How to choose a pacifier for a newbornbaby?

Nipple (Dummy) – a subject that imitates a nipple designed for
meet the sucking reflex in newborns. Kids,
breastfed, as a rule, do not particularly need
this subject, because frequent full breastfeeding
satisfy their need for sucking. But if the newborn
be mixed or formula fed if baby
sleepily falls asleep without sucking, then such a child is necessary
dummy nipple. And the nipple will help those children who are concerned
gaziki in the tummy, because sucking contributes to their discharge.

соски для новорожденных

To choose the right baby pacifier, you need to determine what
the size and shape of the dummy he needs.

We select the shape of the nipples: classical, anatomical,

Nipples are classical (round) and anatomical.
Round shape nipples – the most common and familiar form to all. it
narrow at the limiter and gradually expanding towards the end, with a rounded
papilla dummy. Such a pacifier can be given to a child by any side.
But with the very frequent and long use of such a nipple,
to form a wrong bite.

Anatomically shaped nipples correspond to the structure of the baby’s gums.
it прилегающая к языку соска, сплюснутая с одной стороны, имеющая
ellipsoid shape. This form of pacifier allows evenly
distribute pressure to the sky of the newborn. Anatomical nipple
interfere with the ingestion of air and help the proper development

Photos of ordinary and anatomical nipples (Clickable):

соска классическая
Обычная форма соски
соска анатомическая
Анатомическая форма

Есть еще ортодонтические соски пустышки.

соска orthodontic

Ортодонтические пустышки

Наибольшую популярность сейчас приобретает пустышка
orthodontic form. it соска со скошенным сосочком, немного
flattened on one side and convex on the other. Thanks to its
drop-shaped form, it is more conveniently located in the mouth. Kid
captures her just like mother’s breasts. In its form
Orthodontic nipples are divided into 3 types:

  • “Cherry” is a special form of dummy designed for
    detok- “heroes” with a big sky.
  • “Сердечко” — соска, используемая для формирования bite.
  • “Butterfly” is a pacifier for sucking lying on your stomach.

Another type of flat on both sides of the nipple is called
symmetric. Such a nipple is convenient because, like a round one, it can
put any party in the child’s mouth.

With all the wealth of choice, it is difficult to guess which shape
will choose a child. It is believed that he chooses the form
takes mother’s nipple in his mouth.

Photos of various nipples:

Video: how to choose the right baby’s dummy

Choose the size of the dummy

There is a generally accepted nipple size classification. She is
consists of 3 categories: size A (from 0 to 6 months), size B (from
6 to 18 months), size C (from 18 months).

Some companies produce soothers for the smallest
following division:

  1. For newborns weighing less than 1750 g;
  2. For babies from 0 to 3 months;
  3. For children from 3 to 6 months;
  4. For tots from 6 months.

It is necessary that the size of the nipple is always increased along with
child growth. Of course the division of the nipple is very conditional.
The right choice of size should depend on the individual
physical characteristics of the newborn. If the crumb is less than its
peers, you should not give him a big dummy, otherwise he
will gag. And if the peanut grows faster than his peers, then
the pacifier must choose the appropriate, because small later
may cause a bite problem.

We decide on material: rubber, from latex or

When choosing a nipple, the material from which
it was made. Соски могут быть из резины, латекса и siliconeа.

Резиновая соска — это соска, постепенно
going back in time. From the rubber in the baby on the cheeks and lips can
appear diathesis. And this nipple is very short-lived. But,
when teeth begin to be cut, then it is best suited
rubber dummy.

Современные же соски делают из латекса или siliconeа.

Латексная соска изготавливается из натурального
rubber, because it is soft and supple. More fit
for newborns in the first months of life and recommended weak
and premature babies. The color of the dummy may be transparent or
light brown.

The disadvantages of this nipple include:

  • Not able to tolerate high temperatures, such as
  • Under the influence of sunshine darkens;
  • With prolonged use, it sticks together and increases in
  • Latex contains protein molecules that can sometimes cause

The latex teat should be changed every 4 weeks.

Силиконовая соска считается безопасней
latex, because more resistant to disinfection (boiling). This
the nipple is made of synthetic material, elastic and
elastic. Such a nipple lacks smell and color. She is не вызывает
allergies. But, эта соска жестче латексной и может стать
cause deformation of milk teeth. Therefore, such a pacifier
It is recommended to use before the appearance of teeth. Silicone nipples
need to be changed every 6 weeks.

In not depending on the material, the nipple should be made from
whole piece. Then the newborn in the process of sucking will not be able to
break and not choke.

A little about the base of the dummy

Any dummy nipple consists of a flap (base), nipples and
rings. This design is safe, because represents of
yourself a whole thing that can not be disassembled. Before the purchase
Nipples need to make sure that the flap fits baby by
size. It must be wide to avoid accidental

Ring-shaped restraints in most cases apply pressure to the nose.
baby Therefore, it is important that the shield has a recess (cut-outs) for
child spout.

The presence of ventilation holes in the base of the pacifier is
compulsory. They are necessary for the child to be easier.

A big plus is the embossed inner surface of the base.
This shield will not fit snugly to the skin. Otherwise, under it can
accumulate saliva that can provoke irritation on
the chin.

To avoid damage, it is advisable that the base of the dummy be

Hygiene nipples

Use of the nipple should be safe for the baby, therefore
basic health care rules cannot be ignored.

New nipples need to boil for 2-3 minutes before use.
Every pacifier needs to be washed once a day in warm water with soap,
or sterilize, or boil for 2-3 minutes. Do not lick the nipple
or dip it in sugar or honey. Nipples are ideal for storing
special sealed containers. It should be regularly, every 3
months, change dummies even if they do not have external

Popular dummy manufacturers

The main advantage of nipples – quality that can
guarantee only time-tested children’s manufacturers

  • Avent is an English company whose products are manufactured in
    with the highest safety standards that
    guarantees convenience for the baby.
  • Canpol babies – quality products from Germany
    which corresponds to the directive of the European Union DIN-EN-1400.
  • Chicco is a world famous and reputable brand, all
    products which are as safe, reliable, comfortable and
  • Nuby is an American company, the largest developer and
    manufacturer of products for the care of newborns. Her
    Unsurpassed quality and attractive design are loved and
    recognizable all over the world.
  • NUK is a German brand whose concept is based on
    the patented physiological form of the nipple, developed on
    basis of scientific research.
  • TIGEX is a French brand with a beautiful design.
    the highest quality of material, reasonableness of details.


Сделали рейтинг пустышек: ТОП-10 пустышек:
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View the range of nipples, find out the prices, read
reviews, you can choose and buy any pacifier in the online store
бабаду —

Or in any other children’s store – heading
the shops

Many manufacturers have expanded the usual list of manufactured nipples,
adding special soothers. So, the nipple thermometer will help
convenient to measure the temperature of the newborn, and dummy
will be a great help when administering drugs. In the period of cold
for inhalation will be simply indispensable dummy inhaler with
small container with essential oil.

With all the variety of nipples and pacifiers, the baby will be able to choose
its only one. And not necessarily she will be “special” or
dear dummy. The main thing is that the nipple was of high quality and the baby
I was pleased with the choice.

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Video: Dummy

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