How to calculate the best and most favorable daysfor conceiving a child

Do not postpone the child for later :)

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  • 1 To the doctor – together!
    • 1.1 Vitaminization – first of all!
  • 2 Methods for determining the best days for conception
    • 2.1 Calendar method
    • 2.2 Vaginal method
      • 2.2.1 How to determine the day of ovulation?
    • 2.3 Ultrasound
    • 2.4 Using the test
    • 2.5 Calculator
    • 2.6 Folk method
  • 3 Girl or boy?
  • 4 Video

Мысленно к появлению малыша молодые родители  начинают
prepare, probably, already at the wedding table. Why is it created?
family, if not for procreation? Some even before
marriages specify who they want: a boy or a girl. But
what is the surprise when no signs of pregnancy

Эта статья для тех, кто ждёт наступления беременности
like a miracle, but for some reason it does not occur. 
cases, the young woman usually goes to the doctor. She wants to know how
get pregnant? How to calculate the best days for conception?


To the doctor – together!

The spouse is most often invited to the antenatal clinic. There
we must go together, as they used to go to the registrar. The gynecologist, of course,
will tell you how to calculate the most favorable days for conception
baby But до этого соберут анамнез (анамнез
— совокупность сведений, получаемых при медицинском
examination by questioning the subject and / or those who know him
individuals. Anamnesis, as well as the survey in general, is not just a list
questions and answers to them. Depends on style of conversation of the doctor and the patient
that psychological compatibility, which largely determines
конечную цель — облегчение состояния пациента
) – узнают, когда
and what hurt both spouses. After conducting the necessary research will give

Doctors believe что готовиться к зачатию нужно полгода. Over the floor
years, the female body must grow strong to make healthy
child The body of a man, however strange it may seem, is also
needs preparation.

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and men) when planning pregnancy

Vitaminization – first of all!

Even if the couple is healthy, a man and a woman will be assigned 
vitamins. And both are the same. Folic acid, vitamins
A, E, C;  zinc and selenium will be prescribed.

You ask: why?

Одни и те же общеукрепляющие препараты действуют  на
male and female body in different ways.

  • Folic acid, which is called the “pregnancy vitamin.” Have
    women before conception, it promotes egg maturation. Have мужчин
    – high-quality sperm. However, the woman will drink this
    vitamin until the end of pregnancy. A man can stop with
    safe onset of conception.
  • Vitamin A in men causes sexual desire and improves quality
    sperm Будущему ребёнку витамин A необходим для глазок. But
    usually doctors are not allowed to exceed its dosage.
  • �”Female vitamin” E, which is called the vitamin of youth and
    beauty, cares for skin, bones, nails. Have мужчин он способствует
    maturation of sperm.
  • Vitamin C is a good immune stimulant. is he убережет
    sperm from free radicals. It is important for women.
  • Selenium helps produce sperm and prolongs their life.
    existence, not allowing to die ahead of time.
  • Zinc also increases the viability of sperm. So
    useful for men to fully conceive.
  • Vitamins of group B are more often prescribed to women on the eve of conception: B6
    – contributes to the proper formation of the cerebral cortex in
    будущего baby They should be saturated with the organism of the future mother. TO
    in addition, in combination with B12 and B1, it has a positive effect on
    the cardiovascular, musculoskeletal system of the developing fetus.
    These vitamins should be enough in the body of the future mother yet
    before conception.
  • Vitamin D is beneficial for both mother and child. is he необходим для
    формирования здоровых зубов у baby And for the preservation of teeth in
    mother, carrying a child under her heart.

TOогда будущие родители окрепли, физически и морально
подготовились к появлению маленького члена семьи,  можно
заняться  вычислением правильного дня зачатия первенца.

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must be done before pregnancy

Methods for determining the best days to conceive

  • calendar
  • vaginal
  • ultrasonic
  • test
  • calculator
  • folk

TOалендарный способ

The first way you will certainly be offered in the antenatal clinic. is he
is to maintain the female calendar. But делать это надо
punctually, in the morning measuring the basal temperature at the same
time in the rectum or vagina.

лучшие дни for conceiving a child

Data neatly recorded in the calendar. On ordinary days
rectal temperature will be 36.6 °. Immediately before ovulation
rises to 37 °. At the time of ovulation – up to 37.2 °. Upon expiration
month you can draw a curve by connecting the points

The next month immediately after the mensis again enter the data
measurements in your calendar. It is advisable to continue to measure
базальную  температуру три месяца подряд.

So you determine the length of your menstrual cycle. (Ideally
it is equal to 28 days). And calculate the days of ovulation, when the egg cell,
ripened, enters the fallopian tube. An opportune moment comes
for conception. TOак только ваш термометр — it is desirable to use
electronic is more convenient and accurate – showed 37 °, it means
благотворное время для зачатия  пришло. Start active
sexual activity.

