How to choose a toothpaste and brush baby likebrushing children properly

Update: October 2018

A healthy smile, the absence of bad breath is a business
card of each person and an indispensable element of communication with
around Individual daily oral hygiene, and
regular dental visits also help prevent
caries and other unpleasant diseases of the teeth and gums. Healthy teeth
responsible for the health of internal organs, so cares about them
follows, starting with the first baby tooth in babies.

Why is it important to maintain healthy teeth?

Sick teeth and gums are a chronic source of infection and
bacteria. Carious baby teeth infect the beginnings of children
permanent teeth and create the risk of lifelong oral problems
in adulthood. But only oral problems are not
are limited.

An important stage of digestion, namely the grinding of food and the initial
chemical treatment, occurs in the oral cavity, health
which determines the usefulness of the functions performed. Not enough
chopped food is poorly digested and overloaded
the digestive tract, which further threatens the development
chronic diseases of the digestive tract.

Carious cavities and diseased gums constantly “supply” the body
bacteria that enter the body through the digestive tract
and weaken the immune system. Therefore, it is important to know how to clean
teeth for children and what kind of toothpaste and toothbrush is better

When to start and how to control?

Milk teeth are the complete education necessary for
mechanical grinding of food, i.e. need the same care and
treatment as necessary, as well as permanent teeth. First milk
teeth appear before 1 year, most often at 5-8 months (see
teething in infants). But until this happy moment
Parents should be given oral care.

Before the eruption of incisors, tooth formations form on the baby’s gums.
бляшки, состоящие из слизи, остатков пищи и bacteria. These
Education are considered the main cause of caries, so they should
clean regularly with a special silicone file
with bristles.

  • Cut teeth cleaned 2 times a day using a special
    baby brush and paste
  • Up to 5-6 years, they recommend that parents themselves clean their teeth for children.
  • After 6 years – the child cleans himself, the parents control this
    cleaning process and efficiency.

Even with the negative attitude of the child should teach him to
hygienic skills so that from infancy to mind
concept of the procedure as necessary and important, the same as washing
hands, etc. You can not use violence, but you need to be

Toothbrush selection

  • From 0 to the first tooth. In this period, replace the brush can
    special disposable wipes or a sterile bandage wound on
    finger. More technological device – silicone
    soft silicone bristle tack brush not capable of
    to injure the delicate oral mucosa.
  • First teeth Massage brushes are suitable for cleaning the first teeth.
    with rubber bristles longer than that of a brush-brush, or
    the first brushes with artificial bristles that have the appropriate
    labeling that allows use in children under 1 year.
  • 12-24 months. Special brushes for children from a year to two years
    differ in the small length of the cleaning head and the convenient handle. AT
    this period is the active growth of the dentition, so the brush
    will have to change more than once.
  • From 2 years. The brushes have a slightly larger scrub head and
    thicker and stiff bristles.
  • From 3 and up. A three-year-old baby usually has a whole
    milky row, so the brushes should have longer bristles and
    head to effectively clean the surfaces of the teeth and gums.

ATысокую популярность у детей завоевали электрические зубные
brushes, the cleaning efficiency of which is rated as high. Such
gadget motivates a child to perform hygienic procedures without
reminders. When used correctly, they are completely safe, but
since it is an electric mechanism, the child must understand that
This is not a toy, but a subject of hygiene. They are recommended not to use
earlier than 5-6 years old (see also how to choose toothpaste
adults and how to care for braces and dentures).

Features of the selection and operation of a toothbrush for a child

  • Buying a toothbrush for a child up to 5-6 years, in addition to quality,
    should pay attention to the convenience of the brush to hold her hand
    parent, not child! That mom or dad will be full
    perform cleaning of the dentition, and for the child you can buy
    training option for working out the correct cleansing
  • Color and beautiful shape in the form of animals, of course,
    attractive and important to the child. But first you need to choose
    bristle and brush head: the plastic part should be smooth and
    without the slightest chipping, and the bristles are soft and even, the host
    former form in compression;
  • You need to change the brush at least 1 time in 2 months, even if
    the manufacturer writes another;
  • Store the brush in an open way, completely dried
  • Popular manufacturers of brushes for children – Jordan, Oral-B,
    Splat, Lacalut, Colgate Pigeon. These бренды дорожат своей
    reputation, therefore, produce quality products.

ATыбор зубной пасты

Toothpaste should be selected by age. Almost all
pastes up to 3 years old are safe if swallowed
manufacturer writes on the packaging. But is it really?
Of course, toothpaste consists of chemicals that
don’t exactly benefit the body.

