How to collect urine for analysis in an infant(boy and girl)?

With the collection of urine for examination at least once in my life I came across
absolutely every person. And if in adulthood to collect urine
not difficult, then with children everything is different. Especially if
urine collection should be done in the infant. Do not panic when
one thought about how to collect urine from an infant for analysis, because
everything is actually not as difficult as it seems at first glance.
There are a number of effective and simple methods
time-tested and moms.

как у грудничка собрать мочу для анализа

Methods for collecting urine for analysis in infants

When collecting urine, you can use the following containers:

  • special urinal;
  • glass or plastic container;
  • ordinary clean plastic bag.

With urine bag

как собрать мочу у грудничка мочеприемником

In the pharmacy network sterile
mochesborniki, representing a small bag with a hole.
Attach the bag with a sticky tape between the legs of the baby
easy enough, but it’s better to get some
packages. Velcro is hypoallergenic, so do not worry about
possible irritations on the skin of the crumbs.

Not the most successful idea would be placing a card holder under
diaper because the result will be an empty package and a swollen

сбор мочи у грудничка мочеприемником

Before you collect urine from infants, it must be
undermining thoroughly, then attach the package to its legs. To
get the desired result faster, you can stand at the tap with
open water. Baby should not sit in any case – procedure
held standing. If the child is too small and not worth it yet,
have to carry it on hand. At the end of the procedure, the contents
package is poured into a sterile container.


Video instruction: How to use the urinal. We collect
urine analysis of the newborn

With plastic or glass containers

For this method, suitable plastic container for collecting urine,
purchased in a pharmacy, or any small and clean jar,
available in the house. It is fine to pack from the juice or child
power supply. Glass container is better to additionally pour
boiling water.

Urination in babies occurs with certain
intervals that can be detected using a clock. And if mom
I missed one such process, then the next one is better to keep
a jar at the ready. In this case, there will be no further questions about how
collect urine from the boy – just substitute the container under the stream.
For girls, another method is suitable, since for this method
will need another person holding a jar.

With plastic bag

как у грудничка собрать мочу для анализа

There are situations when, for whatever reason, failed
to get a mochesbornik, and the container is not the way out.
You can take the usual transparent plastic bag with handles,
cut the handles so that they can be tied around the legs, make
small incisions in the package on the sides and secure it on the child. AT
the result is a bag where urine is going. Crumbs should
keep upright and after urinating the contents
package neatly poured into a sterile jar.

This method will help solve the problem of how to collect urine from a girl,
because it is universal for both sexes. If the baby is not
can stand because of its age, it can be put on
expanded package, pre-spreading oilcloth. Nothing
terrible that part of the urine will pour out – the remaining amount is quite
enough for examination. The package can also be tied around the legs and
take the crumbs on the handles in a horizontal position. Infants are prone
to urination during the meal, therefore, to achieve fast
results is better to attach the baby to the chest.

ATредные советы

AT окружении молодых мам всегда найдется «всезнающая» особа,
giving a lot of advice that is practically impossible to translate into
a life. ATот лишь некоторые из них:

  1. �”Let the child calmly write on the diaper or in the diaper –
    then unscrew. Absorbent inside a modern diaper
    instantly turns urine into a gel. ATряд ли такое вещество примут
    for examination in at least one laboratory. As for the diaper, of
    her not getting enough urine even if you miss
    through the press. And if you add to this part of the fibers of the fabric,
    falling into the collection tank, you can immediately put an end to
    analysis results.
  2. «ATысади ребенка на горшок и перелей в баночку». No one
    A plastic pot cannot be perfectly sterilized. Boiling water in
    this business is not an assistant, and the most expensive household appliances will not save
    chemistry Urine obtained in this way will contain an increased
    the number of leukocytes, and bacterial culture will be far from
    true state of affairs.

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How to easily collect urine for analysis from a child

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