How to calm a crying child (31 tips. Part2). + 5 steps according to Harvey Karp

All children cry, this is a normal part of development.
Notкоторые родители могут терпеть длительный плач своего малыша, но
some cannot tolerate this. Crying baby inevitably affects
on you and makes you tense and restless, signals you
that something is wrong with your baby. These feelings are perfect.
are normal.

как успокоить плачущего ребенка

The main reasons for crying:

  • From hunger;
  • Wet diaper / nappy;
  • Notудобно или дискомфортно в пеленке / одежде;
  • The baby is hot or cold;
  • Colic or gas (stomach ache), constipation;
  • Diaper rash;
  • Teeth are cut;
  • The baby is just tired.

Detailed article on the causes of crying baby:
почему ребенок плачет (и как понять причины)

How to calm the baby 0 – 3 months. Harvey Karp Method

Harvey Karp, a pediatrician with twenty years of experience, assistant professor
Pediatrics Medical School of Southern California. Two author
книг: «Самый счастливый малыш в квартале: Как унять плач
newborn “and” New education: without tears and conflicts ”
Developed a technique consisting of 5 steps to calm
плачущего baby

Харви Карп

Harvey Karp Method основан на безусловных рефлексах
baby The essence of the theory (and active practice) is that
the best comfort for the baby is conditioning
reminiscent of the time when he grew up in his mother’s tummy.

  1. Swaddling. Notобходимо туго запеленать
    baby, so that the child does not move his hands. Why? In the womb was
    pretty crowded, but comfortable and safe. Swaddling you can create
    similar conditions. (If the lingerie is weak, the baby is unwrapped again.
    and scream).
  2. Position on the side. The position of the baby on the side
    or on the stomach on your hands. Kids should sleep on the back, but
    they calm down best of all on the side or on the stomach. Face
    slightly down. You will need to find the position in which
    your baby calms down. You can put it on his stomach on his hand.
    Especially love to do dad. See for yourself: it’s worth turning
    crying baby on the side or on the stomach, he calms down.
  3. White noise or squeak. Have you noticed that
    many newborns sleep better under the dimensional buzz of household appliances
    or radio hiss? Try to bring the crying baby to
    working hood Surely he will stop crying. White noise
    imitates the sound of the work of mom’s heart. �”To chick” or “hiss” need
    loud. As loud as he cries. If you yourself are passionate about something, you
    You may not hear the phone ring. So are the children. Need to chic
    strongly enough, leaning towards their ear, and reduce the noise level by
    least calm the baby.
  4. Укачивание baby Rhythmic
    The motion sickness may be different. Shaking
    back and forth does not give the right feelings. It should apply
    �“Wiggling the baby’s head in its open palm”. Put
    baby on his hands, face down, so that his head lay on
    your palm And start shaking. This is the feeling that he
    tested in the uterus. So you can shake your baby even a whole
    day without harming him. The newborn is relaxing and feeling
    yourself comfortable. Those who are afraid to rock, so as not to accustom to hands
    Recall that the child rocked the entire pregnancy in the stomach. And since,
    in fact, the newborn is not yet a child, but rather a “fetus”, its
    can not be pampered.
  5. Sucking. Last but not minor
    reception Breastfeeding is one of the most effective ways.
    calm the newborn. If the baby has chosen a position on the belly,
    You can put your finger in your mouth, satisfying sucking

харви карп

According to the experience of Harvey Karp himself, sometimes it is enough to apply
один или два приема из этого списка, чтобы ребенок перестал
cry and worry. But often have to use
consistently and all five methods. According to the doctor, these
simple ways, together or separately, help almost 100
percent of cases.


More tips

Pediatrician T. Berry Braselton’s work describes various
causes of crying in infants. As already said at the beginning of the article cry
can cause pain, hunger, boredom, colic, various inconveniences.
Also, the baby cries at the end of the day to relieve tension. If you not
you know from what he has hysterics, then start to exclude these reasons
one by one. At the same time try not to panic, stay
calm. If you worry, the child will feel
it will cry even harder.
The following are tips
which can complement the method of Harvey Karp.

