How to choose baby clothes

Modern children’s clothing stores represent
a huge range of things. The task of parents is to choose the most
suitable outfits, shoes, given the many moments and
individual features of the baby. How to make a baby wardrobe
perfect? It is important to ensure that every thing is safe,
comfortable, brought only benefits. It is worth thinking about the development
baby, aesthetics outfits. In this article, you will learn how to
choose baby clothes. We will review the basic principles


Вы хотите воспитать у ребенка хороший вкус
in clothes? Well, to achieve this is not so difficult. Take for example
our approach to the development of children’s speech. Before the moment
the child will utter his first words, we try to talk to him
correct and beautiful language. Similarly in matters of taste: from the very
early age try to pay particular attention to what you
put on the baby. Both color, style, and style, and design, and
combinations of things. The child will be happy to take this game in
dressing and subsequently will regard her as easily solvable

Very important points

First you need to pay attention to the most important
criteria related to the safety, comfort of the baby, as well as
resistant things to wear. Consider the key points
more details.



Children are especially vulnerable. Must purchase goods in good
reputable stores from reputable manufacturers. They
sew clothes from safe, eco-friendly materials, use
special safe dyes. Such clothes do not cause
skin irritation, allergic reactions. If the seller
issued a check with a quality guarantee on the product – this is a good sign.
It means that the clothes are of high quality and fit



The child should feel as comfortable as possible. Special
materials, nets, linings and fillers are able to make clothes
comfortable. An optimal microclimate is created, the skin breathes. Important
pick up clothes so that in any weather the baby could
quietly go for a walk.


Wear resistance

Children’s wear resistant items can be used longer
even pass on to the younger guys. In addition, moms often have to
wash clothes, so they must keep the original
characteristics and after numerous washings. Qualitative clothes
well withstands wear, staying for a long time
attractive. (читаем полезную статью о том, как
правильно ухаживать за детской одеждой


Look into the clothing departments for both boys and
для девочек

Have you noticed that there are many universal things?
Blouses, sweaters, pants with elastic bands with the same success can
wear boys and girls. Also many universal shades,
prints and styles are suitable for all children, regardless of
boy or girl So remember good
обязательно расширяйте сферу поиска, когда
choose clothes for the baby in the store – go to both departments: for
girls and boys.


Larger clothes will work too!

Children grow quickly, so sometimes you can easily acquire
larger outfits. For example, pants tuck, and T-shirts
used as a tunic. Qualitative clothes носится долго, легко
maintains frequent washings. Therefore, outfits bought for growth
will certainly come in handy. Of course, these must be good things
that you and the child liked. Then the baby will be happy
Long wear them, and you will be satisfied.


Denim outfits

In fashion again denim. The guys love these outfits for their
beauty, popularity, and parents appreciate practicality.
Indeed, denim clothing is easier to care for, it is good
withstands washing. In addition, denim pants, jackets and
skirts are very comfortable. It creates an optimal microclimate, movement
do not shackle. In any season, children are happy to wear fashionable
denim outfits. The factories produce very beautiful, flashy models,
decorating the material with sequins and beads, all kinds of applications,
printed drawings and lacing.

How to choose the right color?

For many parents, choosing a shade becomes a problem.
Shops offer bright, multi-color baby clothes. To someone
more like natural scales, and someone likes bright colors. what
same to choose? Let us dwell on the key points.


  • Monochrome outfits will allow you to easily make ensembles.
    Such clothes look more stylish. Similar things are required
    should be in the wardrobe;
  • Colorful multicolored outfits, things with bright prints,
    children like the printed patterns very much.
    It is sometimes necessary to replenish the wardrobe and such clothes so that the child
    could wear favorite things;
  • Neutral shades help to quickly combine outfits.
    Natural muted colors have a calming effect on the nursery.
    nervous system. If the child is hyperactive, it just suits
    clothes calm natural tones. These outfits will be the best.
    choice and for those who are planning to start another baby: things
    universal colors useful to girls and boys.

The conclusion suggests itself: the wardrobe should be diverse. clothing
neutral shades will make it the most practical basis.

By the way! Choosing clothes for the baby,
pay attention to the universal colors that fit and
boys and girls So you can easily combine things with each other.
with a friend, creating stylish outfits. And if you are thinking about
a second child, clothes of neutral shades can
go younger brother or sister!


Transformer Things

Manufacturers began to produce more and more children
things-transformers. They могут «расти» вместе с малышом, менять
style. It is very convenient, allows you to save significantly.
Of course, it is worth considering the proposals and choose a few
transforming outfits for children. Particularly successful are
blouses, overalls and trousers, things with adjustable rubber bands.
(Например, благодаря отворотам детские брючки могут
turn into shorts, and a blouse with a long sleeve – in a light
polo shirt In addition, a lot of children’s items
одежды регулируются в поясе резинкой — это очень удобно!



