How to care for baby skin in summer: treatmentdiaper rash, prickly heat and dermatitis

Children have very tender and sensitive skin, but in
heat she needs even more careful care. This will help you
our advice.

уход за кожей новорожденного летом

Features of baby skin

The skin of the child performs important functions: protective, barrier,
receptor, heat-regulating. However, in children the skin is not
as in adults. That is why it is much more
sensitive and tender. In the first months of life, the baby is high
permeability, poorly developed fat layer and abundant
blood supply can trigger the development of irritation,
inflammation and redness of the skin. This is why the risk increases in summer.
the appearance of diaper rash, prickly heat, and diaper dermatitis.

Summer heat in the child

In the heat of the children, severe sweating, because of this
prickly heat. The skin is covered with small rashes ranging in size from 1 to 4.
mm При потнице малыши начинают плохо спать, много
act up

To prevent prickly heat, parents need to bathe baby more often and
check the skin in places that are poorly ventilated. This plots
behind the ears, neck, armpits, elbows and knees.

If the rash has already appeared, then you need to do the following
in the following way:

  • for a while stop using baby cream or
  • bathe your baby in water with the addition of chamomile decoction or succession
    or infusion of thin currant branches;
  • dress the child only after he is completely
    dry out;
  • lubricate the rash zinc salicylic ointment (if you appoint

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потница у новорожденного

How to apply summer cosmetics for newborns

In the summer, as in other seasons, you must carefully choose
cosmetics for children. It is important that they have
natural composition and were hypoallergenic. Main function
which cosmetics for babies must perform is skin protection
from the influence of negative factors.

Conditionally distinguish the following types of cosmetics for

  • for bathing – skins and soaps, gels and shampoos, sea salt with
    various additives;
  • for daily hygiene – powders and balms, cream under
    diaper, skin milk, moisturizing oils;
  • for protection from the sun and weather.

We will give you a few recommendations on how to properly use
summer cosmetics for babies to prevent them
diaper rash, sweating and dermatitis:

  1. Choose a cream with a light texture.
  2. Soap, use no more than 1 time per day.
  3. If the skin starts to peel off, lubricate it with baby cream with
    organic (natural) composition.
  4. In the heat minimize the use of cosmetic oils and
    Vaseline, apply them only to dry skin. When applying these
    funds need caution because they clog pores and
    interfere with natural perspiration that can provoke
    irritation of tender skin.

Rules for the care of baby skin in the heat

кожа новорожденного

How to bathe a baby

In the heat, baby procedures should be arranged 2-3 times a day.
day. If you stay in the city, wash your baby under a warm shower.
Or prepare a bath if he likes to splash and play in the water.
For nature trips in hot and calm weather, excellent
the solution will be a shallow children’s pool or a special
bath. Ensure that the water temperature is not below +38
degrees If there is no opportunity to bathe the baby, then wipe it.
towel or wet wipes.

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How often to arrange sunbathing

In the heat of the need to often leave the child naked, but only in
shade, not in the open sun. It will be nice for a baby, and his
skin will be ventilated naturally. Air baths
reduce the risk of diaper rash and prickly heat in an infant, and
This is an excellent quenching, because so the body adapts
regulate body temperature in different conditions.

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How to avoid overheating

In summer, the baby’s skin can overheat, which is dangerous for children.
organism. Therefore, do not wrap your baby and often leave it without
the diaper. Clothes and diapers choose from natural fabrics,
who freely let the air through.

Hygiene procedures

Every time after bathing and during a diaper change, lubricate
baby skin on the buttocks and thighs barrier cream with
antiseptic and light drying effects. This one more
way to prevent diaper rash. To avoid diaper
dermatitis and prickly heat, keep skin dry and clean in the area
the diaper. Always let your skin breathe before putting on

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How to treat baby diaper rash

Diaper rash appears in children for various reasons, including
due to:

  • untimely change of diapers;
  • rare leaching;
  • overheating of the skin;
  • use of detergents with excess content
  • the presence of children’s clothes rough seams that rub
    sensitive skin;
  • diarrhea or frequent urination;
  • allergic reactions.

Most often diaper rash in babies occurs behind the ears, on the bottom,
in the crotch and in the folds skin.

The following tips will help you to cure the appeared diaper rash:

  1. Sweep the baby thoroughly after he goes into
  2. Add to the water for bathing the kid a decoction of chamomile, oak
    bark or series.
  3. Arrange the baby air bath.
  4. Do not dress the baby until it is completely dry.
  5. Change diapers often.
  6. Choose baby clothes with soft seams.

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Face care

Special attention should be paid in the summer to children’s skin care.
little face. Wipe it with a cotton pad dipped in a thermal or
mineral water, not forgetting the folds behind the ears, in the areas of the nose
and neck.

Sun protection

For newborns you need to choose sunscreen with
high degree of protection – minimum 30 SPF. Also funds should
meet the conditions in which the child is. If you
walk outside, lower the visor of the stroller or use a light
cape. Do not let the delicate skin of the skin burn.

Air and sun baths

CROCH is useful to be in the sun and take air baths.
This is an axiom. It is necessary to carry out these procedures from the first days of life, but
Of course, it is important to consider the weather conditions. Baby, who is only 1
month, you can leave naked for several minutes, gradually
increasing this time. When the crumbs will be half a year, the duration
taking air baths per day should already be at least 20 minutes.
Children aged 9-12 months are advised to be left undressed by
20 минут уже 2 раза в day. Be sure to ensure that
the child was not cold and goosebumped.

It is important to regulate the duration of sunbathing. Children can
take only at air temperature not lower than +23 degrees.
The child should be in the lace shade of the trees.
Remember that it is dangerous to leave the baby in direct sunlight –
it can cause overheating, as well as solar or thermal

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Care for the skin and folds of the newborn. Warn
baby diaper rash

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