  1. Make sure all the needs of your child
    сух подгузник, ему не слишком жарко или
    too cold, comfortable in your crib and stuff.
  2. Speak softly or sing to your baby, turn soft
    Your presence and voice may be
  3. Cuddle, Parenthood
  4. Refer to the baby. Let him know that you are
    near and you will come soon. Sometimes the child just does not have enough sensation.
    mother’s heat. You can put it soaked with your milk.
    pad from the chest, take it with you to bed, let it hear a knock
    mother’s heart.
  5. If there is no obvious reason for crying, try giving the baby
    some water.
    If he is hungry, then give up on her. Then
    should give him a meal. If crying continues during
    feeding, then the baby may have irritation on the mucous.
    Or inflamed middle ear.
  6. Try to make baby light massage.
    it поможет успокоить его и поможет вам расслабиться, а также
    укрепит связи между вами и вашим крохой (См как сделать
  7. Check if the teeth are being cut. At the same time
    the baby is drooling and it bites the fingers. And you need to be clean
    hands gently massage his gums. Also try to anoint
    their special ointment, which is available in pharmacies.
  8. Make the atmosphere comfortable. Sometimes
    a baby may just be tired of how many things surround him.
    For a while, remove all toys from him, make them in the room.
    softer lighting. He may also be uncomfortable in a diaper,
    this position, clothes. After all, his diaper could
  9. Дотроньтесь до затылка baby Skin in this
    The place should not be too cool or too warm. AT
    first, put on extra clothes. ATо втором – измерьте
    temperature, undress and after half an hour check again
  10. Help get rid of colic. Press down
    legs to the tummy, do the exercises “bike”. You can also put
    baby on your knees, spread a warm diaper,
    wear a tummy on the palm, placing the head on the crook of the arm.
    Sometimes вместо теплой пеленки используют мешочек с семенами льна,
    which keep warm better. Massage your tummy clockwise
    the arrow. Venting will help free the baby’s intestines from gases
    трубка (См подробные советы о том, как помочь малышу при
  11. Provide tactile contact. Stripped
    baby put on your bare belly. Give him a massage. Touch
    back, legs, handles, tummy. Play the magpie.
  12. Bathe in a warm bath. It’s relaxing
    child, relieves anxiety. Also sometimes helps if just
    to wipe his face with cool water.
  13. ATыйдете с ним на прогулку. In this good
    will be if you wear it in a sling. It combines three
    point from Harvey Karp’s methods: swaddling, swing and “white noise”
    streets. You can also ride it in the car.
  14. Help release the air. ATо время плача
    baby swallows a lot of excess air. It brings
    additional discomfort. Therefore, you need to take him in your arms and
    keep upright so he can burp out. Not
    forget that you need to do that after every
  15. Move together, dancing. Smooth motion
    your quiet speech, wiggle and his favorite simple melody
    can produce a positive effect. After the dance, press him to
    yourself, give some water, a pacifier.
  16. Transfer the child’s attention to third-party
    A variety of tips and finds parents
    based on switching attention baby. In addition to general methods
    Each mother can have her own “key” to the calmness of the baby. it
    There may be a noisy toy that emits vibrations, for example, a musical

Below is a list of these “keys” from different
parents. ATозможно, один из них подойдет именно вам:

  1. ATозьмите ребенка и поднесите к окошку, потом к другому,
    thus showing different pictures. Show off cards with
  2. Read your favorite poems.
  3. Speak to the child in different intonations. Describe out loud
    every action.
  4. Показывайте ему разные по цвету, размеру, форме items.
    First, right in front of him, then drive from side to side.
  5. Open the water tap. The sound of water can play the role of “white
    noise. “
  6. Rattle the keys or something else jangling.
  7. Blow him on the forehead.
  8. Put рядом с ним ароматные мешочки с ромашкой, мятой,
  9. Let him hold them one by one. You can also make bags
    different to the touch, filling them with such contents: coarse, sand,
    decorative pebbles.
  10. Try spinning around with your baby.
  11. Let the baby take on the hands of other relatives.
  12. Hang spinning toys over his crib.
  13. Use a projector lamp to light a child
    images on the walls.
  14. Show him the houseplants.
  15. Let the baby look at his reflection in the mirror.


Popular wisdom can also come to the rescue if you
trust her advice. ATо-первых, в старину
it was forbidden to talk about the unhappiness of an unhealthy child.
ATо-вторых, нельзя было называть его плохими
words scold. Only allowed to sing. According to
psychologists, these tips are not unfounded. AT таком критичном
in a state of hysterics, the baby will take every word very painfully,
will fix in the subconscious. And this can cause trouble.
in adulthood. So try to restrain your emotions.
Although it is hard, remember that you can influence
будущее вашего baby

По теме: 10 советов как перестать кричать
on their children

There is also a folk remedy for the evil eye: spend three times
palm on the face of the baby, washing it with cool water. Wherein
произносите такие слова: «Как с гуся вода, как с лебедя вода,
так с (имя ребенка) — худоба»

Notобходимо помнить, что such soothing ways often
can distract the child from negative emotions only for a while. For
deeper understanding of the issue is recommended to read the book Aleta
Salter “What to do when a baby cries?”.

It should be understood that everything is individual. Various
techniques can be effective depending on the situation and
of time. You know your child better than anyone. Take
кроху на руки чаще, а не только когда он плачет. Not
worry that you can spoil the baby. This is not
will happen. On the contrary, if you respond only to crying,
your baby will quickly understand this and will cry constantly to
get your attention.

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