How to care for children’s clothes (washing, drying,ironing, storage): tips and tricks

Care for children’s things has its own characteristics. From
how correctly mom will wash, iron and dry clothes
your baby, depends not only his neat appearance, but also
комфорт и здоровье вашего крохи.

The content of the article

  • 1 Wash
    • 1.1 Clothing for the street. How to care for her?
    • 1.2 How to remove the spot?
  • 2 Drying
  • 3 Ironing
  • 4 Storage
    • 4.1 Organization and storage of children’s clothes



When a baby is just born, it is subject to many diseases.
His skin is very tender and sensitive, so the baby needs
Sliders and blouses made of natural materials only to
he did not sweat, did not freeze, and nothing rubbed him, and it was in size.
For the baby of the first month of life romper, blouse and other things
must be washed at a temperature of 90 degrees. Before mommy even
the diapers of the newborn were boiled and not only them, but the whole
clothes so that there are no germs and bleach in the water.

Underwear babies up to six months recommend washing
manually with baby soap and very well rinse things under water.
The generation of our mothers and grandmothers did not know what washing
machine nevertheless raised us strong and healthy. Not
be lazy to wash your hands for the first month. Wash at least
of necessity. ATедь никогда не знаешь, сколько малютке понадобится
on the day of the sliders.

Young mothers should know that baby diapers,
pockets, sliders, you need to wash only the first time
soap and iron on both sides. You can get along later
one ironing (the first month of life – from two sides, later – with

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newborn baby

After полугода можно попробовать стирать вещи порошком. To begin
need with children, hypoallergenic, odorless and watch for
baby so that he does not have a rash or irritation on the body.
Children’s powders are radically different from adult powders.
its composition. The main compound of the baby powder should be
soap. Baby detergent should not be in its composition
soda and chemical bleaches. The powder must contain no more than
30% phosphate. And ideally, of course, if it is besfosfatny.
Necessarily the absence of fragrances. It is desirable that the powder did not have
pronounced odors, and it is better to be odorless.

При покупки порошка смотрите надпись на упаковке
�”Suitable for sensitive baby skin”, “Passed
дерматологический и клинический контроль», «Not содержит
synthetic additives and dyes “, etc.

If the mother discovered an allergic reaction on the baby’s body,
need to replace powder. If there are no problems, you can
quietly wash things in a typewriter. Of course, not deviating from the common
rules for washing. White needs to be washed with white, and colored things with
colored. Be sure to wash baby clothes separately from

Fromветственно отнеситесь к полосканию одежды, ведь чем тщательнее
you will rinse the laundry, the lower the probability of negative
consequences. Many modern washing machines are equipped
a special mode of washing things for kids with increased
rinse interval. If your washing machine is not
of such a mode, it is enough to include additional washing after washing.
rinse mode. When rinsing by hand, you need to change the water.
several times until it becomes completely transparent.
After стирки не должно быть запаха порошка.

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Clothing for the street. How to care for her?

  • Overalls. Street clothes are often difficult to wash.
    The main reason – it simply can not dry until the next
    walks. Yes, and do not need to wash it so often. If on overalls
    there is dirt, then you can wait for the moment when it dries and with
    using a sponge to remove it.
  • The dirtiest places are usually sleeves and legs. They can
    get stuck and blow dry. But there are such cases when our
    babies restless are smeared so that no sponge will help.
    There is only one way out – washing.
  • ATарежки или рукавички. So that children’s gloves do not sit down, it is better
    wash them in warm water. Never wash hot
  • Children’s clothes can be from different materials – respectively
    and care things will require different. Well, if mommy
    understands the materials, and knows what they need care. If
    no, that is, tags on things that will help cope
    new mothers. Therefore, do not rush to cut them. And if they
    deliver discomfort to your baby, cut it off. But remember, but better
    write down the fabric, mode and temperature of washing and ironing.
  • New baby clothes before you wear, you must
    to wash ATедь неизвестно где она была до этого и кто еще ее
    tried on. There may be germs and dust, any substances
    remaining after tailoring. Wash it separately from others.
    of things because it can be painted and painted all the rest
    baby things.
  • ATещи из шерсти после стирки рекомендуют споласкивать в cold
    water so that clothing does not lose its former shape.

How to remove the spot?

