How to bury nose dropsnewborn – what to bury?

A newborn appeared in the house. Inexperienced parents all
you have to novelty – how to feed a newborn, how to care for
little one. And if the baby has nasal congestion (wounds) or
runny nose, then comes to the fore the question – how to bury his nose
newborn or how to properly clean the nose of the baby.How to bury nose drops новорожденному

First of all, you need to consult a pediatrician.
However, nowadays already in the maternity hospital a young mother is taught technology
child care, including she should already know how to bury
drops in the nose of a newborn. (How to bury drops child)

How to bury nose drops новорожденному

It is necessary to get rid of nasal congestion in babies immediately.
The fact is that the nasopharynx system in only a born child does not
until the end of development, so the slightest disease will inflict crumbs
much more harm than an adult. Besides runny nose easy
takes a chronic form and can go to the inner ear,
rewarding your baby also otitis.

In addition, the newborn feeds a large number of times for
day, with his lips, he wraps his nipple and eats. And the presence
a cold will not allow the baby to eat normally.

So, how to bury a nose for a newborn?как правильно закапывать нос новорожденному

  • First you need to clear the nasal passages. To do this, put
    baby on his back, slightly turn his head to one side and drip
    pipette one to two drops of saline or the usual boiled
    some water.
  • Then turn the head to the other side and do the same
    procedure. It is necessary to wait about one minute in order to
    the contents of the little nose softened.
  • Then you need to use a vacuum aspirator. By the look of it
    looks like a small pear. It is necessary to squeeze the pear aspirator to
    let the air out of it. Then gently insert the tip of the aspirator.
    in the small nostril and release the pear. This action should be
    heard the characteristic sound of sucked content.
  • Wash the mucus suction pump and do the same with the other.

No need to worry because the pussy cries and dodges –
the whole procedure will take a maximum of half a minute, so it’s best to quickly
clean the nose and calm the baby.

What can drip nose newborn?

After the spout is clean, you need to drip
vasoconstrictor drops. Here you need to decide what you can drip nose
newborn baby Doctors do not recommend self-prescribing
your newborn baby drops from a cold because in each
In this case, you need to select an individual treatment. The thing is
that the smallest drug overdose can cause poisoning
baby, which is why it is necessary to apply the drops strictly for the purpose
a doctor.

Cold sprays are strictly prohibited. It’s all about the structure
nasal passages of the baby – they are small and wide and are associated with
inner ear. The spray can immediately get into the ear and cause a strong

Popular methods of treatment of rhinitis are widely used.

Most often used saline own
cooking In order to remove the swelling of the nasal mucosa,
You need half a teaspoon to dissolve in half a glass of boiled
water. Then put a damp cotton swab for a few seconds into
baby’s nostril so that the solution has time to act. Then the same
make for the second nostrils.

It is also recommended to bury breast milk. This should be done
gently, and only spreading the milk in half with boiled water. it
this is done to ensure that milk in its pure form does not form
crusts in the nose of the newborn.

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