How to choose a crib for twins

The birth of twins, it is in addition to double joy, more
and double chores, concerns and questions. One of these questions
Concerning the choice of a crib for twins or two separate children
cots. If you ещё не определились что для малышей и
вас будет лучше, тогда мы постараемся помочь разобраться в
this issue.


Cot options

1. One bed for two

Parents must immediately decide whether their children will be from the first day.
living apart from each other, or with separation
wait, because the first three – four months, kids can safely
sleep in the same bed, they will not interfere with each other.

одна кроватка для двойни

Quite common models – wide beds,
space in which is divided by a special roller. Such
cradles are not recommended for families that live in
small apartments. Wide cribs take up a lot of space.

2. Cradle

Another cozy option for twins – cradles. They occupy
it is not enough place, they can be rearranged almost to any place. Newborn
children will be more comfortable and comfortable in a limited space, and
not in spacious beds. There are options and twin cradles.


колыбель для двойни

3. Classic version

Two separate or one double bed from the first days
life remains the most universal solution. After three or four
months, the children will still need two separate bedrooms

Will it be a double bed or two separate – the question is purely

Two beds can always be moved, but from one double
You can’t make two beds.

However, if twin beds exist, then
they have advantages:

  • One double bed is cheaper than two single beds;
  • A double bed takes up less space;
  • Children calm down faster, because feel each other;
  • With a rocking mechanism, it is easier for mom to simultaneously
    prepare two children for bed;
  • Psychologically, parents are confident that sleeping in the same bed
    contributes to the formation of stronger ties between children.

Of the disadvantages:

  • Many domestic situations force parents to remove children each
    from a friend at a certain distance, or even in different rooms:
    the illness of one of the children, the mismatch of the daily routine, and so on;
  • Children in twin beds can not be approached from all
    the parties;
  • If at night one kid is freaking out, then it will wake
  • Such a piece of furniture will be more difficult for someone later.
    peredarit or sell.

две отдельно стоящие кроватки

сдвоенная кроватка

4. Playpen bed for twins

In these models, the cradles for children are mounted on adjustable
height. The basis of the beds is a playpen. When kids grow up, then
cradles taken out. Mature children will need to purchase
separate beds, and playpen can be used in its direct

манеж кровать для двойни

Numerous polls experienced mummies show that such
Options for cons are much more than pluses.

  • In the arena, the child does not have enough space, because more often they are shorter
    стандартных cots.
  • Practically in all models there is no adjustable bottom, which
    is close to the floor. And this one has at least two obvious ones.
    минуса: mother не удобно доставать и укладывать
    children; in winter, proximity to the floor is frightening, as there may be
    very cold and drafty.
  • Manezhnaya partition is very easy to break, and kids very quickly
    will be able to remove it, after which it will still be together.
  • Psychological point: children need to know where to play, and
    where to sleep If the child will play in the same place where the mother
    puts him to bed, then he gets confused very soon. Do not deprive
    their karapuzov ritual preparation for bedtime.

But it is worth saying a few words in defense of the arenas: they are very
convenient for trips to visit, as they develop and occupy completely
мало places.

Criterias of choice

When choosing any of the options should pay attention
the following characteristics:

  • Safety and environmental friendliness

The bed should not have sharp corners and protruding decorative
details. Only smooth rounded lines, reliable connections,
fittings as hidden. Plugs, small decorative elements and
other accessories that can be removed, swallowed, stuck in
nose, – in children’s furniture are not allowed.

The surface of the wooden crib should be smooth and polished.
opened with a safe varnish. It is necessary not only to see the certificates on
products, but also pat the bed, thus checking on
subject roughness. Feel free to smell it – technical
there should be no smell. After all, your children will have this crib
breathe, and also lick, nibble and bite.

Дерево и МДФ – самые популярные в силу своей
environmental friendliness.

Such материалы как ДСП, ДВП и фанера в первой детской кровати
undesirable, since phenols are used in their production,
formaldehydes and other toxic substances that are irritating
acting on mucous membranes, respiratory and central
nervous system. If the choice still fell on the furniture with elements
Chipboard, be sure to pay attention to all the edges were tight
covered edge.

Пластик, металл – самые непопулярные материалы,
although there are cots made of them. TO a lot of plastic
environmental issues, and metal, for all its safety, is not
It is pleasant because of its heat-conducting functions. Therefore, such options
considered as forced.

Speaking about environmental friendliness and the absence of harmful substances, consider
and quality factor. Budget wooden bed covered with cheap
toxic varnish, potentially capable of doing more harm than
plastic bed from a reliable manufacturer. At the time of buying
Be sure to require a certificate of quality.

  • Functionality and practicality

Here we include all the additional options – boxes for linen,
possibility of transformation into an adult bed, mechanisms
motion sickness, wheels, two-level bottom, removable slats.

TOолесики однозначно облегчат вам жизнь:
daily wet cleaning, moving around the sleeper

Двухуровневое дно тоже хорошо, но только
at the beginning: it is more convenient to put a newborn baby on a higher
level, do not have to stoop so low. TOогда ребенок
becomes more active, the bottom will have to be lowered, i.e.
4-pound baby we will be laid in more convenient for
yourself posture than 10kg. The advantage is very conditional.

Вынимающиеся прутья предлагаются для того,
so that the child can climb and crawl out of the crib,
but ideally few of the children do this.

Бельевые ящики в теории это хорошо, но
think whether you want to have an extra dust bag next to

Tips for parents

Quiet sleep kids – the dream of all moms and dads. Not everyone
Parents get to put twins. Sometimes babies cry, wake
each other, one crumb can prevent another from falling asleep. If you
faced with this problem, then use the following

  1. If you bought a cradle for twins, then the children need it
    stacked every day at the same time. However, they must
    be a bit sleepy. Little by little, kids will get used to a certain
    the schedule of wakefulness and sleep, will fall asleep easily in
    set time.
  2. In the first 2-3 weeks of twins can swaddle. This process
    has a soothing effect on children. This helps some babies.
    fall asleep. However, there are those children who do not like when
    swaddled. If a child is naughty, then parents should refuse
    from this.
  3. Moms and dads should come up with a bedtime ritual. For example,
    Children can be bathed in warm water, and then put in
    cradle for twins and tell a fairy tale or sing a little song. So
    kids get ready for bed. If moms and dads will be daily
    perform these actions, the children will soon learn to understand the signal about
    that it’s time to sleep.
  4. One child can be calm, and the second – whiny.
    Parents should first pay attention to the baby who
    naughty. Do not be afraid that one child with their cries
    wake up another baby who sleeps in the same crib. TOак
    as a rule, newborns do not wake up because of crying their little sisters
    or brothers.
  5. If one child wakes up because he wants to eat, then
    the second baby will have to wake up. Both children should be fed in
    one time. It’s not so easy, because mom takes time and
    patience. It is recommended to purchase a special pillow for
    feeding twins, which will greatly facilitate the process.



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