How to cheer up in the morning without coffee and harm tohealth

Update: February 2019

How do you not want to get up early in the morning … The feeling of weakness and
fatigue in the morning is familiar to everyone. In order to
quickly cheer up completely not necessarily drink harmful
energy drinks, strong coffee several times a day or
pour cold water in the shower. All the usual will come to the rescue
Apple is one of the favorite fruits for the population of our country.

Apples along with the ability to invigorate and charge positive
mood all day possess a mass of useful properties. They first

  • They contain vitamins of different groups (A, E, B, C, etc.), which help:
    • lush hair growth;
    • strengthening tooth enamel and nail plates;
    • cleansing the skin from imperfections;
    • prevention of respiratory diseases in the winter-spring
  • Contain pectin – a polysaccharide responsible for reducing
    glucose and cholesterol in serum. In this regard, apples
    suitable for additional maintenance of blood vessels and heart
  • Can prevent the appearance of cancer cells, however, this
    the effect is too small for a disease like cancer.
  • They contain iodine – the most important trace element for work.
    thyroid gland.
  • Reduces the risk of chronic diseases of the respiratory system
    very important for smokers.
  • They have an anti-stress effect on the mental system.
    due to its pleasant appearance and flavor.

Of course, it is much better to eat fresh fruit from the native region.
or even from the branch of your own apple tree. It is not necessary to eat an apple
as such. Drink a glass of freshly squeezed apple juice, diluted
its equal share of boiled water. Please yourself toning
facial massage using apple lobules. Finally complete the care.
for a preparation of infusion of leaves of apple trees, fill them 1.5
liters of water, boiling and infusing for an hour. Infusion is great
will restore the hair structure, give them shine and softness.

With the apple in the morning you can eat any other fruit or
vegetable, it all depends on personal preference. And also combine
healthy breakfast with:

  • walk in the fresh air;
  • listening to rhythmic positive music;
  • light massage of the neck and earlobes;
  • morning gymnastics – Bodyflex;
  • breathing exercises – Strelnikova;
  • watching your favorite clips or TV shows, etc.

Then your morning will be relaxed and more fun that
will provide a charge of cheerfulness for the rest of the working day.

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