Pay special attention to dyes. Unscrupulous
manufacturers use low-quality dyes, wanting to save
money. These colors are harmful chemicals that may be
dangerous for the child. Things painted with similar compositions, quickly
fade, lose the clarity of the picture, the original shade. Besides,
chemicals often cause skin irritation, itching, and allergies.


whatбы не купить вещь с плохим красителем, попробуйте
thoroughly smell the clothes. Usually poor-quality Kohler give
unpleasant smell, unusual good fabric. If you something
seemed suspicious, clothes better not
to acquire.


Synthetic or natural materials?

Now you can hear more and more advice: children need to wear
только в наряды из натуральных материалов (лен, хлопок, шелк,
viscose. When buying clothes you need to see the fabric on the tag
). Of course, synthetic fabrics are not so pleasant for
bodies, but this does not mean that they should be completely abandoned.
Try to stick to the golden mean.

You can easily choose things that include and
synthetic materials. It is desirable that the percentage of synthetics was not
very big. For example, literally 3-5% elastane make outfit
noticeably more resistant to wear, more convenient.

In summer it is really better to give preference to light.
natural materials. The most successful choice – children’s things from
cotton They не вызывают раздражения, обеспечивают отличный

Aesthetic development

Choose beautiful kidswear in different styles.
directions! Let your child have a holiday
casual, elegant and sophisticated outfits for different occasions.
For example, you can visit an adult with a boy,
dressed him in an elegant suit, and a girl in a chic dress



The beauty of the dress is of great importance for little fashionistas.
Remember that aesthetic development needs to start early.
age Teach children to dress attractively, with taste. Not
neglect and current trends. For example, if you need something
do not like in modern fashion, teenagers better explain what
it is the bad taste. And be sure to find the best
a replacement that your child likes.



The choice of children’s clothing is very large. Immensely popular
T-shirts with printed patterns, images of numbers and
inscriptions. You can purchase several t-shirts if they
like a child.

Girls more often prefer bright colors, images
colors. Demanded clothing in a cage. In cool weather
Scottish motifs are perfect, and in the summer heat better
wear light outfits of delicate shades.


Outfits for the little ones

Take special care of the comfort and safety of the crumbs. Thoracic
kids are vulnerable. Even a not very thick seam can rub the skin,
cause irritation and itching. The best option is to choose things with
outer seams.

When a child only learns to crawl, walk, it’s better for him
find things with seals in the elbows, knees. Then baby
will be more convenient.

Fitting features

Came to the store with your child? Then use
opportunity to try and evaluate clothes one hundred percent!

  • Sniff things. Sharp, unpleasant smells are a bad sign.
    These are probably substandard clothing;
  • Be sure to consider the wishes of children. Fine when things to them
  • Feel the fabric. It should not be too rough;
  • Check the quality level. The seams should be neat on
    good clothes do not have protruding threads;
  • A child should try things on. Ask him to squat, walk,
    raise and raise to the side of the hand. So you determine how
    he is comfortable in clothes.


Choose wisely

Beautiful print, bright appliqué or cute “ears” on
overalls should not be the main criterion when choosing clothes for
baby Be sure to pay attention to the fabric composition, softness
seams, quality fittings. Remember that the most important thing is
convenience. Your baby should be comfortable and cozy in
new clothes!

Consider all the tips! Enjoy the shopping!


Интернет магазин БАБАДУ — хорошая одежда и обувь
for newborns and children from 2 years

So baby clothes are:

  • Easy to use: loose fit to make it easier
    was to teach a child to dress and undress
    on their own.
    Clasp – an important fact: the simpler
    the more convenient for you and the child;
  • Comfort для ребенка: она не должна стеснять
    movement, to have parts that irritate the skin; back seams should
    be flat. In winter clothes, pay attention to availability
    hood with utyazhka, closed throat, protective gum on the cuffs and
    trouser legs;
  • Легкость ухода: дети любят ползать, лазать,
    run, so the best clothes are the ones you can easily
  • Convenience. Pants and skirts should be chosen with
    belt on an elastic band. Do not wear very tight trousers on your child,
    when he gets used to the pot; he should be comfortable taking pictures
    pants when you want to use the toilet;
  • Quality material. Read carefully
    rules for taking care of clothes to last longer.


Интернет магазин БАБАДУ — хорошая одежда и обувь
for newborns and children from 2 years

You have already learned how to choose your wardrobe, but
child – not yet? Roman Copper correct the situation! We will
learn to pick up kids clothes in the cold season. How to make a baby
mod so that it does not freeze? How to understand if it is not small

How to choose high-quality and inexpensive children’s clothing

What does baby clothes tell us?

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