How to care for braces, dentures,коронками, прочие средства для гигиены полости mouth

Update: October 2018

Almost every adult has
sealed teeth, and in half of the adult population –
artificial dentures. Not everyone knows how important
Care for artificial teeth.

Moreover, some believe that once a tooth is “not alive,” then
do not need to clean it, forgetting that this very tooth is constantly
in contact with hard and soft tissues and adjacent teeth.

Some people are afraid to actively brush their artificial teeth so that they
not loosened and fell out. Of course, this attitude is
wrong and leads to a decrease in the service life of the prosthesis. Will consider
�”Weaknesses” of the most common artificial prostheses and

Fixed prostheses of the crown type, which are worn on the part
tooth or pin

Externally, dentures look like their own teeth, because they hide
under the gum during fixation. It is under the gum at the point of contact.
artificial material and the “living” part of the tooth with insufficient
hygiene often begins the infectious process, which
manifests itself by an unpleasant smell from under the crown. The fact,
that the material fixing the artificial crown to the tooth over time
absorbs, giving access to air and microbes.

Removable dentures

They are fixed to the jaw with special brackets. Highly
often under the prosthesis fall parts of food, which, decomposing,
are a source of unpleasant odor and risk of disease


The main problem of artificial teeth is the so-called
survival rate Implant can not be called a full tooth because
restore the complex structure of ligaments and tissues holding
real tooth, impossible. When poor survival rates suffer soft
jaw tissue that is very easily infected and inflamed.
A rooted implant needs the same care as a real one.
tooth, especially the border area of ​​the gums and implant.


Complex orthodontic system, called braces, significantly
complicates teeth brushing, so often after they are removed,
there is a stale yellow bloom on the teeth
shoot in a dental office. And a raid like
known to be the best food for bacteria. Braces обычно используются
to correct bite and straighten uneven teeth in children,
adolescents (see how to pick up toothpaste for children, how to
brushing teeth to adults).

How to care for dental implants and fixed prostheses


  • The rehabilitation period (10-14 days after implantation).
    It is not recommended to use a toothbrush while hygiene.
    sterile gauze pad moistened with antiseptic. Region
    Implantation should be handled with an irrigator. Sure to
    rinse your mouth after each meal with an antiseptic.
  • The next 10-14 days. Hygiene using a toothbrush with
    soft bristles and antibacterial toothpaste. Sure to
    rinse your mouth after eating.

Implants и несъемные протезы

  • Further care Implant after engraftment and denture
    equal to a regular tooth: you can use any paste and
    brush, including electric, except for those that have
    stiff bristles. Interdental spaces should be cleaned with
    beam brush or use irrigator so that soft tissues do not
    exposed to bacteria. For more thorough care
    you can use floss, not forgetting to rinse your mouth after

How to brush your teeth while wearing braces

The bracket system significantly complicates the cavity hygiene
mouth, но зубы нуждаются в более тщательном уходе, чем когда-либо.
Since the process of wearing a bracket system is long, up to
1.5-2 years old, even before its installation should be stocked up as follows

  • Orthodontic brush with a V-neck in the middle;
  • Brushes (beam brushes) for cleaning interdental spaces and
    parts of the bracket system;
  • Dental floss normal and superfloss with a thickening on it
    to the side;
  • Irrigator – специальная система для очищения полости mouth,
    feeding liquid under pressure.
  • Жидкость для полоскания полости mouth.
  • Fluoride toothpaste.
  • Manual magnifying mirror that will help control
    cleaning process.

The ortho brush and brushes wear out quickly, so they need to
change at least 1 time in 2 months.

Teeth cleaning with braces

  • Remove removable parts when available;
  • Brush with toothpaste to clean the teeth along the circular gum line.
  • Clean the outer and inner surfaces with sweeping
    movements, and chewing – horizontal and circular. In contrast
    from traditional tooth brushing, it is recommended to treat each tooth
    separately, cleaning it for at least 10-15 seconds.
  • Clean the brackets with strong movements.
    maximally cleaning the area around the bracket;
  • Clean the arc of the bracket system;
  • Clean each interdental gap with a special brush;
  • Process hard-to-reach places and areas under dental braces.
  • Rinse your mouth with a special rinsing fluid or
    process with irrigator.

Brush your teeth with braces should be 3 times a day. Sure to
hold the mouth rinse after each meal and snack.

