How to choose shoes for smallbaby

Стопа baby формируется до четырехлетнего
age, and throughout this time she has to
experiencing enormous stress. Therefore, shoes for baby need
choose with special care. From choosing the right shoes
зависят такие факторы, как походка baby, формирование его
spine, blood circulation in the legs, etc. Poor quality shoes and
the inconvenience that it will deliver the baby can become
the cause of such a disease as flatfoot. In today’s
article we will look at how to choose shoes for

малыш в обуве

Baby’s first shoes

Many mothers and fathers with affection choose the first booties for
своего baby, полагая, что они лишь являются украшением детских
legs, not a full-fledged shoes. Actually booties should
охватывать щиколотки и голеностопные суставы baby, способствуя
their physiological development.

In addition, the booties are preparing the baby’s fragile legs for the future.
wearing a “real” shoe. Many parents also mistakenly believe
that until the child learns to walk independently, –
he doesn’t need shoes. But the older the baby, the harder it will be
get used to this shoe. Therefore, you need to start with booties, and
they should be worn on a daily basis, until the child does
your first steps.

Requirements for children’s shoes

Обувь для маленького baby должна быть безопасна и удобна. Have
it should be light and flexible sole, not difficult to walk
baby и не мешающая свободе движений. Material from which
quality shoes must be made, should be as breathable as possible,
able to evaporate moisture. Therefore, pediatricians are advised to abandon
synthetics, opting for shoes made of genuine leather.

Детская обувь не должна сидеть на ножке baby впритык, в
Otherwise, the closest shoes baby will be perceived as
something extremely uncomfortable and interfering with his motor activity. From
fingers to the toe of the shoe should be no less than

Памятка по выбору первой обуви

Memo on the choice of the first shoe (Click for

Прекрасно, если обувь будет дополнена анатомическими стельками,
which hinder the development of flatfoot and contribute to
correct formation of the foot.

Children’s shoes should have a solid heel that is secure
fixes the position of the foot. If the backdrop is sewn from pieces of fabric or
leather – it is better to refuse such footwear, the seams located on
внутренней стороне обуви, будут натирать нежную кожу baby.
It is advisable to choose shoes with a rigid back, but he must
be covered with soft cloth, in this case sensitive skin
Also avoid rubbing.

Choosing baby shoes, you need to not forget about fasteners – it is important
чтобы они крепко удерживали обувь на ноге baby. Fromличным
velcro, which is very easy to handle and
baby easily learn how to manage them.

Children’s orthopedic shoes

Experts believe that almost all newborns
are born with physiologically healthy legs, however in
the process of forming the feet, many babies get problems
related to them in the future. For the prevention of possible problems
created special shoes for babies – orthopedic.

Описаны преимущества детской ортопедической обуви

Children’s orthopedic shoes (клик для

Большинство родителей видят ортопедическую обувь как метод
treatment of problematic legs. But actually it was created for
prevention of possible diseases of the feet and their improper
formation. Have ортопедической обуви имеются свои

  • the presence of an anatomical insole or arch support, which
    evenly distribute the load on the muscles of the feet and prevent them
  • the presence of a hard and high back, securely fixing
    baby leg;
  • the presence of a special pad that creates the necessary
    shoe space;
  • the presence of a wide and light non-slip soles protecting
    baby от падений;
  • the presence of a heel that prevents the leg from deflecting backwards
    helps prevent flat feet.

Orthopedic shoes for a baby need to be purchased in
specialized outlets, and not to be mistaken with the choice
better to give preference to popular manufacturers. Quality
orthopedic shoes are hygienic and medical

ЧИТАЕМ ТАКЖЕ: Если ребенок ходит на
socks …

Here is a very huge, very detailed and very useful article about
the right choice of children’s shoes for all occasions

Orthopedic advice

Video from Komarovsky

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