How to choose a pillow for pregnant women

Women who are waiting for the baby should take care of
quality dream. Due to the growing belly choose a comfortable position
it is not easy. На помощь придут специальные подушки для
pregnant women whose existence you didn’t even suspect
how a new life was born within you. We will tell you about how
выбрать такую подушку, подходящую именно вам.

The content of the article

  • 1 Why you need a special pillow for pregnant women
    • 1.1 Pillow Shapes
      • 1.1.1 U-shaped
      • 1.1.2 “Bagel”
      • 1.1.3 G-shaped
      • 1.1.4 C-shaped
      • 1.1.5 L-shaped
      • 1.1.6 I-shaped
    • 1.2 Fillers
    • 1.3 Types of fabrics
    • 1.4 Price of issue
  • 2 How to use
    • 2.1 Feedback from the forums
  • 3 Gynecologists recommend pillows for pregnant women.

подушки для беременных

Why do you need a special pillow for pregnant women

The pillow for pregnant women is not just a woman’s whim.
Experts are convinced that during pregnancy you need to use
specially designed for future mothers pillow. Here are its main

  • allows a pregnant woman to find a comfortable sleeping position,
    day rest, reading, watching TV, eating;
  • reduces the load on the body of the future mother, which is especially
    Actually from the 2nd trimester, when the stomach is noticeably rounded.
    The pillow can be used as a backrest for the loins, rounded
    lateral or tired legs;
  • You will be able to put such a pillow under the belly and will not feel
    discomfort, as is the case with familiar models;
  • its use will reduce the load on the spine, so
    how it is distributed evenly;
  • even after the baby is born, it is you
    useful: you can rely on it when feeding or make
    from the pillow a kind of playpen for a child so that he would not fall from
    the beds.

После рождения ребенка с помощью подушки

  • Free your hands to ease the load on your spinal muscles while
    feeding This is especially true if the baby eats slowly.
  • Create a cozy “nest” for games and even baby sleep.
  • Make the feeding process as convenient as possible.
  • Reduce the load on the hands.
  • Help your child learn to sit, etc.

Maternity pillows differ in fabric (cover that
covers pillow can be easily removed and freely washable in the washing
machine), form, filler (which allows the pillow perfectly
repeat the contours of your body), as well as quality and price. To make
the right choice is not so easy. However taking note
our advice, you will not lose.

Pillow shapes

There are many forms, each of which has its own
features Briefly describe the main forms of pillows that
helps you make the right choice.

There are many offers on the market at various prices. Inexpensively
pillows for pregnant women can be bought in the online store
Pillow mama.rf. Here is the product under the brand “Health
and comfort “from the manufacturer. We recommend to purchase only
certified product to be safe for the health of the mother and
future child.




This pillow resembles in its shape a horseshoe, so sometimes its
called and so. It is considered one of the most popular options.
for pregnant. Will this pillow bring you happiness and sound sleep?
Let’s understand its advantages and disadvantages.

Pros U-shaped pillows:

  • supports the stomach and back evenly;
  • great for those who like to be wrapped in a blanket at night,
    as if in a cocoon;
  • don’t have to shift it when you roll over,
    because it covers from two sides.

And now about the minuses. Its disadvantages are as follows:

  • need a spacious bed, as the size of the pillow is pretty
  • sleep in your arms with your loved ones is unlikely to succeed.

Specify the dimensions that this pillow is presented in two
options. If your height is more than 160 cm, model 340×35 will suit you.
Miniature girls choose the size of the pillow 280h35.



A pillow of this shape will allow you to get comfortable not only for
night sleep, but also to watch a movie or read a book. Size of her
usually is 340×35. Its advantages are as follows:

  • pillow completely covers your body;
  • on it you can place your head, back or stomach on
  • It is suitable for a small bed, unlike
    �”Horseshoe” ;.

Although the “bagel” has its drawbacks, a significant minus
only one:

  • back when turning a woman to the other side is without
    support, and the future mother’s belly rests against the back of the pillow, which
    leads to the need to turn this accessory.



