How to calm a crying baby – nine tipsproven in practice

Before you study the article, read about the causes of crying.

По теме: Почему ребенок плачет и как
understand the reason for crying.

9 simple tips

  • Swaddling

Как успокоить плачущего малыша

You may not like the idea of ​​being
wrapped in a diaper. But to a screaming and restless child,
swaddling makes you feel like it is close again,
familiar and comforting uterus.

Often one of the most important issues when it comes to
Swaddling is such – how much should I swaddle? The answer is
tight enough that the baby could not squirm, but his legs and arms
should have some freedom.

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  • Position change

Если вы качаете в колыбели baby, который лежит на спине, и
It does not help – try a different position. Colic pains can
pass, if you lower the baby head on the forearm. Pressure on
tummy will help reduce discomfort from gas.

  • Pacification

Babies have a strong sucking instinct. So look –
успокоит ли соска вашего baby. Unexpected bonus is that
Studies have found an interesting fact – the nipple can help
предотвратить внезапную смерть baby грудного возраста во время

  • T – s – s – s – s …

Нашептывание в непосредственной близости от уха baby, может
really calm him down. Do not do it too timidly. Child
must hear you for your own shout.

Как успокоить плачущего baby

  • Take a ride

Babies in the womb get used to frequent movement. Imitation of this
or a real walk, can make him fall asleep. Rockets
movements in the cradle or rocking chair are able to create the necessary
sensations. Some parents carry children in the car in the neighborhood.
But beware of driving if you are exhausted.

  • Massage

Помните, что успокоить baby могут ваши прикосновения. Many
babies love skin contact. There is evidence that children regularly
undergoing the procedure of massage, scream less and sleep better. Simply
разденьте своего baby и используйте медленные, ритмичные
stroking around the calf.


Читаем: Массаж ребенку

  • Носите своего baby

Our ancestors, being babies, spent most of the day,
hanging in special loops on the backs or chest of their mothers. When you
помещаете своего baby, страдающего от колик, в слинг, он может
pull over to you very close. And it can lull him, so he
will sleep well while you are moving (go to the store, on
walk, or do housework). Sling can also give your
tired hands rest and release them to make yourself
a sandwich.

  • Belching

A screaming baby can swallow a lot of air. It is capable
aggravate gas formation, and make it cry louder.

Try to cause a burp, gentle blows to the back of the baby.
Классическое положение — с головой baby на вашем плече. But
it can stain your back.

Другие методы: положите baby на свои колени, или, усадив на
one of your hands, support the other his chest and head.

  • Take a breather

Утешение baby ночь за ночью – ужасно трудная задача.
It’s okay to feel overwhelmed. If it seems that nothing is
running, take a break. Передайте своего baby своему супругу
or a family member.

When this is not possible, remember that it’s ok to allow
baby screaming a little bit in the crib while you take yourself to

The main thing to remember: this is not your mistake, and it is not forever. Simply
some babies are just more crying.

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Watch the video:

Updated. American doctor came up with how instantly
успокоить плачущего baby

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