How to choose a stroller for a newborn? For whatneed to pay attention when choosing a pram

The question of choosing a stroller for a newborn child before
future parents get up long before the baby is born. AND
it is right. After all, upon arrival from the maternity hospital, the parents will not be left
at this time. To quickly decide on such a difficult issue
can only be determined in advance with the desired functions of the future
strollers Below we describe the main types of baby strollers,
We will list the pros and cons of each species and give general recommendations.
what you need to pay attention to before buying.

The content of the article

  • 1 Main criteria when choosing a stroller
    • 1.1 Differences quality baby carriage
  • 2 Main types of wheelchairs
    • 2.1 Classic strollers – cradles
    • 2.2 Strollers
    • 2.3 Strollers – canes
    • 2.4 Carriages – transformers
    • 2.5 Universal (modular) baby strollers


The main criteria when choosing a stroller

Before proceeding to the choice of pram, it should be for
yourself answer a series of questions:

  1. коляски для новорожденных

    The amount of money you plan to pay for the stroller.
  2. The time of year in which the baby will be born. For babies,
    born in the winter, the stroller should be insulated as much as possible, the bed
    spacious (for a child in a voluminous warm down jacket), the bottom
    made of wood only. For spring and summer
    need a vented cradle. Acceptable bottom made of
  3. Do you live outside the city or in the city? Keep in mind
    the possibility of transporting the stroller in the car.
  4. The period for which you purchase a stroller. There are models
    intended only for newborns and designed for
    use up to 2 – 3 years.
  5. Operating conditions stroller (sandy or gravel beach,
    forest paths, park paths or city sidewalks).
  6. When living in a high-rise building, it is important to know the interior.
    dimensions of the elevator and the width of the doorway of the entrance door. If the elevator
    works intermittently, pay special attention to the weight of the stroller, because
    you will have to wear it yourself.
  7. The storage location of the stroller (apartment, balcony, staircase, corridor). Her
    should be convenient to get before a walk, and after – put
  8. The fate of the stroller after the child grows up (put on
    sale, donate to relatives or friends, leave for
    next child).

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which should be evaluated baby carriage

Video: general recommendations:

Differences of high-quality baby carriage

  • The presence of a hard bottom. This will allow the spine of the child
    be in the right position;
  • Belts to prevent the fall of the child;
  • Protection against bad weather (wind, snow and rain), bright
    suns, insects;
  • Compact in assembled position and lightweight mechanism
    folding. This is very important when storing the stroller in a small-sized
    the apartment and its transportation in the car;
  • Volumetric basket at the bottom for storage. It is indispensable for
    going with the baby to the store and for transporting children’s walks
  • Brakes;
  • Shock absorbers;
  • Wheels should be steady, inflatable, with high
  • Adjustable height and angle of the handle, the position of the wheels,
    seats and canopy. Existence of the cross over handle allowing the child
    drive forward, looking at the pavement, and looking at
  • Removable cradle. It is easy and convenient to move the baby during
  • Easily removable mattress and removable fabric (for dry cleaning and
  • Внешний вид strollers Mom must like her

Main types of wheelchairs

Classic Strollers – Cradles

Классическая коляска люлька

Классическая коляска люлька

Удобная объемная люлька, установленная на крестовом шасси. Such
Strollers are equipped with a bag (on the handle) and a basket (below). Bed
It has a solid, horizontal bottom. Convenient and comfortable
the baby will feel in a sleeping carriage from the moment of discharge
from the maternity hospital and up to 5-7 months. After that you can use either
model with a removable cradle, in which place the sit-down is installed
seat, or to get a stroller.


  • hard bottom;
  • height (mom is comfortable to bend over to the baby);
  • excellent weather protection;
  • the soft suspension allowing to rock the kid without effort;
  • when transporting the lower basket is removed, and the chassis
    is shaping up.


  • weight 15 – 20 kg;
  • large dimensions;
  • in the walking version, the stroller is quite high, and many
    kids love to climb on their own.


Designed for older children who are starting
sit alone. Choosing such a model is worth paying.
attention to weight and dimensions. Although it is desirable that they be
minimal, but they must match the age of the baby.

For walking on rough roads, stop looking at models with
soft suspension and smooth ride. Front wheels required
must be pivoted (vertically) and the stroller must have


  • compactness;
  • easy folding;
  • presence of the falling back;
  • flip handle is also welcome for the cold season
    cover on legs (included).


  • low comfort on a bad road;
  • small diameter wheels, as a result, bad
  • they are very “cold”;
  • three-wheeled models, though maneuverable, but when hit in
    potholes are unstable;
  • tricycles will not pass on the ramp at the entrance and store.

Photo strollers (clickable)

Strollers – canes

One of the varieties of strollers are strollers –
canes. Although assembled, their width reaches only 20 – 30 cm,
the length may not allow to fit in the trunk of your car (especially
if it is small), then stop on this parameter
at the time of buying.

Коляска трость

Коляска трость

Помимо плюсов и минусов большинства прогулочных моделей,
�”Cane” has its own characteristics.


  • easy transportation (ideal for transportation in public
  • low weight


  • unacceptable for use in cold weather (autumn-winter

Strollers – Transformers

Коляска трансформер

Коляска трансформер

Это самый популярный вариант детских колясок. Carrycot easy
transformed into a sitting seat and vice versa. Suitable for children with
the very birth and up to 24 – 36 months. In the data set of models
usually includes: big wheels, shock absorbers, bag, rain coat,
envelope – carrying, reversible handle, canopy for the legs and side,
imitating the cradle.


  • profitability (the question with a stroller for the child is eliminated);
  • size and weight are much smaller than classic ones
  • compact folded;
  • maneuverability;
  • models with large pneumatic wheels can be called
  • reversible handle and seat belts.


  • lack of a hard base;
  • in winter, the cradle may be cramped;
  • the center of gravity shifts when moving the handle, making it difficult
  • much more bulky than walking options.

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1: wheelchair features and selection rules

Universal (modular) baby strollers

Универсальная модульная коляска 3 в 1

Коляска 3 в 1

В представленном варианте на единое шасси устанавливаются разные
modules. In models like “2 in 1” there is a sedentary block and a cradle.
Options “3 in 1” are also equipped with a car seat (it is calculated
for only born children and up to 1 year). We read
 Как отличить коляску трансформер от


  • lack the negative qualities of “transformers”;
  • have large wide wheels, reversible handle;
  • the cradle has a rigid base;
  • transfer of the cradle is possible.


  • high price;
  • dimensions and weight (expensive models weigh from 10 kg, inexpensive – not
    less than 17 kg);
  • immobile for transportation and storage require a lot

Before buying a stroller, it is desirable to see it with your own eyes,
touch and measure, test its practicality and
functionality. AND помните, детская коляска должна быть удобна не
only for a small child, but also for his parents.


Read reviews, find out prices, choose and buy
the stroller (and accessories) can in online stores:

  • Акушерство — детские коляски

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  • Выбираем кенгуру (переноска).
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