This species has recently appeared on sale, but has already managed to purchase
Popularity with the fair sex. The size of such
pillows is 350h35. That is why you should choose it:

  • pillow will help you relax, remove muscular
  • you can sleep as you wish: put it under your head, clasp it
    legs, lean back, tuck under the belly;
  • Perfect for a daytime rest.

But this type of pillow has a drawback:

  • �“Sprout”, that is, the tail of the letter G, can interfere with you during


подушка банан

The banana pillow, as it is also called, is also specially designed.
for pregnant. In addition, it is made with given the growth of the future
moms. If it is more than 160 cm, the size will fit 190×30, and
miniature women should choose option 170h30. Main

  • it does not require much space;
  • support the back and stomach;
  • provide a good sleep on the side, which is especially important on
    late terms;
  • will allow you to relax during the day reclining or half-sitting;
  • small pillow sizes make it comfortable for

Expectant mothers are rarely unhappy with her purchase.
There are no significant drawbacks.



This cushion is shaped like a long roller, length
which – 230 cm. Its upper part is rounded especially for
heads. Advantages of this form:

  • does not require a lot of space;
  • in any situation it will be convenient.

The downside is that when turning from side to side you need
will shift the pillow.




Special cushion-roller for women in a position very
is popular. Usually it is of the following two sizes – 170×30 and
190×30 It is chosen because of the following advantages:

  • it is compact;
  • thanks to her, your body will be well rested;
  • allows you to unload the neck joints and spine;
  • helps muscles relax;
  • inexpensive.

This pillow does not take up much space and helps you relax.
Its major flaws are not noticed.


Opinions on which filler is better disagree.
The choice usually happens among two options: expanded polystyrene and

Пенополистирол — очень интересный наполнитель,
representing small balls. He is absolutely safe for him
ticks, mold and various microorganisms do not threaten. Filled
styrofoam pillow will take the contours of your body, which will allow
get comfortable. In addition, it does not spring.

Expanded polystyrene pillows:

  • very light;
  • hypoallergenic;
  • environmentally friendly;
  • water repellent;
  • do not absorb odors;
  • not attractive to mites, molds and other
  • are durable.

Styrofoam pillows can be easily washed and dried.
The main disadvantage of these products is their high cost,
although it is justified by the quality.

Наполнитель пенополистирол

Наполнитель пенополистирол

Холлофайбер — пустотелые волокна небольшого
size, connected at high temperatures. The advantages of such
pillows are easy to care for her, in the long term
service, as well as the possibility of washing her at home.

  • hypoallergenic;
  • eco-friendly;
  • water repellent;
  • does not absorb odors;
  • not attractive for “parasite infestation and
  • durable;
  • keeps its shape, making each pillow nice
Наполнитель холлофайбер

Наполнитель холлофайбер

Виды тканей

A prerequisite for quality pillows – their

The first layer of fabric, enveloping holofiber or
polystyrene, should be quite dense. It fits
internal filler and prevents it from penetrating freely
fabric fibers. Most often for the manufacture of cover
используется сатин или бязь.

The second layer is a removable pillowcase. It is durable, pleasant to the touch
and in most cases natural fabric that you can
choose at your own discretion.

If you plan to use a pillow and during feeding
baby, pay attention to how easily removed and erased
pillow case because the baby can accidentally stain it with its own
feces or excess milk.

The following pillows are used in pillow cases for pregnant women.
fabric options:

  • Coton;
  • Linen;
  • Knitwear;
  • Velours.

Feature of velor is that it allows you to organically
fit into the home interior. Flax is especially good to use.
summer. And cotton and knitwear can be called universal

You can pick up a bright, saturated or discreet,
pastel color pillowcase according to your mood.

Issue price

Price depends on the manufacturer and shape of the pillow. For example,
«рогалик» и U-shaped модель обойдутся вам примерно в 3 тысячи
rubles. G-shaped pillows are at an average price.
categories, that is, are somewhat cheaper. And the lowest prices
different “I” – and “G” -shaped models.