Removable dentures

The removable denture needs special care, which is carried out
outside the mouth, twice a day. To care for him is suitable ordinary
toothbrush and toothpaste, which cleaned all the surfaces of the prosthesis,
including those that are in contact with soft tissue. Exist
special denture care liquids that
destroy bacteria, but you can rinse the prosthesis and in solution
baking soda (1 tsp. per 1 cup of cold boiled water) or
pharmacy chamomile infusion.

After each meal, the prosthesis is removed and rinsed from
food residue.


The part of the gum on which the prosthesis is installed should be massaged.
a soft bristled toothbrush to improve blood circulation twice
per day (see reasons for bleeding gums).

Extras for cavity hygiene

Toothbrush and toothpaste is the minimum necessary for
повседневного ухода и гигиены полости mouth. Should be respected
rules of hygiene, as well as visiting the dentist at least 1 time per
six months – only this is a guarantee of healthy teeth and

Consider other devices that facilitate brushing and
increasing its effectiveness. They will not prevent people with healthy
teeth, but especially recommended for anyone who has certain
проблемы полости mouth.

Interproximal Brush

On the head of such a brush is a mini brush, which
easily penetrates into hard to reach places. Recommended for care
crowns, implants, cleansing interdental spaces. It is better
choose a plastic-coated bristle brush, better size
choose medium, not too small (ineffective) and not too
large (discomfort when cleaning). Never apply on such a brush

Beam brush or brush 

A miniature brush brush with a tuft of long bristles, which
used for cleaning hard-to-reach areas inside
teeth, around the tooth on the implant and around the outside of the teeth on
implants, with braces or bridges.

Brushes differ in both size and shape: conical,
cylindrical. Dentists recommend combining brushes and dental floss,
since the thread is better to use with small gaps
between teeth, and brushes do a better job cleaning up significant
interdental spaces.

Dental floss and flossy

Special thread of silk, nylon, acetate fibers
with a flat or round section for cleansing interdental spaces,
braces, impregnated with flavored antiseptic. Can
use and children from 7 years. Variety flossa –
superfloss, thread with unilateral thickening. It is used in those
narrow places where it is difficult to use an interdental brush.

Cleaning the tooth surface on the implant and connective
the pins are made by moving the thick thread back and forth between
adjacent tooth and the tooth on the implant or through the gap with
adjacent abutment pins. Movement from side to side
carried out when cleaning the bridge adjacent to
cervical gum.

Flostika – disposable devices, the principle of which
It is similar to the floss, but it is more convenient to use by fixing the thread on
basis (see how dangerous it is to use dental floss when bleeding

Ополаскиватели для полости mouth

Rinse remover is an aqueous solution of deodorizing,
antiseptic, astringent components, they refresh breath,
provide anti-caries protection and perform prophylactic
function. Elixirs are water-alcohol solutions, which
antiseptics may contain herbal infusions, menthol,
aromatic oils.

However, do not abuse rinsing, they should
use only as a remedy, not constantly,
since their prolonged use violates the natural flora
полости mouth и уничтожает полезные бактерии, которые регулируют
тонус сосудов в организме (см. ополаскиватели для mouth небезопасны
for the elderly).

Spoons, scrapers and brushes, gels for cleaning the tongue

  • Gels – special remedies most often with herbal
    компонентами, выполняющие антисептическую function.
  • Spoons – they are usually used as a nozzle for irrigator
    or electric toothbrush.
  • The brush scraper is a plastic handle with a nozzle in the form
    spoons on the end of an oval or triangular shape, on the surface
    the tip has small bristles.
  • Special toothbrushes, on the opposite side of which
    there is a special bristle brush for cleaning the tongue (see why and
    how to clean the tongue).


Special household appliance that supplies thin liquid
a trickle with many bubbles that is achieved by creating
a certain pressure. Используются для ополаскивания полости mouth,
interdental cleansing, periodontal tissue massage and
gums, cleansing the cervical crowns, pathological gums
pockets, etc. As well as persons with a tendency to form
heavy raids (smokers) and frequent inflammatory
заболеваниями десен и полости mouth, поскольку можно использовать с
therapeutic purpose.

With gingivitis, cervical caries, periodontitis, drug
solution (antiseptics, decoctions of herbs, anti-inflammatory drugs)
served under pressure, contributing to its widespread
penetration. Also carried out a parallel massage
stimulating local immunity and blood flow and local immunity.
Applied irrigator after the main cleaning of the teeth, the procedure time
1-3 minutes. Irrigatorы можно использовать и детям, для этого
There is a special children’s nozzle.

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