How to choose a bed for a newborn – whatthere are cribs

At first, the newborn spends in a state of sleep.
much more time than staying awake
newborn child). During this period, the analysis and assimilation
all the new information the baby has received. This is why it is so important.
create a newborn environment for a good restful sleep. For
This, in the first place, the child will need a cozy bed, where
it would be comfortable to sleep. Despite the fact that information about them today
a huge number, many young mothers continue to interest
вопросы: как правильно выбрать кроватку for новорожденного
do you need wheels on it, do you need a built-in box and
others. Let’s deal with them.

как выбрать кроватку for новорожденного

Choosing a crib right!

Safety requirements for the crib for
newborn baby.

Regardless of the type in the crib for a newborn:

  1. There should be no protrusions or sharp corners to baby about them
    not hit, as well as unreliable valves, due to which
    pinch a finger.
  2. Contrary to the belief that the bed should be exclusively
    wooden, pediatricians now offer to consider as
    alternative metal models. After all, the majority of wooden
    cots are varnished to avoid cracking and breakage
    details. If you do decide to buy wood products, then
    It should be clarified with the seller, what kind of varnish or paint it is covered, and
    even better on surfaces that a baby can nibble with
    the appearance of teeth, there were special lining of
    non-toxic materials.
  3. The bottom and side surfaces should not be solid to
    provide good air ventilation in the crib itself and under
  4. The bars on the sides should not be excessively frequent, so that the foot
    or the child’s hand is not stuck between them. Also they should not be
    too rare for the baby not to push his
    head The optimal width between them is 7-8.
  5. Another requirement is a removable wall. Can not
    call it mandatory, but such a detail can significantly
    make life easier for mom at night if the bed is removed from the front
    wall up close to an adult.
  6. Also additional, but not mandatory requirement – availability
    two levels of the bottom of the crib. Then you can easily lay
    newborn on the bed is higher, and when the child grows up and becomes
    try to get out of the crib, then the level of the bed can be and
    to lower

Если вы колеблетесь, какую кроватку выбрать for
a newborn, then the following overview of the various models
cots can be helpful. Choosing the right model, mainly
will be reduced to what functions you would like to see
in her.

Cots in the form of a cradle or individual cradles

Such cradles seem to be specially invented in order to
tiny and defenseless baby was surrounded by the maximum amount
warmth and comfort. They are most often made from hypoallergenic.
breathable materials (for example, from willow vines). They are small
size, and the space of the newborn is very limited (as in
mother’s stomach), which makes him feel more
security In addition, they can easily be moved to wherever
It will be necessary, since many models are not only light in their own right,
but also equipped with wheels. Famous manufacturers
complete their crib beds with mattress, canopy (like
option – mosquito netting), bed linen and fun
toys. Some of these beds are even equipped with a system.
motion sickness to music.

Cots in the form of a cradle or individual cradles

Cots in the form of a cradle or separate

Вариантом такой кроватки for новорожденного может стать
special cradle that is attached to the usual wooden or
metal crib with the possibility of rocking baby. Her comfortable
get for example to go outside.

Their main disadvantage is that with its high cost
these models will not last longer than 6 months since the baby
simply grow out of them.

The classic model. Wooden cot

These are the most common models, designed as
newborns and babies up to three years old. If she does not
varnished, and was just well polished, then more
eco-friendly option is hard to find. Wheeled cots
You can easily move around the room to the desired location.
Cots on the runners with loose fasteners allow
to rock the baby before bedtime, and with the fixed ones – to set
crib firmly on the floor.

Wooden cot for новорожденного

Wooden cot

Обычно такие модели имеют двойной уровень дна и стандартный
size 120 by 60 cm. Many of them are complemented by drawers,
which, of course, makes it more convenient to store all kinds of children’s
small things at hand with a small room size, but they are also
make the crib heavier and make it almost unreal
around the room.

Rocking beds and pendulums

Rocking – traditional model, arcuate skids allow
swing it from side to side. Minus: when the baby is growing up,
he, leaning on the side grille, can fall out of bed. Box for
Storage at the bottom is low-functional: when swinging objects in it
will roll and create noise.

Кроватка качалка

Маятники могут быть продольными и поперечными. They have more
bulky construction that may break or start
to creak. But the model with the pendulum has strong advantages:
motion sickness in them is considered less harmful than in a rocking chair, and
the presence of a fixing mechanism will not allow the baby to sway
on their own.

Transforming cot

Such a model is suitable for practical parents who can
it is rational to use not only your own finances,
but also the space in the room. Transformers they are called because
they are in most cases equipped with additional removable
pieces of furniture such as a changing table, dresser or pedestal,
разнообразных полочек и ящиков for белья или игрушек. Besides,
некоторые модели можно раздвигать, превращая из кроватки for
новорожденного в неплохую кровать for школьника. And if you remove all
partitions and shelves, they may well serve as
a small couch.

Transforming cot

Transforming cot

Среди главных минусов — то, что через пару лет эта расцветка и
the bed itself may simply annoy the child or
significantly degrade your appearance due to artistic or
handicraft abilities of the growing chad.

Cot-transformer: advantages and disadvantages

Oval crib transformers

These models are extremely elegant – smooth rounded shapes.
look very stylish. Besides, абсолютное отсутствие острых
angles increases the safety of the product, and the baby inside is very
comfortable Yes, and such a bed takes less than

Oval crib transformers

Oval crib transformers

Но это еще не все достоинства подобных конструкций. They still
very cleverly transformed. Round crib transformer
can become a cradle, a circular playpen, small or large
(if you push the walls) with an oval bed, sofa, armchairs
with a table. Due to the variety she will never get bored.

Extra bed

Sleep next to the baby, while not worrying that it will crush
папа, можно, если купить приставную кроватку for новорожденных.
However, the baby can sleep in it up to three years. Side wall
such a bed reclines, and mom, without getting out of bed, can
feed or calm the child. From the point of view of psychology such
близость полезна и удобна как младенца, и for мамы.

Extra bed

Читаем подробно о приставных кроватках, о правилах
the choice of popular models

Metal cots

In form resemble traditional wooden models, but they can
additionally equipped with a cradle. Directly from
metal parts of the child is not in contact, because all
details are covered with fabric protection. Sometimes these cribs can
раскладываться, создавая спальное место for ребенка-дошкольника.
The bottom in many models has two levels, and the bed can be
use as playpen.

металлические кроватки for новорожденных

metal bed

Read reviews, find out prices, choose and buy
кроватку (и аксессуары) можете в интернет

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