How to choose a mask against coronavirus: types and mask differences

The most relevant topic today is protection against global coronavirus epidemic. People allow medical masks and antiseptics to protect against pandemicsCOVID 19. After a sharp increase in infected countries, there was a boom in the market for remedies. Rubber masks gloves, antiseptic gels are now in short supply. People massively purchased with disposable masks, which is why pharmacies do not have time provide them all. Many limit the one-time limit purchases per person for uniform distribution. Types of protective masks from coronavirus

How many types of masks exist and which ones are better suited for protection against coronavirus?

– First of all, protective masks come in two categories:

  1. Medical masks;
  2. Respirators

In fact, medical masks are disposable and not worth it dismiss this. In old and worn masks viruses, infections, bacteria and other harmful substances may be contained микробы, которые окажут побочное влияние на ваш организм.

  • Медицинские маски подразделяются на обычные иanatomical. Rectangular light blue masks with horizontal folds are a means of protection against direct entry of infectious particles into the oral cavity and the nostrils. This type of coronavirus protection is less effective because their coverage area is only limited conditional closure of the respiratory tract. Change disposable masks with paper filter in the interval every 2 hours and not use the old ones!

Will a protective medical mask help against coronavirus?

  • Anatomical masks fit better, covering most of faces. Thanks to special manufacture, they almost do not leave open areas from which infected air may come. The downside of anatomical masks is the discomfort created by subsequently long wearing.

Protection against SARS-COV-2
Respirators against coronavirus

Usually, respirators are used when working with highly hazardous chemicals (asbestos, mercury, arsenic, hazardous pesticides, benzene, etc.) in construction work. Only used in medicine in contact with especially dangerous infections. Respirators Against coronaviruses are the most optimal solution at the moment. They can be found in building materials and workwear stores. Respiratory masks can also be ordered in online stores. IN special filters are built in to clean the skipped air. Are respirators suitable for protection against coronavirus?If you find medical masks or respirators on sale, then stock up on to the maximum, because now, these products are in short supply and rarely where You can find them in stores. Perhaps these funds will save your Covid 2019 infection health.

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