график базальной температуры

благоприятные дни for conceiving a child

It should not be considered shortened to 21 days or lengthened to 35
days cycle abnormal. In the first case, ovulation, which
It lasts only two days, it will come on the 6-7-8th days. (The second half when
any cycle is 14 days). It’s not even all gynecologists.
known! And you will know. In the second – on the 20-22nd days. And not on
10th and 17-18th, as many mistakenly believe, suggesting that with
any cycle duration ovulation accounts for exactly
the middle.

We should not forget that several times a year there are
cycles without ovulation when an egg does not form.

Vaginal method

This method is quite simple. An experienced woman always feels
ovulation. Vaginal discharge on days like these
chicken protein. The mucus is the same viscous.

There are other signs. Swelling chest. Pulls and aches a bit
the ovary is on the side where the egg is preparing to enter the uterine
tube to meet with sperm. Sex increases
attraction So nature itself takes care of the continuation of the species.

How to determine the day of ovulation?



One of the exact methods for determining ovulation days is
ultrasonic.  A woman can always take advantage
Ultrasound monitoring. It is also called folliculometry.

A highly qualified doctor on the machine monitors the entire process.
the maturation of the ovary, starting from the 8-10th day of the menstrual cycle,
либо сразу после месячных,  через каждые два дня. Until
follicle will not reach 1.8-2.4 cm at the time of ovulation. But maturation
follicle is not a guarantee of pregnancy, as he
may not burst, but continue to grow until it forms
cyst. Normally, follicle rupture is indicated by the presence of fluid from
a bursting follicle in the back of the uterus and an increase in progesterone,
formation of the corpus luteum.

Watching a woman for two or three months, the doctor can name the exact
days of ovulation, guided by the characteristic features on the machine
Ultrasound. Can he identify and the reasons for her absence with anovulatory

Using the test

Can recommend a test method. Buy test strips,
similar to the strips with which they determine pregnancy,
You can in the pharmacy. Так же, как полоски для беременности,  их
dipped into the urine. Their color will depend on the estrogen content in
the body.

Follow this need exactly one week. On anovulatory days change
color will be one strip. The day before ovulation both strips will take
equally bright color. So the next day you can start
to create a miracle of another small life. He is the best!

It is this method that women love to use the most. is he
simpler than the method of measuring basal temperature and more



Not everyone knows that there is a modern method for determining
ovulation special calculator. This can be done on

You can try. For exact determination you only need to enter
date of the last menstruation, the duration of the monthly cycle and
calculation period. Everything else will make for you a calculator.

Suppose young parents have planned the conception of a child.
for the near future. A woman has a 24-day cycle. Last Monthly
were on October 1st. We take 3 settlement periods: October, November and

Calculator выдает следующие результаты:

Лучшие дни для зачатия: с 9 по 17
октября, со 2 по 10 ноября, с 26 ноября по 4

As we see, in November there are as many as 14 favorable days,
use them for conception.

Folk method

This vintage way of determining the most favorable days for
conceiving your own offspring is very simple. Takes duration
female cycle and is divided exactly in half. For example, a woman
classic cycle of 28 days. Divide it in half. And add and
subtract one day each. So, the best for love joys will be
дни:  с 13-го по 15-й.

Sometimes they take into account the lunar cycle, which in a woman’s life has
important.  It is believed that neither in the new moon nor in
full moon, nor in the last third of the lunar cycle, on a waning moon,
it is not necessary to conceive a child. Growing is better suited for this.

Girl or boy?

In anticipation of a child in families, they wonder: who will be born,
girl or boy. Grandmothers are trying to determine this by
certain features. Если живот конусом  вперёд: значит,
will be a boy If the abdomen is round and the hips are thicker, then it is necessary
wait girl

Теперь пол ребёнка определяют по Ultrasound. Ultrasound is better than any
grandmother “sees”: who hid there in mom’s tummy.

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try to influence the floor of the kids. Natural and artificial

But in young families, where they wait for their first child, they want to know the gender
the baby before it gets into that belly. Plan a baby
and in families where there are already children. There is a boy, I want a girl. Or
vice versa.

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Doctors believe if sexual intercourse occurred
on the eve of ovulation, a girl will be born. If after –

Eastern sages advise: to have a son, to sleep
head to the north. Those who are waiting for their daughter – to the south.


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A gynecologist tells how the process goes
fertilization, which days are most favorable for conception and how
determine them using ovulation tests, how to prepare for
pregnancy to both partners, what medical examination
pass the.

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