How to choose a mattress for a newbornbaby

When the little cozy bed already appeared in the nursery,
it’s time to find the right accessories for her. For
Someone’s essential thing will be beautiful, but absolutely
impractical canopy, someone, above all, think about buying
protection on the wall of the bed. Meanwhile, an incredibly important condition
A good baby’s sleep is a well-chosen mattress. how
to choose a mattress for a newborn? How long can he serve
to kid? These and other questions concern many young parents.

how выбрать матрас для новорожденного

матрас для новорожденного

Требования к матрасу для самых маленьких

Treat the choice of baby mattress and really worth it
responsibly, since even bought for a newborn,
A quality product can last at least three years.
Models completely made of batting, slowly but surely lose
position in the modern market. However, even buying the most fashionable and
beautiful mattress, you should always make sure that he has:

  • Right size

Mattress designed for baby sleep must match with
the size of the bed. If it turns out to be smaller than the perimeter of the crib,
it will constantly move out and cause discomfort to the child during
time to sleep. The usual size is 120 by 60 cm.
However, knowing the exact length and width of the bottom of the crib, you can choose
mattress, slightly different from the standard.

  • High hygiene and safety

Newly-born baby will spend in his crib
a lot of time, which means that the mattress for him should be good
ventilated, to have if not moisture resistant coating, then at least
removable cover that is easy to remove and rinse or even
to wash The filler also plays an important role. Naturalness
the composition does not always mean that your child is suitable
the best way. For example, completely natural wool or
Felt can cause allergies in children. Besides,
after several missed misses by mom, such fillers
may produce an unpleasant odor over time.

It is also necessary to pay attention to the case, which is mainly
made of cotton fabric. For новорожденного важно, чтобы
on the case in the places of contact with the body there were no rough seams,
snakes, buttons and other details that can cause a baby
беспокойство во time to sleep.

  • Good orthopedic properties

This is not a treatment of the already formed curvature.
spine, but only that the mattress for a newborn
had sufficient rigidity. Then the spine of a little toddler
during sleep will take a natural position. Pediatricians
categorically do not advise children to sleep on too soft
surfaces, since in this case the immature spine may
deform. Well proven in this regard such
filler like coconut fiber that simultaneously imparts
mattress and the necessary rigidity and elasticity, well absorbs
smells and breaths.

какой лучше матрас выбрать для новорожденного

правильные матрасы для новорожденных детей

После ознакомления с перечисленными требованиями к матрасам для
newborns can be safely determined with the choice of model.

Types of mattresses for children

For того чтобы разобраться, какой все же лучше всего выбрать
mattress for our newborn baby, you need to decide in
How long do you plan to use the mattress:

1. A universal model without springs is suitable for most
small crumbs, and for those who already have 3-4 years.

Types of mattresses for children

матрас без пружин

Ее основу может составлять кокосовое волокно или пенополиуретан,
which is also considered anti-allergic and non-toxic material. AT
Felt or wool can be used as an additional layer.
Besides, встречаются и двусторонние модели. Different stiffness
parties designed for children of different ages: more rigid
(coconut) – for newborns, more elastic (latex or
polyurethane foam) – for children older than a year.

The mattress sometimes has an asymmetrical shape (one side is thicker,
than the other), imitating the incubator in the hospital, located under
a certain angle. Делается это во избежание захлебывания baby
at the time of regurgitation. howую модель выбрать, уже дело родителей. AT
In any case, it must be remembered that underlay for this purpose
голову baby до года подушку категорически не рекомендуется.

A cover from natural cotton fabric (coarse calico, calico, jacquard)
It can be sewn with cotton wool for extra softness.
Also this material promotes the best air exchange in a heat.
A snake or other clasp for removing the cover is usually located
at the side.

2. Spring mattress.

Types of mattresses for children пружинный матрас

матрас для детей с пружинами

Позиционируется производителями также как универсальная модель и
для новорожденного, и для baby школьного возраста. However more
It will still be useful for children from the year, who are not only
sleep on the mattress, but can actively frolic on it and even jump.
Therefore, the size of such products is often already 190 by 90 cm.
(although there are also traditional-size models). For
newborn presence springs will not play a significant role in
силу малого веса baby.

AT составе, помимо пружин, может присутствовать блок из войлока,
from coconut fiber, and also from polyurethane foam. Additional
ventilation means of such a mattress can serve as ventilation
holes called aerators. Can be frameless or have
frame that guarantees the preservation of the form for a long time.

how выбрать матрас для новорожденного правильно

таблица: выбираем матрас правильно

ATместе с тем, если мама решит первые несколько месяцев вести
joint sleep with a child, then even the best mattress purchased
for a cot, you may not need it at first. Then
young parents should take care to ensure that in their own
the bed was hard enough and at the same time elastic mattress,
who could keep the baby anatomically correct
позиции во time to sleep.

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