How to clean up the children’s closet: 4 principlesstorage of children’s clothes

Hello! Undoubtedly, in every family the most
child, therefore, the immediate problem of the mother becomes guidance
order in the children’s closet. Kids grow up so fast that sometimes it’s just
you do not have time to buy new clothes and remove from the shelves
small pants and T-shirts. I cleaned up the children’s closet
for a long time, more precisely, immediately after the birth of the eldest
daughters. By that time, I had already mastered the basic principles of maintaining
cleanliness and order in the house and put them into practice. So can
assure you: if you have no idea where to start and how
rationally organize the storage of children’s things, you do not read in vain
this article. I will give you a detailed action plan based on my
personal experience.

порядок в детском шкафу

In general, the principles of storing children’s and adult things are similar, but
There are several nuances. It is important to take into account the small height of the child, his
inability to gently fold clothes (although it depends on
age) and other features. By the way, my eldest daughter is 4 years old,
and watching me folding socks and folding t-shirts, she
always actively helps. And she already became good
get out.

So where do you start?

Step 1. Preparation

Lay all the things on the floor. Wipe all shelves and rate
the places where you will store the child’s clothes – ideally it should be
cupboard. Why do I recommend this option? The cabinet is larger than the dresser,
and inside there are rails for hangers and storage space, except
shelves – for example, the lower part and the doors, which are also possible
use if everything is properly organized. Personally, I see obvious
dignity at chiffonier. The dresser is also good furniture, into it.
it is convenient to put different things for storage, you can lay out socks,
Underwear. Only in terms of functionality this is not the best.

There should be a lot of space in the closet. Big plus if there is
drawers. You also need to buy boxes or baskets,
which correspond to the shelves in width and depth. Instead of one
large you can put a few small – it all depends on
as you like best. They are convenient to fold clothes, and in
In this case, you will not have to rummage through the whole cabinet. It will be enough
push one box or cart to pick up or put on
place the right thing.

storage of children's clothes

If you see that there are objectively not enough shelves or space for
vertical storage, organizers will come to the rescue – mounted
shelves. They perfectly solve this problem. I bought myself one
organizer, which is very pleased. It is incredibly convenient. By the way
hinged shelves come in all different sizes and colors, so
it will be easy for you to find the best option for yourself.

органайзеры – навесные полки

If you have only one child, boxes, baskets,
additional shelves you may not need. Of course,
Much depends on the spaciousness of the cabinet. I have two children, so
I still had to invent different tricks.

Even if you can’t afford global rework, don’t
be discouraged. It turns out to change at least something for the better –
already good. Yes, not everyone will have money to buy organizers
and other similar devices, but there is always a way out – you need
just want to. Try to make something with your own hands from
cardboard – for example, shelves. Houses you probably lay a piece
unnecessary tissue or box – all this can be used if
connect the fantasy. Just act on the basis of the henchmen.
materials and their capabilities.

Pay attention to the bar: it is better to install it on such
heights so that the little ones can get the necessary things from her and hang them
back. I placed my a little lower, and put it on top
one So I got a whole two rows of crossbars.

On this the most difficult is over. Moving on.

Step 2. Sort things

Now it’s time to sort the baby clothes. I share
her only for heavy winter, autumn and spring (overalls,
jackets, hats, scarves, mittens) and the rest. I like
Japanese method Marie Kondo: she proposes not to divide things by
seasonality, and keep everything together, not removing anything on the mezzanine.
It seems strange at first, but in practice it’s really convenient.
– for example, some light things that used to be stale,
You start to wear not only in the warm season, but also in the winter. True,
This idea is only applicable for a large dressing room.

Video: ConMari Cleaning

Then you need to sort the remaining things into subcategories:
for example, on T-shirts, home clothes, pants, jackets and more. Do
it’s up to you.

Step 3. Choosing places and ways to store clothes

After sorting, it’s time to go directly to the organization.
storage of things. They can hang on hangers, but if you
Only a small and compact cabinet, it is better to lay out in piles.
Just hanging clothes take up much more space than folded clothes.
but you need to save space.

I’ll tell you how I organized the storage of children’s things. On top
Shelves I clean clothes that are currently almost not
is used – for example, summer shorts in winter or pants
for growth. Convenient to store them in vacuum bags or covers.

хранить вещи в пакетах

On the middle shelves, I folded sweaters, warm blouses, blouses and
T-shirts for the exit, skirts and jeans. Pajamas, home
clothes, T-shirts, panties, socks. Therefore, my children can
change clothes for the night after an evening shower or get home in the morning
одежду, включая Underwear. It helps me to impart skills to them.

Many mothers are interested in how best to fold children’s things.
Storage is horizontal and vertical – the second way
advises Marie Kondo, and he seemed to me more convenient.

хранить вещи вертикально

The basic principle is to form out of things
прямоугольники, высота которых не превышает высоту ящика или shelves.
With this technique of folding, you can find the right thing much

On the rungs, I hang the clothes that we most often
we put on the way out – for example, in kindergarten. These are suits and dresses.
I never put them on the shelves and always hang on hangers.
If you do not have enough space, you can use a special
coat hanger with additional hooks, which hangs up to 5

специальные плечики

Such a device withstands light casual clothing and
perfectly saves space. By the way Мари Кондо рекомендует
sort things on hangers by color, purpose, ease.
For example, on the left can be jackets and sweaters, and on the right –
blouses and blouses. Here you need to be guided by how convenient
just for you.

On the cabinet door, I placed some hooks so that the children could
hang your home clothes on them before bedtime or pajamas
in the morning.

On the other door I have a pocket organizer with
rubber bands and barrettes daughters. It is also convenient to add them

органайзер на дверцу детского шкафчика

Socks and panties are stored in the cells in the box, which I myself
obtyanula beautiful cloth. If possible, for this you can
buy organizer.

What else can you think of to organize your storage? I
I advise you to use the lower part of the cabinet – for example, for the nursery
shoes or boxes with linens.

In general, each centimeter can be found effective and
rational use – this is especially true for small
cabinets. Also a great option – stick on the shelves any
pictures or tags indicating what and where is located. Same
can be done with a chest of drawers.

картинки на комоде что лежит

Step 4. Maintaining cleanliness and order in the children’s closet

Tidy up in the children’s closet, carefully consider how often
you will need to restore order in it and maintain the frequency. I делаю
once a month, everything takes no more than 15 minutes. Check all
dates in the calendar of household chores to not miss anything.

Finally I will give you one more tip: make a list of things
which you would like to buy or do it yourself and then
Plan a budget or time to make homemade products.

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Organization and storage of children’s clothes (Irina Sokovykh)

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