As for manufacturers, pillows at an affordable price.
offered by the company “Biopodushka”, “Theraline”, “BioSon” and “Fest”.
Somewhat more expensive are the products “Red Castle”, “Farla” and

Choose and buy pillows for pregnant women and feeding
child can in the online store
БANDОподушка —

How to use

You may have a logical question about how
use such a pillow. At first it may not seem to you.
very comfortable, but after a few nights completely pass
unusual sensations. We recommend using the following
tips on how to sleep on a new pillow.

  • Вы можете развернуть ее так, как вам удобно,
    adjust it for yourself. Choose a variant of its location,
    arranging for you. During sleep, putting a pillow under
    stomach, side, or on the side – between the legs.
  • Before bed, try your purchase. Roll up
    подушку, скручивайте
    ее в разные стороны, и вы увидите,
    how elastic and resilient it is.
  • Расскажите гинекологу, наблюдающему вас, о
    its acquisition. He will give you advice on how to take the most
    convenient use just for your time. In addition, he will tell
    you, which pillow will be optimal in your case.
  • Use your purchase and after delivery, in particular
    для кормления новорожденного. For this purpose
    wrap such a pillow around you, putting one edge under your back, and
    the other is resting on top of your lap. This will relieve your spine,
    will give him support. In addition, your hands will be released, which will allow
    put the child on a soft feather bed and change when breast feeding.
  • Even if the baby has already grown, a pillow is useful to you. She can
    use by putting on the edge of your couch and it will serve
    отличным барьером для ребенка. This will allow
    stay away for a few minutes on business without worrying that baby
    will fall. или используйте подушку когда малыш спит, играет,
    learning to crawl or sit.

как еще использовать подушку для беременных

ЧANDТАЕМ ТАКЖЕ: Как правильно спать
a pregnant woman? Is it possible to sleep on the stomach, back and on which side
it is better

Using the pillow correctly, you will sleep soundly.
at night and feel great in the daytime. Remember that from this
depends not only your health, but also the development of the baby. After that,
as he is born, it is useful to him. And you this pillow will be
remind of pregnancy. The comfort provided at this time can
to awaken in you the desire to give birth to another baby. And then the purchase
again useful future mother.

ЧANDТАЕМ ТАКЖЕ: Бессонница при беременности
– the main reasons and how to deal with it

Reviews from the forums

Катя: Я сначала купила в форме бумеранга. AND
everything would be great, but from side to side with this pandora to turn
at night uncomfortable. After bought U, very, very happy, I sleep
as in the cradle, the loins ceased to hurt. It is only necessary to take into account the size
beds, places such a pillow takes a lot)

Ева: Берите U, реально лучшая,
correctly written here, you sleep in the cradle, and these arcs and g-shaped
tortured to roll over the bed. У меня L-shaped в гостиной, на
couch telly watching, and sleep – only U, it is more expensive, but that
worth it. By the way, I bought at the factory, they were advised to take it NOT with
balls and gave to lie down on the sofa))) – try.

Машка: Ой и у меня тепреь тоже есть
This is a miracle pillow !!!! I sleep like a normal person again! I have her already
I love) Just a mega-thing, I don’t know how I lived without her? AND под
tummy and under the back – so comfortable. And most importantly you fall asleep very quickly!
I chose her for so long, in the end I bought the company “I love to sleep,” they
there is the most fun), these huge pillows are also in the toy
are turning

Котёнка: я безумно довольна подушкой.
In the daytime I lie on her on the couch, at night I sometimes sleep on her, thrusting
one end between the legs, the other under the head.

Lorelay: Мне муж наконец купил подушку
for pregnant. Just a super thing !!! Very comfortable and relaxing, and
Here are just our bead, as soon as I under her belly
I enclose it until it otpinaet, and not weakly so, not
calm down. AND еще папа наш повадился на ней отдыхать. Probably need
require another pillow

Choose and buy pillows for pregnant women and feeding
child can in the online store
БANDОподушка —

Gynecologists recommend pillows for pregnant women

Video about how you can quickly and easily
sew a pillow for pregnant and lactating mothers in the shape of a horseshoe.
Step-by-step instruction:

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