How to choose a stroller for twins

Buying a stroller is no easy task. Especially difficult
выбрать коляску родителям двойни: «какая коляска для двойни
Is it better to be a train or in a row? Buy two strollers: winter
boxes and summer or transformer? … “

коляски для двойни

Types of wheelchairs

1. Side by side

коляски для двойни бок о бок

бок о бок


Есть модели с одним сиденьем, которое оснащено перегородкой
или ремнями безопасности, или с двумя раздельными креслами.
This stroller is very convenient for children and mothers – kids do not overlap
review each other, you can freely approach them. However, there are
disadvantages: the design is unlikely to be free to enter the elevators, and
it is also not very manoeuvrable.

  • With external bulkiness, the design of such wheelchairs is the most
    simple, so they are less expensive.
  • There are many side-by-side strollers on the market, so there is something to choose from.
    style, color and beauty.
  • From the negative – bulky dimensions. Opt for
    такой моделе можно лишь в том случае, когда у вас есть
    permanent assistant or storage space for strollers on the bottom

2. One after another (train)

коляска для двойни друг за другом


лицом друг к другу

AT таких колясках дети находятся друг за другом. AT
depending on the model, the babies are placed on your back or face;
there are models in which children are facing each other; backrest
recline fully or partially; the seats are located on one
or different levels.

  • The stroller is quite narrow – it fits in the elevator, with it just
    enter the store, manage such a stroller is not
  • Of the shortcomings – heavy, takes a lot of space in the apartment.
    A review of one of the children is limited.

3. Transformer

коляски для двойни трансформеры

«Трансформер» Коляска со сменяющимися коробами
и сидениями. AT таких колясках детей можно посадить
рядом, можно лицом к лицу, можно сделать одно сидение/люльку
выше другую ниже.  Also, kids can be placed
on / against the course of the movement. Есть возможность для одного
child set “sedentary” mode, and for the other – “sleeping”.
A minus of such carriages – the big weight.

  • You can put only one cradle or seat, if necessary
    to go somewhere with only one child;
  • ATы покупаете только одну коляску, которая устраивает вас и
    when the children have grown up or the warm season has come. Not
    urgent need to look for a stroller.

General recommendations for selection

  • А нужна ли коляска: двойная коляска нужна не
    all Some moms get by with a regular stroller and baby sling or
    kengurushkoy. This option is good for active moms who are not going to
    limit yourself to travel due to the future of having many children
    status. ATозможно, такие мамы не отказались бы иметь
    high-tech stroller with a non-standard location, but
    the high cost of the latter is not always justified.
  • Критерий цены: будьте реалистами –
    decide how much you are willing to spend on the stroller and
    try not to deviate from the plan. Reasonable budget is a sign
    rationality, not savings on children. Parents are twins
    The rule is very useful in the next 18 years.
  • ATес и габариты: визуализируйте свои будущие
    walks in the smallest details. Children are dressed and ready to go on
    улицу — что дальше? Where is the stroller? How to get into it
    the passengers? Who helps you? Are you ready to push the stroller
    edge through two doorways and down the stairs if it is not
    breaks into the elevator? If in the attic of your house there is a separate
    a room with a double door and a ramp for the stroller, then take your time
    rejoice – think about how you will put the stroller in
    car for transportation. Do not be lazy – take a tape measure and
    Remeasure all potentially problematic areas falling into
    the trajectory of the future movement of the stroller – come to the store
  • Сезон: зимние дети много спят на улице и мамы
    часами толкают коляски по сугробам — в такой коляске
    large wheels are required. For summer kids fit
    stroller and less bulky wheels.
  • Аксессуары: дождевики, сумки, антимоскитные
    grids – all this can be bought separately, but the price is separate
    purchased accessories in the end will be higher. If you think that
    these little things you do not need, that is, strollers in the basic configuration,
    where you will not overpay for extra devices.

критериев, по которым нужно оценивать детскую коляску


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