How to choose baby cream for the mostlittle ones

Once the phrase “baby cream” was understood quite
specific tube of universal cream of the same name. This
the cream was out of competition, used in different situations and for
different parts of the body. However, the industry of children’s goods and
cosmetics constantly gives new tools. Now the newborn
baby cream can be more than mom, and each of them will be
childish. All these care products are designed for different purposes.
Let’s see what types of children’s creams exist, for what situations
each one fits.

как выбрать детский крем для новорожденных

What is a baby cream

  1. Moisturizing baby cream. Contrary to
    popular belief that different chemistry in the care of the baby
    should be at a minimum, moisturizer – a necessary thing. Have
    newborn babies skin is very thin and delicate, the work of the glands is not yet
    adjusted. During bathing, a skin-protecting lipid film
    from the effects of the external environment, it is washed off, as a result the skin dries out and
    starts to peel off. Haveвлажняющий крем, нанесенный после купания,
    restores this protective barrier. The composition of this cream includes
    vegetable oils, glycerin and vitamins.
  2. Anti-inflammatory baby cream, or cream from
    . This крем оказывает успокаивающее действие на
    skin baby, relieves irritation, effective even for healing
    wounds. However, the main problem of babies is diaper rash, so this
    The cream is often used under the diaper. Many anti-inflammatory
    creams are appropriately labeled. Haveспокаивающее и заживляющее
    the effect of such a cream is due to its constituent
    extracts of chamomile, series, calendula. In addition, as part of
    there is a panthenol that promotes better skin recovery, and
    antimicrobial zinc oxide.
  3. Protective baby cream. Protect baby’s skin
    accounted for by environmental exposure, be it frost and wind
    or scorching sun. In the hot season, when most of the body
    provided to the sun, sunscreen,
    containing UV filters. For winter, there are special creams, they
    They create protection against frost and wind on the skin in the form of a greasy film.
    Apply the “winter” cream in advance to the cream had completely
    soak, otherwise its action will be reversed: not absorbed cream
    will freeze on the surface of the skin and lead to hypothermia.
  4. Haveниверсальный детский крем. Thanks to its
    rich in composition, this tool can handle almost any
    task: and moisturizes, and nourishes, and protects, and relieves irritation.
    Creams of a narrow spectrum of action, of course, more effective, but if
    the problem is weakly expressed – a universal cream will do. Such
    the tool must also be in the first-aid kit, especially since
    It’s impossible for my mother to predict what problems she will face, and
    universal cream is suitable in any situation.

Choosing the “right” baby cream

Haveчитывая многообразие видов кремов и производителей, важно
learn to choose safe and high quality products for your baby.
Knowing some of the rules for choosing baby cream will help you
Get confused in front of the shelf in the store and choose the best for your

  • Buy baby cream, like any products for children, is worth
    specialized departments or pharmacies, that is, in those places
    who are credible and can vouch for compliance with all
    rules for storage of goods. Baby cream has a shelf life and should
    stored under certain conditions, failure to comply with this rule
    leads to the fact that the effectiveness of some components is reduced,
    and in some cases, such a cream can cause problems with
  • Speaking of storage periods. Longer term
    storage at the cream, the more in its composition of preservatives and different
    �”Chemistry”. Choose baby cream with the shortest term
    shelf life.
  • The composition of baby cream, of course, must be natural.
    The presence of parabens, mineral or
    paraffin oil is unacceptable. All of these substances are products.
    refining and very harmful to the delicate skin of the baby (for
    adults, by the way, too).
  • Studying the composition of the cream, look at the location of the components in
    list. The further the substance is in the list of ingredients, the
    less its mass fraction in the cream. Often on the packaging stated that
    cream contains some expensive and effective component, but in the end
    it turns out that its content in the cream is so insignificant that
    no effect will have.
  • Pay attention to how it looks and smells like baby cream.
    The presence of dyes or harsh fragrances is not very desirable: these
    fairly aggressive chemicals that can cause
    irritation or allergic reaction in crumbs.
  • Do not ignore labeling with age restrictions. That
    suitable for children 2–3 years old, it is far from always appropriate to use
    for a newborn baby.

Baby cream: safety technology

To use baby cream is worth without fanaticism. Quite
it is unlikely to refuse such means, but
do not abuse creams. Not worth the extra just smear your favorite
ass cream if there is no objective need.

Be sure to respect the storage period of an open tube. It is better,
if initially the tube is small: in the long stored open
tubes of bacteria easily breed bacteria.

Be sure to test for an allergic reaction. This
the recommendation is often neglected, but when it comes to a baby –
better to hedge against serious problems.

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