As soon as the child switched to adult food, stains on clothes –
this is normal. Before feeding the baby is better to wear him
bib so as not to stain clothes. If you avoid stains not
succeeded, it is best to remove it can soap (for
for the best effect, wait until the stain is sodden and spread,
then boldly put things in the machine). When the child grows up you can
use stain remover. Perfect for spot spots
suitable spray stain remover. It is enough to process the stain and
to cover clothes

There are spots that are very difficult to remove, and some
just impossible. For example, apple and carrot juice. If you
dirty suit favorite, then think up what you can hide the speck.
You can sew a button or come up with another option, for example,
Sew on a stripe. In the dry cleaning baby stuff is better not to give –
hitting chemicals on the body of a little person can
cause an allergic reaction. And environmental dry cleaners are
very expensive.

If there are many spots, it is sometimes easier to say goodbye to your favorite sliders.
or leave them, but wear only when you eat.

Ольга рассказывает 2 способа как вывести пятна
with children’s clothes:


Раньше педиатры советовали сушить одежду на балконе или
street, but this option of drying is suitable only for residents
экологически чистых местностей: в деревне или на даче, вдали
from factories and highways, pollution and harmful substances from
which instantly settle on drying things, but no matter how
big industrial cities. In this case, dry the clothes.
in the apartment on a special dryer away from dust and dirt, otherwise everything
again settles on wet clothes. If you dry things on the balcony, then
only on the glazed.

Many dry clothes in the bathroom. This is permissible, but necessary
make sure that there is no mold on the walls, because
because of it, babies can aggravate various diseases.

In winter, things your baby can be dried on the battery, firstly,
they dry out faster, secondly, if the apartment has dry air,
moisture, evaporating from wet clothes, will help moisten it. Battery
must be clean and not rusty.

The most basic rule for preserving the original form of clothing
– This is not strongly pressed, otherwise you risk stretching the fabric. Also
it is not necessary to hang wet clothes to dry on a rope, especially
concerns woolen and knitwear. If you стираете вручную,
then things need to be dried first (for example, first decomposed into
a terry towel, a towel like a sponge will absorb excess
water), and then put on a dry flat surface (on the table). So
clothes dry without changing their previous form. If you стираете в
washing machine, then spin must be sparing. To thing not
deformed, you can hang on a rope or dryer only
semi dry clothes.


Ironing is very important hygienic for children’s clothes.
by necessity. In order to further disinfect the baby stuff
need to be ironed carefully, and ideally steamed with an iron. AT
the first month after birth, when the umbilical wound has not yet healed,
ironing things must be on both sides. This will protect your
child from getting into the infection. Thanks ironing seams on
clothes become softer, which is much more comfortable for gentle
baby skin.


  • Wool and knitwear can not iron at all.
    It is enough to dry them properly. If things are still crumpled,
    then you need to iron on a special mode for wool with a minimum
  • ATещи из натурального хлопка рекомендуется гладить слегка
  • ATелюр советуют гладить на весу с помощью пара. After
    ironing things allow to dry completely;
  • Openwork must be ironed from the inside through gauze;
  • ATискозу необходимо гладить без сбрызгивания и при температуре
    110 degrees;
  • Synthon is best to iron a slightly heated iron.

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(diaper) for a newborn? And do I need to iron them?


Surely some of you are faced with a situation
when children’s things that are already small have to be distributed to friends
due to the lack of storage space, although deep down
sorry to part with them. ATозможно, вы планируете в ближайшем
future replenishment of your family, or your nearest
A relative is planning to give birth to a baby in a couple
years old.

  • Special vacuum bags and vacuum cleaner. These packages are very
    significantly save space, several large boxes with
    clothes can turn into two neat “pancakes” and calmly
    stored on the far shelf without disturbing anyone. The principle is simple: things
    folded into bags from which the vacuum cleaner is completely pumped out
    air. For these purposes, you can use the usual dense packages
    but there is a chance that the air will still leak into them, and they
    will gradually increase in volume;
  • Before sending clothes to storage it is necessary previously
    wash, dry, iron (otherwise you risk getting
    hotbed of microbes, moths and other troubles). Do not forget
    inspect things before being deposited, because most
    children’s things at the end of the season may have to be sent not to
    closet, and in the trash;
  • It is not necessary to hang fur products next to thin things.
    The ideal option for storing any clothes is a case;
  • If a child needs to appear on a matinee in a beautiful and unwashed
    suit, then for such a case, the portlet is perfect. AT нем
    Clothes can be folded in half for easy transport. AT таком
    case clothes perfectly retains shape.

Organization and storage of children’s clothes

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