  • Up to 12 months, the expediency of using toothpastes
    is controversial. The child still does not know how to spit, and raid with
    gums and teeth are well cleaned with a moistened toothbrush.
  • After a year, toothpaste helps to clean the mouth more

The choice of pasta should be approached very seriously, and ideally –
purchase a paste after consulting a pediatric dentist.
ATыбрать зубную пасту правильно – это посетить врача вместе с
a child. Prescribe therapeutic and therapeutic dental care.
Paste can only dentist.

Features of the selection of children’s toothpaste:

  • Do not buy large tubes – after depressurization paste
    susceptible to attack by microbes;
  • It is necessary to pay attention to the composition, and not to the external
    packaging design, as well as age limit;
  • Allergic children should buy neutral pastes.
    no artificial colors, preservatives and thickeners;
  • You can switch to adult pasta from the age of 15, when it ended.
    the period of mineralization of enamel;
  • Popular manufacturers of toothpastes for children: Splat, Silca,
    New Pearl, President, ROCS.
Желательный компонент Нежелательный состав пасты

Preventive (caries protection)

AT корне неверным является стремление многих родителей купить
fluoride paste and use it as early as possible, supposedly
protecting teeth from caries. It is believed that a child who is on
being breastfed or getting good nutrition gets
enough fluoride with food, but excess mineral can destroy
teeth or significantly spoil their appearance by laying aside
ugly strips on enamel, as well as cause intoxication of the body
when swallowed. Up to 4 years old, you can use pasta without

Fluorides are missing, either:

  • up to 200 ppm (children from 1 goal to 4 years)
  • up to 500 ppm (from 4 years)
Fluorides more than 200-500 ppm


Abrasives are essential for cleansing the tooth surface.
from flying. Calcium carbonate and sodium bicarbonate have a high
abrasiveness and may damage fragile enamel.

Silica, titanium dioxide Calcium carbonate, sodium bicarbonate


Foaming is absolutely not required for children’s pastes, rather
on the contrary – the less the paste foams, the less its risk
ingestion. Sodium lauryl sulfate is a component possessing
toxic, capable of causing allergic reactions and drying
mucous membrane

 Silicon oxides  Sodium Lauryl Sulfate


The thickener is necessary to give the paste the desired consistency.
The paste mixes with saliva and becomes liquid, therefore
original state should be thick.

 Resins of plants, algae and trees  Acrylic Acid Derivatives


The specified substances with antimicrobic action contain
only in medical toothpastes that are prescribed by a doctor. AT
prophylactic agents they should not be.

Chamomile, sage Metronidazole, triclosan, chlorhexidine

ATкусовой и ароматический

These components are designed to improve organoleptic
properties of the paste, so as not to cause disgust in the child to taste
funds, but children under 6 years old do not really like minty, sharp
taste, preferably fruit flavors. However, their content
should be moderate so that the toothpaste does not turn into
�”Food”. Best when the remedy is neutral
taste and light pleasant aroma.

Menthol, Eucalyptus, Mint Fruit Supplements


Preservatives determine the shelf life of the product: the more it is
the more chemistry in the paste. The specified preservatives in the 2 column are

Sorbic acid, salicylic acid (only for children
over 3 years old)
Sodium benzoate, propylene glycol, propyl paraben

Cleaning technique – how to brush your teeth properly

  • Duration of the procedure: 2-3 minutes. Some brushes have
    sound and light indicator of time, but they are suitable for children
    over 6 years old;
  • The amount of paste on 1 cleaning: up to 3 years – with a pea, after 3
    years – with a grain of beans;
  • The inner, outer and chewing surfaces should be cleaned.
  • The outer and inner tooth surfaces are cleaned by sweeping
    movements of the toothbrush, starting from the gums (this is important) and to the edge
    tooth. On the upper jaw produce top-down movements, and
    lower, respectively, from bottom to top;
  • Chewing surface cleaned horizontal
  • The gums are massaged and simultaneously cleaned by rotational
  • The tongue is gently cleaned with a soft sweeping motion using
    special brush for tongue or sterile bandage wound on
    finger. You can not push hard on the tongue so as not to provoke
    vomiting (see how and why clean the tongue of children).

What to do if the child refuses / does not like to clean

ATо-первых, подавать личный пример. Children are famous imitators,
Seeing how parents brush their teeth, they will want to repeat the same thing. Theseм
should definitely take advantage!

You can use brushes with sound and light indication,
set the timer for the kid, watch themed cartoons. Highly
It is important that the procedure does not cause a negative, otherwise the child will
brush your teeth, if only parents are behind, and not for the purpose of thorough

Children who have already visited the dentist and treated their teeth, exactly
Oral hygiene will be taken seriously. But until
it is better not to bring this up – teach your children to the fact that
dental health should be protected!

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