How to buy baby clothes in the online store?What should pay attention


It is known that newborns cannot control their
heat transfer is as good as adults do. That is why,
in winter it is extremely important to take care of warm clothes for
newborn baby.

Some practical tips on choosing clothes for

  • Try to avoid decoration items in children’s clothes.
    Единственное, что действительно важно вашему ребенку —  это
    convenience and good mood
  • All fastenings in clothes must be soft and elastic, otherwise
    baby can feel discomfort during sudden movement
  • Avoid lightning and stiff elements in clothing – they can easily
    scratch the baby
  • All items of clothing must be fastened quickly and easily. Sites
    online children’s clothing stores offer envelopes (for
    infant), insulated coveralls and cotton sets on
  • If in doubt what size to choose, choose the one
    which is a little more
  • Choose natural fabrics that breathe and absorb moisture.
    Moreover, clothes for newborns should be of high quality.
    For example, an online children’s clothing store with free shipping. offers high-quality clothing for newborns
    famous european brands
  • It’s nice to make a list of necessary things beforehand
    try to buy them before the winter season comes – some
    goods in online stores of clothing for newborns can cost
    cheaper than directly in season
  • Big buttons and straps – a practical solution for children,
    beginners to walk

How to put the baby on the street?


In the process of preparing a child for a winter walk, it is important to gently
talk to him, tell him something pleasant or

If you are wearing a baby, you should not turn it around too much, change it
his position too often. Extra stress for your newborn
not at all.

Try to avoid clothes that need to be worn and taken off.
over the head. It is better to purchase such things when the baby is already a bit
grow up.

How to determine whether the child is properly dressed?

It’s pretty hard to guess what exactly the baby feels, who
can’t talk yet. And so want to provide him joy and


Some mothers, fearing that their child will freeze, dress him
too warm, why the baby is uncomfortable. Important to watch for

  • watch the condition of his skin (does the moisture come out?) and the time from
    time, touch his forehead or neck skin near the vertebrae to determine
    his body temperature
  • know that when a baby feels uncomfortable temperature, his
    breathing quickens and he may cry
  • most newborns have cool palms and feet, but this
    does not necessarily mean that he is cold. Just blood circulation in
    babies are not so well developed yet
  • pay attention to how you dress yourself. Try
    imagine how you would feel in the same clothes (but
    be sure to keep in mind that the body of a newborn is cooled with
    more speed than adults!)

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