How to choose a pot for a child

Thinking about potty training most moms start
early enough. Often the pot appears in the house when the baby
barely six months old, and he masters the sitting position.
In fact, the age when the baby can comprehend all the wisdom
hike on the pot – 1.5 – 3 years. It is at this age that the nervous
the system matures so that the child becomes able
control excretory processes and understands what to do your
�“Toilet” affairs in trousers uncomfortable. Considerable role in schooling
plays the pot itself. The baby on it should be comfortable, comfortable and
safe, nothing should distract the baby from the main
tasks. Considering this, parents need to know how to properly and which
лучше всего выбрать горшок для малыша, чтобы он помогал, а не
braked the schooling.

How to choose a pot for a child

Types of pots

Depending on the form, the presence or absence of different
additional functions, pots are of different types.

  1. Classic pot. This is the most ordinary
    a round pot, similar to the ones that were in the Soviet
  2. Anatomical pot. This pot is shaped
    saddles, back and protrusion in front. The child is sitting on the pot
    this type with divorced legs.
  3. Pot with a “skirt.” This pot has a front
    There is a comfortable step. Convenience is that sitting down or
    getting up, the baby can not overturn the pot, because his legs
    stand on the “skirt” and fix the position of the pot.
  4. Pot-stool. This pot resembles
    a real highchair with legs and legs. However instead
    the seats in this high chair are an intake that can be easily pulled out
    to pour out the contents.
  5. A toy pot. Pot in the shape of an animal,
    cars or any other toy.
  6. Musical pot. This pot is equipped
    special sensors that respond to liquid ingress:
    baby pissing – melody is on.
  7. Folding pot. This is a hiking option for
    trips and guests. The pot has a hard plastic seat and a soft
    folding insert, which is thrown out after filling.

Photos of pots:

Классический горшок
Анатомический горшок
Горшок с юбочкой
Музыкальный горшок
Складной (походный) горшок

Почти все современные горшки делаются из пластика, однако при
You can also find an enamel pot. Some pots have

Горшки для мальчика и девочки

Physiological characteristics of boys and girls impose
some requirements for the shape of the pot, although they are not at all

  • It is believed that girls are better suited for round pot,
    since you can sit on it with legs flattened.
  • A pot for a boy should ideally have a ledge in front. Kid
    sits on such a pot as in a saddle, and the ledge protects the environment
    spray space.

Choosing a pot correctly

A variety of pots on store shelves leads to
confusion of all parents. Tips and tricks for choosing
This important accessory will help you understand which models deserve
attention, and which are good only in the window.

  1. When choosing a pot, you need to keep in mind its main purpose.
    and not be distracted by additional features. So, the musical pot
    or experts call a pot in the form of a toy rather harmful.
    Music, luminous elements, muzzles make the child
    associate a pot with a toy and “lead” away from understanding why
    This item is needed. In addition, playing on the pot makes the baby
    sit there longer than necessary, and it is dangerous and not useful for muscles
  2. The presence of a cover, of course, is a plus, but you can only evaluate it.
    in the event that you do not immediately empty and wash the pot. If a
    there are no such plans – you can close the presence or absence of a cover
  3. The opening of the pot should be wide enough so that the sides
    not dug into the legs and ass.
  4. It is very important that the pot is stable. In this sense, good
    models with steps or, alternatively, with rubber prophylaxis
  5. Plastic pots are definitely more practical and more convenient than
    enameled. Plastic can also be disinfected, while
    the pot is much lighter. Kidам эмалированные горшки не по душе из-за
    cold seat, with a plastic pot there is no such problem.
  6. The plastic itself of which the pot is made must be
    quality, firm and smooth. Burrs or cracks are not allowed.
    such a pot is already unsafe for the baby.
  7. It is good if the pot has a comfortable handle. Almost all kids love
    pour the contents of the pot into the toilet, so the handle must be
    convenient mainly for the child, so that he does not overturn
    pot on itself in an attempt to raise it.
  8. If a горшок состоит из нескольких деталей или имеет сложную
    form, pay attention to the fact that it is easily understood, and all
    parts of it were available for washing. Otherwise inaccessible
    plots will become a breeding ground for microbes.

An alternative to the pot is a soft toilet seat for children.
It happens that the baby persistently ignores the pot, and on the toilet
starts walking without problems. In this case, the parents should
to attend to the search for a parrot, so that the baby can sit on the toilet

Sometimes parents, in order to quickly get the child to the pot,
strive to put pots in each room. Actually problems with
schooling is not related to the availability of the pot, it is rather a question
skills to control urination and defecation. Pots in each
room on the contrary mislead the child. It would be better if
the pot will stand in the nursery or in the toilet. Kid должен понимать,
that for “these things” if there is one special place.

We already wrote an article about how to start to teach a child
ходить на горшок —  ознакомьтесь.

Как выбрать горшок

Even if you follow all the voiced recommendations, you
choose a pot for a particular child, which means that his opinion also
means something. It is better to take the baby with you and invite him to sit
on different models of pots. In the process of such testing, you immediately
You will see all the flaws and advantages and be able to make the right
choice according to your own needs and desires

If a ваш ребенок боится ходить на горшок, ознакомьтесь с нашей
article –

Here is useful information about special shorts for schooling.
to the pot.

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reviews and can order in any children’s online store –
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Video on the topic of selection of pots

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