирает пыль, сам садится на горшок и просит (читаем
    article on the topic: how to teach the baby to the pot) remove its contents
    and even tries to wash the floors. BUT всё потому что Максиму не мешают
    conduct their research experiments and experiments (how to teach
    and teach the child to help around the house). Of course, within reasonable limits.
    BUT ещё родители Максима считают, что он должен уметь обслужить себя
    himself, so it’s not customary in their family to do absolutely everything for a child.
    Конечно, придется за ним больше убирать, мыть, стирать, но
    gradually he will learn these skills as well, and the strength of Maxim’s parents
    will pay off with interest.
  5. Maxim is given the opportunity to learn from his
    He can сколько угодно лазить по дивану,
    try to get up on a chair to get something off the shelf but if
    he will fall or be stuck somewhere – only he will be guilty of this
    myself. No one to him Do not cry all the time: “Do not touch!”, “Get away”, “Pants
    wet it! “. Максим принимает решения myself. It is important that Maxim
    I understood: you need to stand on a chair carefully, and you do not need to climb there,
    where you barely crawl through. He will understand what to do is not worth it and will
    to act smarter. So Maxim learns from his mistakes, and together with
    by this, he knows the world. Of course, he will only be allowed to do what
    represents the least danger. For example, no one will let him
    to the open well – here Maxim’s parents have to show
    firmness and pacify the curiosity of the child, which may be

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How to raise naughty children: the advice of psychologists

The first thing to do is revise your attitude towards
to kid. If the child does not obey – maybe he is dependent on you,
but not completely, therefore, trying to show the maximum
independence? Remember that your child is a person with his
character, attitudes and habits. And you should respect this
personality, and not to suppress the independence of your child. You
must be aware that the pussy cognizes the world – respect its aspirations
to new discoveries.

You may be surprised, but you are not always 100% aware that
нужно вашему to kid. Do not give your own wishes for his –
better to enter into dialogue with him and hear the real desires of the baby.
Due to the lack of such flexibility in communicating with the child and excessive
Confidence in self-righteousness conflicts often arise.
between generations.

Another effective way to interact is a personal example.
Remember – a child copies your behavior. Your words, actions,
he does not lose sight of the general style of behavior, copying them consciously
or unknowingly. So take care of yourself – perhaps in your
as a child, you just recognize yourself, and sometimes not the best

If you want in the future to get a strong personality, present
assistant and hardworking, honest and decent person – you
have a thousand times to show patience and restrain, not breaking with
screams at the crumb because of his disobedience. You will have him many times
explain, tell and show the same thing in terms of
acceptable behavior if he does not understand or forgets to trust
at your own risk important matters. BUT ещё вам необходимо научиться
respect your child and communicate with him as a senior comrade. Your
patience and work then surely will bear fruit: the child
there will be a sincere desire to help you, and the permanent will disappear
fear of being violated if he does something

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